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  • Super fucked up
  • Well said Tim, pretty upsetting.
  • Wise words. I’m in Melbourne on holiday and saw this on the news. Education not elimination brother!!!
  • 😢
  • @rettebelle did you hear about this 😔
  • The real reason, is probably to protect themselves in a law suit by doing something to mitigate the damages against the township by the family of the young man who died. Remember, we have Common Law in the USA, and we are extremely litigious.
  • Sickening. There’s no way to tell what sharks attacked. It’s just reckless killing.
  • So sad 😢
  • @rettebelle no one died..
  • @timmy2tankdives yes, a young man died off the USA coast from a shark attack last week
  • Cool photo.....


Tim Curać📸

Comment from Tim Curać📸:

Sadly 3 Tiger sharks were needlessly captured, shot & killed by @fisheriesqld thanks to @markfurnermp @timmandermp in Cid Harbour, Whitsundays this week, as result of two shark attacks earlier in the week. There was no evidence the sharks that were killed were responsible for either of the attacks. Unfortunately, the bad media publicity, fear & lack of education by those making these decisions has caused this knee jerk reaction as apposed to actual research or speaking with experts about an alternative. Unfortunately, people will always be afraid of what they can’t control, can’t see or don’t understand but Once you get in the water with these amazing creatures most peoples perception will change forever. People need to be better educated & things need to change before it’s to late. #savesharks @jaycardo1 @sharkgirlmadison @dive_forster @oceanramsey @oceanskeepers @sharkconservation_australia @stuartcovesdive @biminiscubacenter @sharkaddicts @biminisharklab @drneilhammer @seashepherd @mrstaysalty242 @lo.kev @madurodive

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