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  • Such a great view captured while here at #DFW. Thanks for sharing.
  • Where are you off to?
  • DFW is one of my favorite airports! Hope the trip was fun!
  • Where are you heading? I love adventures!
  • Lucky you - where are you travelling to? I love being away.
  • Have a safe flight!
  • Safe travels! Where are you headed?
  • @holly_j_james haha in this photo I was flying back home. Had time to waste so I just walk around taking photos.
  • I always get butterflies when it's time to get on the plane!
  • @byemilystephens was really fun. It was my first time to Texas and it was worth it.
  • @xany_thelastunicorn_beresford I'm coming back home to canada
  • @moondancephotographyuk me too! Love the feeling of being transient!
  • Have a safe flight!
  • @rudebettys not me I love the feeling of take off!
  • @waldiabynes thank you!
  • Ohh where is the journey going to?
  • Where to this time? ✈️
  • i call it the steel bird
  • Have a great and safe trip! Where are you headed??


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