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Anti social social club Rp58.000 beli dua hari ini @Rp53.000 kamu hemat Rp10.000 Order sekarang!

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Dreams do come true only if you truly believe it in your heart that you deserve the life you've always dreamed of. I am so blessed to live in Bali and travel the world. I've sacrificed in the west by living out of my car for 8 months to save up money for $300 monthly rent to live here. Its expensive in the silicon valley and there was no way I would have survived comfortably there. Although I loved my freedom living in my camper and traveling around... I still wanted my own space and a "home". But I am learning that home is not a destination or place. Home is a feeling. Its within you. I'm so grateful this morning. To be alive and to call Bali my home. Thank you for healing me with your nurturing energy mother Bali. βœ¨πŸ™βœ¨ Bali home nature travel followyourheart universelovesme

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Morning ✨ tbhoneymoon masihkurus

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Mari kt TERTAWA , menghibur dan tertawa...bahagia yang didapat.. @mkp_bali Dumogi Sami Bagia mkpbali bondres welfie smile tertawa balinese nakbaline rahtutxxx dumogisamibagia

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Morning β˜•οΈπŸŒ€ @Regrann from @gopaarr - Somewhrere in paradise 😎 πŸ‘πŸ» holden australianmusclecars classicnotplastic theholdenlion holdenbaliclub holden holdenenthusiast holdenindonesia holdenstatesman holdenkingswood holdenite holdenpremier holdengemini holdenspecial holdenowner holdentorana holdenlife holic holdenbali australia holdenaustralia denpasar infodenpasar @holdenbaliclub

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What you affirm grows 🌱 What you pay attention to becomes larger. And you have a choice about what you pay attention to. You can pay attention to someone's ugly behavior, to their tone of voice, or that someone was late. But here's what happens when you do that, your blood chemistry and that from the other person changes from endorphins to cortisol and you both go into fear mode. β€’ What you do to another person, you do to yourself. Your brain is set up so it can't cheat. If you scare other people, you create cortisol in you. If you bless other people, you will create blessings in you. It is a spiritual process with a neuro-chemical support. You can't cheat. You can't make other people feel awful and you feel good yourself. Whatever we deprive others of, we deprive ourselves of. You will interfere with your own immune system when you interfere with someone else's immune system. That's how connected we are ❀️ β€’ What are you paying attention to in 2018? β€’ Oh, green juice anyone? πŸ€— melissasenduk

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Jalan-jalan dulu.. Biar dibilang jalan-jalan terus πŸ‘£πŸ‘… . .

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Ocean Breeze 🌊🌊 . ENJOY while you can 🌴🌴 . beachlover beacholic thedhanisfamilytrip bali balibible

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Purificando mi espΓ­ritu πŸ‘» ubud indonesia bali santuario instatravel travel peace

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