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Arild Vulcain


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Alain de Forest


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Liliia France


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Nathalie💝 Candela 💓Planelles


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⚜️Raquel de Berleburg⚜️


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Kevin Hanot


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I took this picture way back late 2017 (dec). For the past month i had a complete cool down and didn’t control my nutrition and didn’t do any real workout. At the beginning i felt bad, really bad. I was too hard on me. But days after starting to cool down on my diet, i remembered why i started it years ago. I did it to feel better, which i did. I started it to feel more confident, which i did. And i started it to be be able to eat whatever i’d like to when i decide to take a break. I failed on this. But i had the chance to think about it and here’s my conclusion : No matter what project or phase you are in. No matter the struggle and the doubt, when this time come you have to remember WHY you started it and keep pushing. Always think about your WHY and you will find the motivation that drives to the HOW and action.

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🦋 18 | Francia


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La laideur a ceci de supérieur à la beauté qu’elle ne disparaît pas avec le temps.

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