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Comment from Sopheira:

Regram. Great 📸 capture by @crystals_of_australia. Patrick is once again generously gifting some lucky followers a treasure chest of crystals. Competition details on his page. 💜💎 crystaltreasure crystals crystallove gems amethyst australia landscape photography

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Comment from Becky:

Work in progress feathers sequins amethyst

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Gypsy Tribe Gems 🦋✌🏼


Comment from Gypsy Tribe Gems 🦋✌🏼:

today I'm grateful for... 🔮 . . . . amethyst crystals healing gemstones vibes energy metaphysical balance chakras gratitude meditation mindfulness yoga yogi breathe namaste spiritual highvibrations beauty harmony

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all my witches are welcome 🌸☀


Comment from all my witches are welcome 🌸☀:

A quick summary of sea witchcraft! Fortunately I live walking distance from the ocean so I might give this a try - ⭐ witch witchcraft witchery magic magick charge charging wiccan wicca crystals pagan paganism neopagan neopaganism tarot oracle christianwitch satanist amethyst rosequartz milathewitch ocean sea seawitch shell mermaid shells beach

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Life & Death Customs


Comment from Life & Death Customs:

To listen with endearing ears & to look with wanderlust eyes... that is where I wish to meet this world & its many vast experiences in its endless masks that it wears. . . Sometimes I find myself looking at something such as this Amethyst (to which if it calls to you, you can find it in our shop) & it becomes instantly the label that it's been given... Almost diminishing it's wonder of what really even is this beautiful, fascinating, & incredible gift of the Earth. . It is there that we will end the cultural conditioning & begin our sense of wonder & appreciation again.

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Jane ☾


Comment from Jane ☾:

One pair of Starry Crystal Studs left! ☆✨⭐️✨☆ ❩• Shop link in bio •❨ copperferndesigns.com crystalgems healingcrystals jewelrymaker handmadejewelry handcraftedjewelry crystalenergy etsy etsyfinds amethyst crescentmoon electroformed electroforming moonphase bohemian artisanjewelry quartz crystals crystallove bohochic herkimerdiamond etsyjewelry bohemianjewelry bohojewelry electroformedjewelry celestial supporthandmade hudsonvalley

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Connie's universe


Comment from Connie's universe:

Fan-art by: vincenzonova~Tumblr Hashtags: stevenuniversegems stevenuniverse stevenuniverseschoolau stevenuniversefans stevenuniversefanart stevenuniverse peridot raven nycc cosplay su cartoonnetwork stevenuniversecosplay sucosplay cosplaygems crystalgems crystalgem stevenuniversepearl pearlstevenuniverse pearlsu lapis lapidot jasper rosequartz sardonyx stevonnie garnet amethyst pearl steven

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Melissa Miakoda


Comment from Melissa Miakoda:

My Supermoon Crystal Grid... 3 in a row makes a triangle ⚞🕉⚟♾ cloding with a total Lunar eclipse on Jan 31st super moon crystal grid eclipse lunar pyrite quartz turquoise ammonite amethyst loa love protection truth frequency manifest

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HMNS Museum Store


Comment from HMNS Museum Store:

It's not too late to find unique gifts inspired by our exhibits. Pictured: Amethyst with Wood Base from Brazil. Approximately 6in tall.

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•>>| Mineral🔮Gypsy |<<•


Comment from •>>| Mineral🔮Gypsy |<<•:

Did you know that these simple but elegant Orbît StuĐs are one of the most popular items I carry?! They also make a great stockingstuffer 🎁🎁 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Now available in Sterling Silver and my newest polished stone option ◇ Amethyst • While supplies last >>> . . amethyst orbitstuds studearrings gemstones gemstonejewelry gemstoneearrings crystals crystalhealing crystalvibes purple wirewrappedjewelry wirewrappedcrystals bohochic wanderer pixie hippie fairy gypsy witch yogi spiritual om namastae jewelryaddict mineralgypsy

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Michelle Theresa Boutique


Comment from Michelle Theresa Boutique:

💕Amethyst Pendent with a 22k Gold Chain.✨✨💕 Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

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Peter Pizzapopolis


Comment from Peter Pizzapopolis:

u/lesbianspacerocks on Reddit - - - |tags| su stevenuniverse garnet pearl amethyst steven peridot lapis lapislazuli ruby sapphire zircon crystalgems cartoonnetwork opal alexandrite smokyquartz lars

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Graver HK


Comment from Graver HK:

人手雕刻唐草點金銀鏈 $1088 🎊店內現貨發售🎊 全人手製造、人手雕刻、925銀、18K黃金 百分百香港本土生產 http://www.facebook.com/graver.hk http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOXMIgBX1zuR1np0C9uM_cw?feature=watch What's app,line:+85292738301 Wechat:janwechat graver.hk @gmail.com 香港九龍旺角彌敦道580號,信和中心,二樓106店 本地手作 雕刻 彫金師 人手掣造 香港手作 香港製造 人手雕刻 點金 手雕 sundaysilverpatina amethyst fishtail customjewelryfabrication jewelerlife ringstack ringsofinstagram jewelrygram instajewellery jewelleryjoyeria finejewelry finejewellery alternativestyledarkmetal geometeicjewelry moderndesign cleanlineseverydaystyle

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Cauldron and Co.


Comment from Cauldron and Co.:

If you’re wanting to buy from cauldron and co for Christmas get your orders in by this Friday!! Our mermaid collection pictured 🧜🏼‍♀️✨ glittercandlecrystalcandleglitterglitteraddictmermaidmermaidsmermaidcollectioncauldronandcowoodwickhomewaresaustralianmadehandmadepearlescentamethystrosequartsturquoise

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Shiny Happy Spirit House


Comment from Shiny Happy Spirit House:

Amethyst Geode Open Spheres are in the House! 💜🔮 Amethyst has a peaceful, loving energy and helps with developing intuition and psychic abilities! shspirithouse shinyhappyspirithouse amethyst amethystgeode amethystcrystal amethystcrystalball geodesphere crystalcollection crystallover etsyseller sobriety sobrietystone crystalshop crystalsforsale etsysuccess crystalsofig crystalsofinstagram amethyststevenuniverse pacman crystalball metaphysical meditation yoga spirit purple rockshop

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A looser


Comment from A looser:

Look. At. Him. savenetneutrality freedom stevenuniverse okko voltron crystalgems Garnet Amethyst Pearl lapis peridot Connie offcolors enid rad gar carol Shannon darrell raymond pidge hunk lance Keith allura coran

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Comment from Multifandom:

I don't post enough BMC - Credit: Jeremyheereprotectionsquad - - Source: Tumblr - - -Backup: @the.book.of.homeworld pearlgarnetstevenuniversestevenquartzuniverserosequartzamethystjasperperidotperidotsulapislazulicrystalgemsBlueDiamondYellowDiamondWhiteDiamondPinkDiamondstevonnierubysapphireopalmalachitesardonyxsmokeyquartzrainbowquartz

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Comment from StoneMalas:

I think my addiction to amethyst is gettin' just a lil' bit out of control. ISO: Someone who could drill holes in these smaller pieces for moi? 💜 straightfromthemine bandedamethyst rawcrystals purple handmadejewelry

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🌌Amethyst ૐ̀ Soul🌌


Comment from 🌌Amethyst ૐ̀ Soul🌌:

Show others that although they may be damaged or broken they are still a human being worthy of love and respect. That is all 💕🕉️ • • • sacredlunaxi om amethyst drsebi 1111 energy vibration awareness newage manifest chakras enlightenment consciousness universe spiritual empath thirdeye crystals namaste gems galaxies daily spiritualawakening hope change innerpeace clarity vegan handoffatima sacredspace

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Kire Abortex


Comment from Kire Abortex:

quartzcrystal amethyst rosequartzgenerator fluorite selenite crystalpower

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