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Utsueshijuhatchi is one of my favourite places in Gifu!  Thirteen large waterfalls, many other smaller sets and plenty of interesting rock formations make this a beautiful, target rich gorge!  I’ll be posting the falls in no particular order for no particular reason.  I have given the coordinates for the trailhead parking area. — Name:  Jodan-taki - 上段滝 (じょうだんたき) Location:  Takayama City, Gifu Source:  Utsue River Type:  Segmented - Tiered Height:  10m Access: 🚗👣 Parking:  For about 25 cars and a few buses Facilities:  Vending machines, restaurant, gift shop, toilets Admission Fee: ¥200 36°11'48.0"N 137°09'23.2"E — Perfect for a day trip, this is one of those magical places in Japan.  A well developed destination trail that doesn’t feel like a tourist trap!  AND there are 13 major waterfalls along the gorge.  Now, I have seen people attempt this in heels and flip-flop but running shoes (sneakers) would be the most you need.  The trail is mostly made up of a flat boulders, packed earth, gravel, rocks and the occasional stair climb. — Access to the falls is amazing.  You can get quite close to most of them and the trails offer lots of great vantage points to shoot from.  I picked my way amongst the roots and rocks once or twice for a better position.  I didn’t see any signs prohibiting me from entering the waterfall areas so I assume it was ok. — There were bear warning signs up.  Depending on when you visit and if there are a lot of other people present, you may or may not need a bear bell. — Last visited June 2017. — 上段の滝 高山市 岐阜県

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今日は鳥取の現場の撤収手伝い。 現場の辺りは白いモノが舞ってました…(´・ω・`) そして高い山はグラニュー糖をふりかけたような感じに…( ´Д`) 抹茶の生地にイチゴソースをかけて砂糖かけたような写真が撮れそうだったけど撮る暇ありませんですた…(´・ω・`) しかし、いよいよ、ノーマルタイヤでは山に行けなくなってきた… まぁ、もう替えてますがwww … 広島県の滝では百選より恐らく有名なのがこちらになります。 超お手軽www 夏場は子供達のはしゃぎ声が響き渡りますが昨日は朝早い事もあって私以外だ~れもこね〜(笑) 因みに嫁ちゃんとの初旅行もこの滝に寄りました。 いわゆる思い出の滝だけどその時以来なんじゃないかな? 結婚前は近いから年一以上は宮島行ってたけど最近は行けない…(´・ω・`) でも昨日も往復で400ちょっとしか走ってないので遠出したな感は無いなぁ(笑) 往復で500を超えた辺りからちょっと遠出したな〜って感じるwww 1000を超えたらしっかり遠出と言えるんだけど(笑) … 滝ジャパン 滝ジャパン2017 waterfallwaterfallsfosswatercanyon landscapecavecascadenatureslowshutter rockstonemoss滝滝好き滝オタ水緑自然風景景色渓谷渓流苔岩スローシャッター中国地方広島

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Black sand beach dreamin’

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Tacos And Linux


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Happy Turkey day to everyone in the U.S.A. I'm very thankful to you all and all the support you give this page. Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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Capt. Ed Enos


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Special cargo now on its way to Honolulu. It’s never simple or easy. 😜 After anchoring in the Lee of west MAUI mountains yesterday, the heavylift ship OSPREY ballasted down last night. Early this morning she “floated off” a brand new DryDock for Honolulu Harbor. foss tugs are now towing her to Honolulu, on Thanksgiving Day. 😝🦃🏄🏽🤙🏽 The BarbaraFoss and her tow, with the tail-boat piilani and assist boat Freedom will arrive in the early morning tomorrow. Those who wish to be curious onlookers can watch the transit in from AlohaTower or from the waterfront park by kewalobasin. Rough weather prevented the offload from occurring at the Honolulu anchorage.

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Comme un goût d'y reviens-y... Cette île extraordinaire me manque. Ses paysages époustouflants, sa jolie solitude, cette eau qui jaillit de toute part... Sa faune du nord, sa rudesse du pôle, sa douceur des soleils de minuit. Les souvenirs s'échappent mais restent, ces sensations, ces odeurs, tout ce qui fait d'Elle cette Beauté Immortelle. Cette île me manque et j'aimerais la retrouver. Tout comme j'aimerais connaître bien d'autres endroits sur Terre. Cette année 2017 est passée comme a jaillit un geyser ; à toute vitesse mais en tenant toutes ses promesses. Les portes se sont ouvertes et je les franchis une à une, ma main glissée dans la sienne, ce sourire idiot figé sur mon visage. J'ai hâte de te découvrir 2018, tu me promets encore bien plus. avenir memories islande island ísland isle waterfall Seljalandsfoss foss roadtrip holidays igersiceland

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Allart Softworks


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BEST PRACTICES Always remember to take a snapshot of your virtual machine before applying updates, patches or changes to your dev environment programming programmer programmerslife code software utils foss help tip allartsoftworks tutorials

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Robin Meereboer


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Throwback to last week when we went on a fjordcruise with @rodnefjordcruise at the Lysefjord. tbt waterfall waterval foss Lysefjorden Hengjanefossen visitnorway mittnorge Noorwegen Stavanger javielkskerdettelandet jegviltilbake @lisan26787

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Nass wars. foss

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おはようございます。 超オネムであります。 … 本当は滝見は無い予定やったけど、上手い事して行って来ますた(笑) ご新規様、1滝入りました〜♪www … 滝ジャパン 滝ジャパン2017 waterfallwaterfallsfosswatercanyon landscapecavecascadenatureslowshutter rockstonemoss滝滝好き滝オタ水緑自然風景景色渓谷渓流苔岩スローシャッター中国地方広島

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Heidi Sandø


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natur Norway fjell foss

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Magne Løfaldli


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Rennende vann vann wather bekk stream rentvann cleanwater foss waterfall utinaturen utepåtur naturenskunstverk artofnature liveterbestute naturlovers natur nature innature norsknatur norwegiannature bokta trønsdal nordmøre trollheimsporten nrkmogr yrno 2vær

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Welcome To Iceland Magazine


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Kirkjubæjarklaustur is the only village located on this extraordinary stretch of road between Vík and Höfn. With its six-syllable mouthful of a title most people just refer to it as “Klaustur” meaning cloister – a reference to a now vanished convent established in 1186. The town’s connection to the church is reflected in place names such as Systrafoss (Sisters’ Fall), a pretty waterfall on the west side of town which pours out from the elevated Systravatn (Sisters’ Lake). A hiking trail leads from the lake to an impressive hill-mounted rock called Systrastapi, meaning Sisters’ Rock; according to folklore two nuns were buried here after being burnt at the stake for heresy. kirkjubaejarklaustur sistersrock waterfall foss iceland icelandpremiumtours premium exploreiceland discovericeland beautifuliceland igersiceland visiticeland

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Marie Lépinoux


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Andrés haciendo su primer snowangel ❄️❄️❄️ iceland waterfall foss honeymoon

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Eddy Reynecke Fotografie


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waterfall foss water nature outdoor mountains hiking trees instagood instagram hobbyphotographer photographer canon canoneos6dmarkii norway frafjord fjord beautifullplaces naturelovers

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Maryann Guggenberger


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Can't take my eyes of you... faxiwaterfall waterfall waterfalls iceland icelandtrip icelandicnature icelandicwinter winter winterishere foss cascada cascadas islandia viaje travel traveladdict traveller исландия водопад водопады красота ísland naturaleza travels nature природа wheniniceland lovethiscountry

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Foss Maritime


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From all of us at Foss we hope that you are having a warm & restful holiday! We’re grateful for our community, customers, partners, & for the opportunity to continue to offer safe & reliable marine services worldwide. Happy Thanksgiving! Painting by Austin Dwyer iamfoss

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The Fjaðrá river winding its way out to sea . . . . . travel iceland fjaðrárgljúfur Fjaðráriver fjadrargljufur canyon icelandic mystopover epic view outdoors hike river waterfall foss fjadrargljufurcanyon southiceland ringroad wanderlust stayandwander myfujifilm xt20 adventure icelandtrip exploreiceland water travelgram mountainlife

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Oscar Haughom


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Haughom fossefall fossestryk foss myevannielva snøsmelting icenet norwayraw norway norge river waterfall waterstream bigriwer nrksørlandet nrk nrksorlandet tv2norge tv2været storm yr avisenagder fedrelandsvennen aftenbladet norwayriver norwaypng

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