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🌙sailor venus🍋👑


Comment from 🌙sailor venus🍋👑:

Loving this little @i.r.casto dude💨💨💨👅👅errlduchess bhombngamerca ggdub 710 w420 hgh_larry_us dabbersdaly 710socety fueledbythc prop215 headyglass thousanddollarsmoke glassofg glassart heady lemonlfe lemontree_831

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Comment from BakeBros.com:

Fire up that torch its time for a dab! Don't have a torch? don't worry, @bakebros always has your back, check out our website for our huge selection! Item number:11-1718 Look up item on www.BakeBros.com using Search Bar- FREE SHIPPING ON ALL U.S. ORDERS!! WE SHIP INTERNATIONALLY AS WELL!! ✈ We will SMOKE the competition! We'll beat any of our competitors advertised prices on glass, visit www.BakeBros.com for more details! • • • • • 420 weed theloudestmokeshop headyglass she hitmanglassBakeBros DoYouEvenBakeBros 420 weshouldsmoke hightimes glassofig glass thc marijuana love ganja highsociety cannabis bho shatter glassart oil weed kush dablife weedporn ganjagirls litladies

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Quin Warfel


Comment from Quin Warfel:

Daily barz yo🔥🔥 Keep doin what makes you happy and then you’ll be happy🤙 amazing stuff❤️🚀 . . . . . . . rap rapper rappers rapmonster rapping hiphop hiphophead hiphopculture rapmusic hiphopmusic producer freestyle goodmusic mixtape soundcould headyglass stoner smokeweedeveryday worldstarhiphop bellingham seattle seattlemusic music musicvideo musically glassart wordporn bars dank fire

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Comment from A.G. LUXURY LIVING:

A.G.LuxuryLiving The best of luxury lighting Alicante Satin A Jewel made by light and Swarovski above your head like a crown, handy like a scepter. Glassart lux interiordesign handmade artisan

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Comment from Kosuzu:

The very first moment I saw the night light, I fell in love with it! The most important thing was this was a fair trade item. I think I protected our environment and made someone happy! 😊💐. handmade nightlights fairtrade ecuador sunflowers glassart pampeana gleenliving staunton l4l instagood instalike thankyou cute virginia america

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みぽりん miho


Comment from みぽりん miho:

ススキ🌾とガラスのススキ . ようやく陽が射してきた頃 . クリスマスの時期あたりまで ライトアップもしているようですよ! . . RICOH R10 箱根ガラスの森 景色 秋 ススキ ガラスアート びゅうたび 紅葉 写真好きな人と繋がりたい hakoneglassmuseum eosm100の秋 coloredleaf view fall autumn japanesepanpasgrass glassart

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Comment from boropipeline:

AUCTION!!!!💥💥💥 tonight we have this uv carbcap dabber and millie bubble cap by @jimmyajams @jimmyjamsglass dabber features th "fly high" millie and the bubble cap has skull kitty by @its.ania.rose. Starts at $0 with min. $5inc. please. +$7us shipping. Going once, going twice format. (This can end at any time, please be payment ready🙏). Payment due at auctions end. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Many thanks🙏 and best of luck🤞🏼👌💯glassforsale qcb smokeshop instagood glassofig cannabiscommunity dailydabbers 420 dabs compassesh uvreactiveglass rosin bho lucy oprahswookclub glassporn puffpuffpass glassauction glassblowing headies 710 illumimati ofz cannabis glassart boroofig glasslife

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Hallie Taylor


Comment from Hallie Taylor:

Working on some smaller glass pieces. windowpainting glassart theroyalpoinsiana

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Bud Country


Comment from Bud Country:

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Comment from Connie:

Wolf! finished wolf nature wildlife art glassart glassartist mosaic artmosaic mosaicart glassmosaic stainedglassart stainedglassartist glassninja stainedglassmosaic handmade kelownaartist ilovewhatido uniqueart supportlocalartists gardenart outdoorart ilovecolor

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Circle T Discount Cigarettes


Comment from Circle T Discount Cigarettes:

Lyft CBD Vape Liquid Lyft lyftcbd cbd junglejuice strawberry vape cbdvape smokeshop glasspipe pipe handpipe glassart glassporn bangers dropdowns sherlocks waterpipes hookah vape ejuice rigs dablife bubblers Grinders CBD Kratom Edibles cbdsyrup

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Huw McConachy


Comment from Huw McConachy:

Lucky to stumble upon an exhibition by local glass artist Steffi K @thatspareroom pictured is a print made from an accidentally destroyed glass carving. Quite a beautiful outcome. Steffik.com glassofig glassart craft

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Henao Glass | Claudia Henao


Comment from Henao Glass | Claudia Henao:

“Eternity 1-9” These are a hand-crafted glass plates made by Claudia Henao and painted by Sergio Gomez. These glass works are part of a new series on glass, celebrating the spirit of life reflecting on the paradox of strength and fragility that makes us who we are as human beings🎨💥👩‍🎨Available @artsy with @acsgallery and soon in Boca Raton,FL . . . glassmaker glass glas home inspiration hotel events installation art glassart artist decor design colour kunst designer glassgallery color homedecor serie collab interiordesign colorful humans contemporaryart gomezhenaocollab

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Circle T Discount Cigarettes


Comment from Circle T Discount Cigarettes:

Come get your CBD oil cream gummies syrup vape and more cbd cbdgummies cbdvape cbdedibles cbdcartridge cbdcream cbdlove smokeshop glasspipe pipe handpipe glassart glassporn bangers dropdowns sherlocks waterpipes hookah vape ejuice rigs dablife bubblers Grinders CBD Kratom Edibles cbdsyrup

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⚒ Smashing ARt Studio 🔨


Comment from ⚒ Smashing ARt Studio 🔨:

‘Nude with a Rose’ this is the design concept close up. Based from renoir Nude with a Chair. 🌸❤️🌸I’m thinking of a pre sale for this mosaic👩‍✈️👩‍🎨🚣 send me a dm if interested. 👩🏼‍💻🍫 giftideas homedecor art art glassart commissionsopen nude rose red girlseries smashingartstudio ihavethisthingwithmosaics handmade

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Will Jackson


Comment from Will Jackson:

Auction in progress 2 posts back on my instagram. Ends at midnight central time zone. high bid of 30$! Get those bids in Holla!

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Sticky Glass


Comment from Sticky Glass:

I promise this is who I am 👌💚 All fume, with some @trautmanartglass Lemon Slyme accents to compliment it's beauty...Thank you all who have thrown some Knowledge my way and helped me achieve these sensational colors ✌ can't wait to play with this tech more, now that I have a better understanding. Thanks again for the support everyone!

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Glassroots Art Show


Comment from Glassroots Art Show:

Message us if you had a demo at Glassroots 2017! We have photographs of your pieces :) @whitechocolateglass glassroots glassrootsartshow madisonwisconsin borosilicateglassart glassroots17 headyart artofig igart dopeartbestofglass oprahsbookclub boroofig functionalglassart

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Willie Smith


Comment from Willie Smith:

It's time for a giveaway!! Win this heavy duty thick pocket chillum!! This will start as soon as this is posted, fallow these 3 easy steps!! Please read in full! 1. If you aren't following me, hit that fallow button! 2.Tag 2 of your smoking buddies! 3.Pick a number 1 thru 600! Please make sure your number has not already been taken. Winner will be picked by a random number generator on Tuesday!! Thank you to the who participate and good luck!!

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Comment from Rollercoastermafia:

Starting to get the hang of these double tipped dabbers. Color is Oregon grey and Slyrm. $20 shipped each. Might auction one off soon.

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