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Comment from brainfreezelove:

Fluorite is such a pretty stone !! 🌠🌈 @ladyfreezewraps fluorite wirewrap wirewrapjewelry copperjewelry handmade headyart metalart wirejewelry fluoritecrystal chakra COLivin hippy hippie handmadejewelry jewelryart wearableart wrapped wraps gemstones gems madeinamerica madefromlove LadyFreeZeWraps treasurezzz

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Comment from www.HeadyHawaii.com🌋WebStore:

🦈🌊This Epic Rainbow faded king shark by @nikocray & @snicbarnes is now available at www.HeadyHawaii.com 👌🌈 It comes shipped within a custom @pelicanprofessional hardcase with @moodmats and stickers, don’t sleep on this Heater!🔥🌊 💻Shop Online : www.HeadyHawaii.com 📦Free US Shipping Daily in Pelican Hardcases! ✈️We Ship Worldwide 👉No Fee Layaway Available, DM us! 🏆Moodmats & stickers included sharkbongnikocraynikocrayglasscrayglasssharkrigminituberainbowgangheadyhawaiirigpornbangerhangerrigsofigglassofinstagramsnicsnicbarnessnicglass

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Elizabeth Mae Welsh


Comment from Elizabeth Mae Welsh:

🌬✨We Still Ain't Shit But A Person🙏🏼💎✨ saucin @g_eazy 😈 CBD @q_heffner_glass @qfz_forthepeople @topcapspinners @sa_glass @emptydishglass yee calitrees egh diamonds dablife solventlessrosin dabface @milleniumsmokeshop @grassvalley_millenium @quaveclubbangers @q_heffner_glass @headieshideout @qfz_forthepeople aheffner grandpaglass thousanddollarsmoke marijuana distillate dailydabber 710 420 dablife 710society 420somewhere dabman dabs dab honey shatter pharaoh gold trippy headyart headylife

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lifted + gifted


Comment from lifted + gifted:

Illustration by Kozyndan @kozyndan. . illustration painting nature art coral ocean trees inverted psychedelic trippy trippyart heady headyart psychedelicart earth 420 wavy roots

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Aj Taft


Comment from Aj Taft:

New @urbanshaman.art tapestry now available in online shop!!! (Link in bio) stevenhaman tapestries tapestry headyart psychedelicart trippy festival electricforest hulaween snowta bassnectar prettylights odesza flume excision tipper ganjawhitenight zedsdead zomboy kaskade adventureclub mija mashmello jauz liquidstranger spacejesus art

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귀하신, 김성현


Comment from 귀하신, 김성현:

재밌긴한데 극혐이야 극혐이긴한데 재밌어 . . . . . . . 일상 데일리 daily 미니어처 피규어 유리 공예 유리공예 인체 glass glassart glassofig boro bestofglass boroglass borosilichic headyart headypendy heady boroartist pendantsofig pendant glassartist lampwork lampworking lampworkofig

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Comment from Zac:

2 days down 3 more to go 🍋♻️🍋♻️🍋💨💨💨💨 bstampedglass credoglass glassart glasscollector thousanddollardabs everdaydabber dabbers_unite bhombingamerica worldreffers keepitchronic weshoulddab weshouldsmoke prop215 torograil bigalssmokeshop bestofglass headyart pelisaver

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Comment from rad_710:

Commentary was worth the video “wayyy hot.....perfect temp...”

2 Hours ago

Brain FreeZe


Comment from Brain FreeZe:

3 Galactic Passports 👽 The one on the left is sold but the other two are still available right now. Lemon Drop and Bubblegum. 15 & 16 in the series. Both from 2015. Signed, dated, and numbered. If ya wanna grab either of these or have any more questions about them send me a DM. When I started making Galactic Passports in 2013 I looked as them as your space shuttle key of some sorts. A passport for space travel. Back in my little studio in VA. Much Love to all yall out there rockin one! Supporting this artistic journey I have been on for the past 4 years. Big ups! 🚀 BrainFreeZeBoro BrainFreeZe GalacticPassport SpaceTravel TopShelfLife GlassPendant Art GlassArt HeadyArt GlassofIG PendantsofIG SpaceArt 710 420 DabbersDaily Pendy BrainFreeZeGlass WearableArt BoroLife Space 710Society Dabstagram Galaxy OprahsWookClub StayHeady StayLifted Colorado

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Name's Nutella


Comment from Name's Nutella:

@2_stroke_glass carbcap mat, AVAILABLE Approved by 2 stroke & hand-painted with professional heavy body acrylics, this mat measures 3.5 inches, and is ALCOHOL SAFE 👍🏻 Please DM for inquiry . . . . spacesugarart 2strokeglass glasscollector oprahsbookclub oprahswookclub thousanddollarsmoke thatlooksexpensive topshelflife dabbersdaily glassofig headies headiesofig headiesonly glassforsale hovercap hoverglass glassart headyart headymats ionlypaintmyidols wip liquitex resin liveresin headysociety 2stroke chipweave boro tightweave

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Brain FreeZe


Comment from Brain FreeZe:

💨💨Auction💨💨 GhostFaceDabber up for grabs. Signed & dated. "Brain FreeZe 2017" 📦Bidding starts at $20 with $5 increments. Auction ends going once, going twice. Winner adds $4 for shipping. No reserve. Please be ready to make the payment after the auction ends. BrainFreeZeBoro BrainFreeZe Glass CarbCap Art GlassArt GlassofIG DabbersofIG GlassDabber HeadyArt DabbersDaily GlassAuction 710Life DrippyLife WeDrippyMane 710 420 DabLife Borosilicate BoroLife Dabber GlassForSale TopShelfLife HeadyGlass OprahsWookClub Terps KeepItGlassy StayHeady Colorado

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Ryan Haney


Comment from Ryan Haney:

Auction! Gold fume sacred geometry chillum ...Starting bid is $5 minimum increments of $5 auction ends Monday night at 10:pm good luck stay classy rmh_glass glassart heady headyglass headyart glassappreciation glassofig smoke dab weedporn weedstagram chillum auction dabstagram dank blessed glassforsale sellglass buyglass pipesforsale gangagirls trippy trap

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Jake Dempsey


Comment from Jake Dempsey:

Doing the weekend right with some nice crumble with my @__goliath__ dynasty Dabber and my brothers custom from @pajayglass headyglass crumble glassofig headyart

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Comment from Kumar:

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Roboto Glass Art


Comment from Roboto Glass Art:

XL Squid-clops. Boro Batch Flipflop CFL. Turns pink under CFL light.

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Comment from Stuff-N-Things:

Fly Glass more like High Glass! Check out this awesome new Fly Glass Bong only $159.99 smokeabowl weedstagram cannabiscommunity marijuana concentrates arcata humboldtstate bongbeauties ganjagirls headyglass headyart glassofig glassforsale flyglass

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Purp Fox


Comment from Purp Fox:

💥💥💥For sale 💥💥💥 2017 floating Steve sizelove floating recycler 5.5” tall purple lollipop jet black accents. 2400 obo 🌪🌪🌪 2014 steve sizelove lady torso rig 10mm male cobalt trap 1000 obo. Cash only. Please don’t waste my time will be shipped in signed pelican. Dm offers questions or any more pics/function vids . . . . . glassforsale glassofig glassart 710 bestofglass glassporn boroforsale dabbersdaily cannabiscommunity 710society glassauction headyglassforsale glass4sale dabstagram boroofig oprahswookclub wfayo buyboro auction rigs glass_of_ig headies boromarket glassofigforsale headyart highsociety sizelove bubbletrap sizeloveforsale

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Comment from flambeglass:

Gave the crystal blue and guacamole a crackadoo wfayo trautmanartglass plague doctor oprahsbookclub boro aussieglass anime sculpture art flambeglass glassblowing glassmaps glassofig headyart borofeed boroart borosilicate momka glassalchemy 710australia 710 nofilter guacamole

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Comment from Dabdaddy:

These juice 🥤 boxes are so fucking juicy💦🔥💕 @__goliath__ love the colors used on both. @dazed_and_hooked owns the one that is being hit and @stoneystomper owns the other . 😍😍😍 . . . wookclub derbs oprahswookclub oprahsbookclub dailydabbers heady concentrates extracts onlysmokethefinest wakeandbake topshelflife wedontsmokethesame terps terpsauce thousanddollarsmoke obey functiongameonpoint choppa tlth fueledbythc glassofig cannabiscommunity 710society meltshot headyart headylifestyle

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Kian McLay


Comment from Kian McLay:


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