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Daquan McQuaw


Comment from Daquan McQuaw:

Had to make my 710th post a globberr. 5strains 1dab terps perfect 420 710 evanshorebanger killemwithkindness dabbersdaily keepitchronic onlysmokethefinest bhombingamerica wedontsmokethesame bhombs youknowitsdank casaglass headyglass chinabangerz lilxan xanarchy

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Alec Yates


Comment from Alec Yates:

The only difference is consistance I'm considered a pro dabs blazedglass flawlessconcentrates headyglass canadianart 420 710 lit

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Josh Porter


Comment from Josh Porter:

Mini Awoken Cat 133πŸ”‹ Nova and IlluminatiπŸ”¦ Available soon @angiesboutiques 😼

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Gabe Goob


Comment from Gabe Goob:

Blasted Rasta peace sign sauce/crumble scoop! Available! glassofig pendantsofig GooberGlass GlassArt GooberSquad headyglass glasscollector handmade sculpture pendant glass glassblowers Hands jewelry art wearableart swanger necklace dabbers glassdabbers weshouldsmoke stonernation

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Comment from Bluesoldierart:

@bluesoldierart X @glass_by_blake Resting up this weekend and hitting it hard again on Monday! Thanks again to everyone for the love and support. @headieshideout drop is next week along with some customs 😊 Keep those eyes peeled for that new New on my feed! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’™dabstagram dabs errl instagram instagood ncglass 420 710 headyaf headyglass headies

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The Original Dab Dumpster πŸ―πŸ—‘β™»οΈ


Comment from The Original Dab Dumpster πŸ―πŸ—‘β™»οΈ:

Thanks to the amazingly talented and kind soul @kschwekeglass for this gorgeous fume set! dabs bho qtiptech lowtemp dabbersdaily 710 terps 710society errl shatter bhombingamerica dablife globs cannabis headyglass stayhigh glassofig boro 420 terps midsgang DMPKVLT fumedglass

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Closet Classics


Comment from Closet Classics:

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Comment from processglass:

420 glass_of_ig headyglass glassforsale

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Comment from Troyd:

Check out the last few posts. I'm talking with a shop and hoping to get back on my torch in the next week πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ‘ Gotta raise some funds. BINs are posted, you are welcome to make offers πŸ˜‰ shoot me a dm. Wholesale price for everything Thanks πŸ™‚βœŒοΈ ~G glassofig glasscommunity glassporn keepitchronic highsociety hightimes wigwag chicago boro glass glasspipe headyglass weshouldsmoke 420 710society sherlock wigwag dabbersdaily dreads rasta bestofglass stonernation potheadsociety glassshop glassforsale smokeshop pipeshop headshop glassforsale headyasfuck

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Comment from dripglass:

We still have a bunch of work from @fullzirklglass in all price rangesπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ DM for details! We SHIPπŸ“¦πŸ›©πŸ“« ballrig fullzirkl canadianglass cloudsovercanada dabchamps dripglass 780 710 headyglass glassofig thousanddollarsmoke

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Comment from boro_lulu:

More cookies n’ creme hash, super tasty πŸͺπŸ¦πŸ’¦ @blueberry503 βœ–οΈ @mayoralquartz . . . . blueberry503 bluelife headyglass buyboro voodoo cfl minitube thousanddollarsmoke oprahsbookclub solventless lowtemp wigwag 710 420 moodmats meltshot

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Full Spectrum Holistics


Comment from Full Spectrum Holistics:

Dear Santa πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„ I SWEAR I've been a good boy this year headyglass cannabis coffee thc cbd fullspectrum christmas legalizeit repost: @lit.tire.glass

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Sandberg Glass


Comment from Sandberg Glass:

First one of these.... what do you think??? Trying a Cyclops next. . facependant faces handpendant hands handpendants glasshand glassforsalerosin nugrun liveresin boroforsale headyglass glassofig boroofig boropendant glasspendant pendants pendantsofig glassforsale dabs dabbers dabrig vapeopal

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Heady Colorado


Comment from Heady Colorado:

Happy Friday friends! I have this @redtailglass Straight Fab for Sale. Made with CFL Pink Satin and Aqua. Includes a fume marble, matching carb cap, and ships in a Peli! DM to scoop! friends friday aqua pinksatin glass headyglass headyglassforsale glassforsale colorado denver heady glassshop love instagood photooftheday fun beautiful happy dabs function glassblowing followme like4like art headshop headycolorado functionalglass functionalart glassofig

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22, Rig Welder, Golf N Headies


Comment from 22, Rig Welder, Golf N Headies:

Still hearing offer on this perfect @brent503 ballrigπŸ€ im selling it for a steal brentmartindale certo certoglass glassart glassporn glassforsale glassauction heady headyglass heady 710 710society thousanddollarsmoke

5 Minutes ago

Be Easy


Comment from Be Easy:

Talon drop coming soon! Turn on post notifications available talonglass BeEasy headyglass highendglass heady headyart headylife headyglassforsale boro glassforsale glassofig glassporn oprahsbookclub thousanddollarsmoke bestofglass 710society fueledbythc indica sativa

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Zombie Hand Studios


Comment from Zombie Hand Studios:

I'll be set up with some πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯tonight.. also bringing extremely affordable dabbers caps and prodo designs from over the past year!!tucsonglasscollaborative glassofig thousanddollarsmoke ballersonly dabbersdaily dabnersunite wfayo heady headyglass w420 weedstagram zombiehandstudios girlswhosmoke girlsgethightoo bongbeauties oprahsbookclub azglass 710 710society 420 rettiglassrootsartshow glassroots2017 glassroots filla

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Comment from Sam:

Ball rig, low water levels for maximum flavor πŸ”₯ πŸ₯š β›½ . . . headyglass supportyourlocalglassblower Borosilicate bcglass glassofig dailydabs mothership glassart oprahsbookclub functionalglassart heady dabstagram lowtempdabs glassporn mmj vancity vancouver yvr mrmeeseeks mothershipgang canada weshouldsmoke nowthatsheady cloudsovercanada cannabiscommunity cannabisculture 604dabbers Canadianstoners thousanddollarsmoke terps

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Joey Walker


Comment from Joey Walker:

Who likes donuts? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Here is some prep I am working on today, hope y'all are having a great Friday!! . . . glass silver gold fume donut glasslife fire glassfeatures gettowork flow boroballers light photography rainbow corpuschristi prep nofilter swirl glassblowing headyglass

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Comment from thepipeking:

We have steals and deals going down on all heady and scientific glass at our La Habra, Lakewood, and Orange locations as well as online at 🌐 www.thepipeking.com click link in bio to shop Snap:thepipeking Kik: THEPIPEKING Text : 714-451-6345 Email: sales @thepipeking.com glasssale

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