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Comment from K I M M C C L O S K E Y:

I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection. . Today I napped, visited with my neighbor and got to talk to him about my faith, played with my kids, took a nap, made and dropped a meal to a sweet friend who just had a baby I so enjoyed visiting with, reached out to a local organization about how I can help them serve local foster kids with holiday season and am now in bed with my hubs watching a show and snuggling my pup. . A workout didn't make the cut today, and that's okay. In fact, I think it's more than okay. . I'm a rigid person, a perfectionist and highly self-motivated but I've been working on having a better balance and this right now feels really good. I'm never going to do it all, be it all, or nail every day and I don't need to. In fact, trying is usually what gets us into trouble. Satan wants us to live in chains of guilt, he wants us to feel inadequate, because if we are constantly busying ourselves trying to be good enough or do enough, we don't have time for the most important things, things like being still, spending quality time with loved ones and time with God. The things I did today. . Balance. Peace. Rest. Grace. . Today, I'm too busy focusing on what I DID do to worry about what I didn't, like showering 😂. It was a full day and it was GOOD. . Mommas, let whatever you did today be enough. 💕 . . . . . . priorities progress imperfectlybalanced kingdomwork giveservelove balance loveyourneighbor momlife naptime mommyneedssleep postpartumjourney sahmlife rest presentoverperfect progressnotperfection grace busymom christianmom youareenough momminainteasy perfectionism recoveringperfectionist fitnessjourney anxiety loveyourself takethepressureoff dontsweatthesmallstuff honestmotherhood motherhoodthroughig

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✨Secretly Inspiring 🇭🇹✨


Comment from ✨Secretly Inspiring 🇭🇹✨:

My fellow alumni 👨‍🎓, I learned anything and everything from YouTube. Especially as a Vegan , YouTube saved me. Two of my favorites @advantgardevegn & @sweetsimplevegan checkout their YouTube Channels youtube veganforlife🌱 vegan plantbaseddiet - - - - - secretlyinspiring chantalemerchant mother christian womanofgod kingdomwork childofgod aservantheart ilovejesua motivationalspeaker womenwholovejesus thewait celibacy nomoreboyfriends noringnoting haitian haiti

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Amy S 👑🏋🏻🏃🏽🍕🍰


Comment from Amy S 👑🏋🏻🏃🏽🍕🍰:

If I get selfish and make this life all about me Lord please, I want my stage to be an altar ❤️🙏🏽✝️💪🏼 thankfulformyaltar kingdomwork usemelord endureeverything faithfullyfittraining yougottawantit

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Christian Leadership Alliance


Comment from Christian Leadership Alliance:

Don’t miss @daniellejstrickland at Outcomes18!! KingdomWork Strategy Go TakeAction instagood servantleader linkinprofile ChristianLeaders nonprofit

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Comment from Xplicits_Crew:

Wow just go this young man trying to enjoy him self with our new Video oduwe Oduwechallenge is about rocking you.Thanks so much for this and may God increase you. Name coming shortly...check our bio for the full video of Oduwe if he really sound like it God bless. excellence abujapeoplerock gospel gospelmusicians wonderful powerful festac mighty nigerians igala idah efemoney kingdomwork glory

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CRC Gaborone


Comment from CRC Gaborone:

What a fantastic NMO we had tonight with many people added to the house of God. We are ready for 2018 and continue Winning The Lost At Any Cost! Greater2018 NMO

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Comment from Reggie:

Words can’t describe how blessed i am to have the opportunity to be his dad....he looks up to me because I’m before him but i look up to him because of what’s in him kingdomcutsbarberandsalon👑💈🙌🙏💇 beyondblessed kingdomwork

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NJ Gordon


Comment from NJ Gordon:

Last week, I had the distinct pleasure of joining the amazingly gifted Cambridge University Gospel Choir in England, as a guest artist for their Gospel Music Celebration Concert. It warms my heart to see how much the choir has evolved! What a fun, powerful and inspiring night of praise and worship it was from start to finish!! You've got to hear them. A very special thanks to my good friend, Carol Ibe, Director of the CU Gospel Choir and PhD student/Gates Scholar in Cambridge University's Department of Plants and Sciences, for inviting me. Also, many thanks to Dr. Gardom, Dean of Pembroke College at CU, and his lovely wife for opening their home to me during my stay. Really awesome people! You have been a tremendous blessing to me and so many others. Let's continue to spread the good news of Christ to all through music! Much Love- christambassadors letitshine kingdomwork gospel squadgoals

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Mission Hills Church


Comment from Mission Hills Church:

Food Distribution Recap This past weekend our High Schoolers helped @lifecenterlittleton hand out over 600 boxes of Thanksgiving dinners to families in need in north Littleton. Would you pray for each family to know that God loves them deeply? . . . prayforthem thanksgiving thanksgiving2017 feedthehungry fooddistribution helpingthoseinneed godisgood kingdomwork lovethem lovethemdeeply

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Amy Borba


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FLYTE™ - Supplements & Apparel


Comment from FLYTE™ - Supplements & Apparel:

Don’t put your hope in something you may lose. buildyourlifeontherock

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Faith Family Fitness


Comment from Faith Family Fitness:

Lets play a little game 🤡🎉 sisterhood brotherhood unity team pushupvariation core legday gluts trainlegs trainyourbody move believeinyourself speaklife kingdomwork weightloss bodybuilding fitfam fitness igfitfam theword thegospel thankyoujesus @dani.jque @dani.jque 🔥💪🏾

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CRC Gaborone


Comment from CRC Gaborone:

Exciting news ladies!! 2nd of December we will be having our Pre-loved pop up shop held at the CRC office from 10am - 2pm! Come and pick up some amazing bargains on Kids clothes, adult clothes, jewelry, bags, shoes and more! Nothing over P150! Make sure to bring your friends and we look forward to seeing you there!

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Brandon Diggins


Comment from Brandon Diggins:

All praise to the Most High...🙏🙏 Kingdomwork.. chosenbrew✊.. winningneverlosing.. 💪

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Nick Villotti


Comment from Nick Villotti:

Enjoyed experiencing @lexivillotti use her gift! Fills a dads heart! kingdomwork

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Comment from JoeMayer/Mounayer:

https://youtu.be/ANNq10a02ro Joe Mayer X Crisis Renegade - Watching Me livebroadcast📡 newmusiccoming followmeformore dreambigworld islandvibes reggaemusic reggaemusiclovers @icyandreasmichael newthingsinthemaking love beautifulthingsinside independentmusic recordingartist @akon @worldofakon convictmusic lifestyle kingdomwork allpraystothemosthigh🙌

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Comment from Cilla_baby12:

"The joy of the Lord is my strength......... Nehemiah 8:10. . . . . Trust and obey for there is no other way, to be happy 😊 in Jesus is to trust and obey. . . . . grace faithpraisesallday biblestudy mark 15 blogger loveroftheword teamjesus god health fitness spiritualfitness beinspired🌟 KFT tdjakes blessed nutrition healthylife instamotivation joycemeyer kingdomwork workingprogress beauty marriage mother children strengthintheword

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Danielle Elizabeth


Comment from Danielle Elizabeth:

Daily scripture. So simple, but it means everything 💕 thankful scripture HeisFaithful love TheJoyOfTheLordIsMyStrength family faith kingdomwork momboss veganfitness ifbb ifbbpro figurecompetitor athlete 2018IAmComingBackStrongerThanEver plantstrong mompreneur devoted health wealth coach

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Faith Family Fitness


Comment from Faith Family Fitness:

He was seeking to see who Jesus was but Jesus already knew him and couldn't wait to shower him with his love. We love because he first loved us. His love is so amazing and sharing it is a MUST. So in all things we SEEK FIRST the kingdom of God and HIS righteousness because no one should curse what JA BLESS. Alleluia ❤️ liveinyourpurpose DailyBread

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Faith Family Fitness


Comment from Faith Family Fitness:

TURN THE PAGE 👌🏾 nottheend nothingtoprove justsmile justlove helovedusfirst thecross Focusonjesus unashamed newlife speaklife grow byfaith mindset godiswithyou guidance seektruth seeklight joy KingdomAgenda kingdomwork fitfam theword thegospel unashamed jesusloveme

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