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Comment from 🍭🍬🍰💟Lilien🌈🎂🍦💍:

kawaii asian asianstyle instagood japan harajuku candy alternativegirls 🍰🍬🍭💝🎠💟🎂🌈

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Katie Louise


Comment from Katie Louise:

Fringe is at that awkward length where I can't do anything with it 🙃 heLP • • • • • • • • • Tags: ∆ recent alternativemakeup emoteen Alternative makeupart tumblr blackhair alternativegirl alt altgirl colouredhair shareforshare followmeh punkrock alternativeteen hairdye snakebites pastelgoth alternativegirls bodymods makeupartist piercings follow followme alternativemakeup corset makeup blackhair emo ∆

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Comment from ANNIINA:

few more pics from tuesday cuz why not.. 💀⚔️ photoshoot gothicgirl goth harness leather fishnets winter finland forest forestphotoshoot alternativegirls altgirls allblack darkbitch gloomy darkness blackhair longhair finnishgirl metalgirl metalhead inkedgirls girlswithtattoos inkedup bowtattoo sleevetattoo coldaf

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Rock 'n Doll


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Comment from kinkyyjapani:

Repost @mylittlevronie ・・・ Fuck breathing!! I suffocate her with my tongue 👅💦 I want more @daizha.morgann 🔞❤️‼️EATME Photo; @sir_billyward altgirlsalternativegirlsaltgirlalternativegirlkissingmakeouttonguepiercingtongueoutgirlswholikegirlsinkedgirlsinkedbabestattedgirlstattedbabesbööbschanelcroptopschokersaltstylealtfashionalternativestyle

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Carla Winne 💋


Comment from Carla Winne 💋:

(...) bateu quinta-feira ela já quer sair... 🎶✨😈🔥 . . . . . . diaderockbebe irlandesrockbar desabado velotrolrockband dofimdesemana partynight prettygirl bomdia goodmorning buenosdias thursdaymorning thursdayvibes thursday quintafeira madrugada photooftheday instamorning instagirl morningtime brgirls edmgirls braziliangirls indiegirl rockgirl alternativegirls geekgirl barbiegirl goticasuave trevosa

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Rock 'n Doll


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Nicole Robyn


Comment from Nicole Robyn:

The hardest part is coming to realization that no one is really going to save you, but yourself. That pain is your lifes most valuable teacher ☆ ▪ •●• • • selfie neonblue tealhair altmodel alternativegirls punkrock tattooedgirls girlswithink sleevetattoos inkedup legtattoos okanagantattoo okanagangirls goth metalhead metalasfuck skulls loveyourworld beyourself stayunique liveinthemoment liveyourlife freeyourmind wildatheart saveyourself betrue freespirit hoodlum chillvibes kelowna

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Rock 'n Doll


Comment from Rock 'n Doll:

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Comment from Emily:

I feel so awful you guys😭😭😭so here’s a picture of me looking alive lgbtq tattedgirls tattooedgirls girlswithtattoos girlswithpiercings septumdolls piercedandtattooed piercedandpretty altgirls alternativegirls

24 Minutes ago

Meli Meli


Comment from Meli Meli:

CHEERS!! Now this is how I like to drink my beer 🍻 gothbeer gothic gothgirl alternativegirls alternative beer

30 Minutes ago

Kat 19y/o🌙


Comment from Kat 19y/o🌙:

Did some Christmas decorating with my mom to get into the Christmas spirit. Gonna finish decorating friday. It's 1:47am thought so Happy Thanksgiving. What are you guys doing for Thanksgiving? Im going over to one of my mom's friends houses (the little girl I babysit grandmothers house) for Thanksgiving and my moms going to her bf's brother, i went over his brothers last year. I hope you guys have a good Thanksgiving!!!🦃🎄🎅👼⭐️ ×don't ask for my kik× Snapchat: brittanyluvsbvb Other Account: ⬇⬇⬇⬇ Main Account: @brittlvcille Back up Account: @brittvnylucille Spam/Meme Account: @kitkatthememequeen Pvris Fan Account: @pvrisgrvngecvlt Band Account: @leavethewaves Tags: tumblr tumblrgirl tumblrgirls tumblrtheme tumblrfeed grunge grungegirl grungegirls grungetheme grungefeed alternative alternativegirl alternativegirls alternativeboy alternativeboys alternativetheme aesthetic aesthetictumblr aestheticfeed aesthetictheme christmas thanksgiving happythanksgiving

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Comment from ѦSH💎BATTLE:

Yesterday I was taking mirror selfies, today I'm running my ass off at work life • • 🖤selfies selfietime hey hello followme smile happy happydays brunette tattooed tattooedgirls inkedgirls love alternative alternativegirls instagood forthegram darkhair motd ootd weekend vibes goodvibes 🖤

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Alex the Souleater


Comment from Alex the Souleater:

🍱🍣🍥🍙 girlswithpiercings girlswithtattoos girlswithgauges ink inked inkedgirls instagood sidecut smile plugs plug alternativegirl alternativegirls alternative makeup choker cheeks selfie septum picoftheday piercing tattoos tattoo

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Em pour les intimes


Comment from Em pour les intimes:

J'suis seul sur ma planète inkedinkedgirltattoogirlwithpiercinggirlwithtattoogirlwithplugsplugsmetalmetalgirlalternativealternativegirlspalepalegrungegrungeshootgrungegirlstmblrshoottmblrgirllikeforlikelike4likesl4lbridgepiercingbridgeseptumpiercingweedcannabisweedgirlfiladisruptor

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Comment from Hanne☔:

I've always been an introvert, happily bleeding 💭 placebo ootd ink tattoo tattoed loa girlswithink falsies girlswithtattoos me metalgirl metalmusicrock greyeyes mua beardlover belgium hardrock metalrockchick red anxietyalternativegirls redhead rose redhair tinytattoo necklace coldshoulder

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Comment from Hello!:

amazing alternative alternativegirls bigeyes basic basicbitch browneyes beautiful beauty cute dollies dyeddollies fashion grunge gorgeous hip happy kawaii longeyelashes nyx metalhead plugs purple pastelgoth pale piercings rockerchick makeup stoner redliner

1 Hours ago

Alexis Castle


Comment from Alexis Castle:

Erm some pics of me bec i am bored kitten emomom momtobe emogirls gothmakeup goth alternativegirls alternativegirl

1 Hours ago

Kami Walker


Comment from Kami Walker:

I put a spell on you 🦉 . . darkmakeup witch weird magic creepy horror gothic nugoth gothicgirl alternative altgirl killstar demon inkedgirls tatted occult alternativegirls tattoo suicidegirls fitgirl abs instabody daily igers potd ootd longhair choker legs girlswithink

1 Hours ago

Eliška Kudrnová


Comment from Eliška Kudrnová:

fuj prestansihratstemausima stretchedears modifiedsociety stretchedearsforyears alternative alternativegirls

2 Days ago