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Comment from EmiFox:

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13 Days ago

Lyndsay S


Comment from Lyndsay S:

So so happy with it!!!! Thank you so much @jeffboyardee_art @chronicink My tattoos remind me of who I am. As much as I try to stay positive about it life can be tough at times. They root me when I start to lose myself. They’re a story in alot of cases. Mine was change. A fresh start to something different. They all have a special meaning and I don’t regret any of em. The things that make you YOU, ya know ( ◠‿◠ )v 可愛いでしょ!💖嬉しいいいい! chillafbuddasnorelax lol girlswithink girlwithtattoos snorlax continuingthebodysuit inkedgirls asianstyleink japanlover tokyofeels animenerd4life iloveit happygirl torontolife workoutmotivation pokemon kawaiiaf ilovejapan かわいい 日本だいすき アニメ

29 Days ago

Anime Club


Comment from Anime Club:

Nerds will be nerds XD animenerd4life animenerdd anime animenerd

30 Days ago

✨ D r e a m ✨


Comment from ✨ D r e a m ✨:

Still deeply in love with this anime, and all the boy love it involves 🙏🏼❤️ team Vikturi forever

40 Days ago

Marci Alexis


Comment from Marci Alexis:

When rurounikenshin has you feeling nostalgic ✨🌸✨ pencildrawing pencilsketch prismacolor animenerd4life doodlesofinstagram sketchbook

45 Days ago

Melissa Joyce


Comment from Melissa Joyce:

I love luna from sailor moon. Also have my sailor moon necklaces on me. I really want cosplay human version luna one day. lunashirt sailormoonnecklace sailormoon purplewig baremineralsdeviouslip magicalgirlfan collegestudent nerd animenerd4life casualcosplay sailormoonlunashirt sailormoonfan tokidokihat mermaidtokidokihat

61 Days ago

Jeremy White


Comment from Jeremy White:

When dragon ball z is life... this adds at least 20yds right? golf golfcustomwork trendy dragonballz dragonballsuper animenerd4life

79 Days ago

Zachary Schemmel


Comment from Zachary Schemmel:

animenerd4life onepiece lettingpeopleinonmylife showing a little more of me. Everyone have a wonderful night.

86 Days ago

✨🌕Jade Haze🌙✨


Comment from ✨🌕Jade Haze🌙✨:

Candles 🔮🕯 and Dongo famillllyyyyy boooi ✨ . . . {candles alter wiccan wiccanofinstagram witch pentacle woodenpentacle bats batdecor diybatdecor dango dangofamily clannad clannadafterthestory clannadanime anime dangosong kawaii animenerd4life chill bedtime chillvibes} 🌹💚

89 Days ago

👑Dark Wolf Princess👑


Comment from 👑Dark Wolf Princess👑:

I find these cute nendoroid of lucky star ADORABLE!!!!!😍💗 🌟 🌸 🌟 🌸 🌟 🌸 🌟 🌸 🌟 🌸 🌟 🌸 🌟 kawaiinendoroid cuteanimefigure kawaii kawaiianimegirls cutenendroid kawaiianime animeforever animeworld animefreak animefigure animenerd animeforlife animefan animefandom luckystar luckystarfans luckystarforever konataizumi tsukasahiiragi kagamihiiragi miyukitakara animenerd animenerd4life animenerdforever

92 Days ago

👑Dark Wolf Princess👑


Comment from 👑Dark Wolf Princess👑:

🎂🎉Yesterday was Eri Kitamura Birthday🎉🎂 🌟 🎂 🌟 Let's give this beautiful talent girl a super great Happy Birthday!🎂 🎉 🌟 🎂 🌟 🎂 🌟 🎂 🌟 animevoiceactorbirthday animevoiceactor animecharactervoices animenerd animeworld otaku animebirthday animenerd4life animenerdforever animefandom animefansforever animefreak animefans otakufans otakuworld otakuforever otakuforlife animeforlife animeforever

94 Days ago

👑Dark Wolf Princess👑


Comment from 👑Dark Wolf Princess👑:

🌹❤Get Music!❤🌹 🌹 ❤ 🌹 ❤ By Bell Renjōji 🌹 ❤ 🌹 ❤ From the Anime Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live 🌹 ❤ 🌹 ❤ prettyrhythm prettyrhythmrainbowlive bellrenjoji bellrenjojiprettyrhythmrainbowlive prettyrhythmfan4evs animemusicvideos animeiceskating kawaiianime animeredhair animefandom animefans animenerd animenerd4life animefan cuteanimeredheads prettyrhythmfans cuteanimegirl prettyrhythmrainbowliveberu

94 Days ago

👑Dark Wolf Princess👑


Comment from 👑Dark Wolf Princess👑:

Nya!!!!! Neko! Neko!! 😮💕🐱 🐱 💕 🐱 💕 🐱 💕 🐱 💕 🐱 💕 🐱 💕 🐱 💕 🐱 💕 🐱 💕 🐱 💕 🐱 💕 🐱 💕 🐱 💕 🐱 💕 animeclips nekoanime kawaiineko fairytail fairytailfan fairytailfans fairytailfandom fairytailanime animeclipfans otaku otakuworld animefansforever animenerd4life

101 Days ago

👑Dark Wolf Princess👑


Comment from 👑Dark Wolf Princess👑:

🎉🎂Which Fairy Tail Character's is your partner on your birthday🎂🎉 fairytail fairytailfan fairytailanime animebirthday animebirthdaygame animenerd animenerd4life

114 Days ago

👑Dark Wolf Princess👑


Comment from 👑Dark Wolf Princess👑:

🎀🌟This is so me when I talk to my friends about anime and this is their reactions🌟🎀 animenerd4life animenerd otaku otakuworld animefansforever animefreak animefangirl animefandom animefans animefacts otakus otakulife otakugirl

119 Days ago

Samm Nielsen


Comment from Samm Nielsen:

Hiking socks!!! YOI animenerd4life

124 Days ago

Matthew Fitzwater


Comment from Matthew Fitzwater:

My Totoro @jtuckbo got me a while back. I think it's pretty awesome 😁 myneighbortotoro ilovesoftthings animenerd4life

124 Days ago



Comment from Tay:

Hey now! Are we a little bit better than we were yesterday? I hope that's the motive today people. And if not, let's get there. Let's get lit. Click that link in my bio! Help lite the match to I'm Lit!! We'll be there soon. Believe it!(Naruto Uzamaki voice) imlit shopimlit getlitty welit supportsmallbusiness supportblackbusiness onlineboutique gofundme startup donatenow naruto animenerd4life narutoislife ittakesavilliage

128 Days ago

Cassie Stone


Comment from Cassie Stone:

Watching anime while hubby is at work girlswithtattoos girlswithplugs girlswithpiercings alternativegirls alternativestyle 420bunny weedismyfriend iloveyoumaryjane animenerd4life animeislife

137 Days ago

Universe Collide


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151 Days ago