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Naser Diamonds


Comment from Naser Diamonds:

Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for all of our customers and employees🦃 We hope everyone enjoys their day with family and friends! . . . thanksgiving thankful family friends together customers employees appreciate grateful

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RJ Hodges


Comment from RJ Hodges:

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Comment from VARGEEZ EVENTS:

Happy Thanksgiving! thanksgiving holiday festive turkeyday happyholiday family friends thankful thankyou appreciate luv

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Comment from Joe:

Wishing you and yours a blessed and happy Thanksgiving holiday weekend everyone. I'm blessed with loving families, friends, and nature that I'm forever grateful for to God almighty. Thanks for everything and may God bless you and yours always. Much love and aloha from Hawaii🌴 * *

2 Minutes ago

The Dealer Dolls


Comment from The Dealer Dolls:

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Enjoy and recognize the little things throughout your day...😘 happythanksgiving thankful enjoyyourday family love friends thankfulparty laugh appreciate havefun

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Laura Navarro


Comment from Laura Navarro:

November vibes ☁️❄️correr running run runnerslife runningmom runnerscommunity runnersworld runnershigh runnersofinstagram instagram lovelife run4fun november novemberrun clouds windsorontario getoutside americanthanksgiving bethankfulalways appreciate capture photo fotografia

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Comment from Kimmy:

appreciate whatisreal foe

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Enjoy my journey ❤


Comment from Enjoy my journey ❤:

Follow your soul. It knows the way. soul beyourself followyourheart bettereveryday nevergiveup appreciate moments life

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Daniela Vaughan


Comment from Daniela Vaughan:

I am on the pursuit to live more than an average B- kind of life simply checking off To Do boxes and blending in with the crowd. I want to live an over-the-moon happy, dancing in the streets, throwing confetti in the air kind of life. The kind of life you experience when you start living your Adventure List instead of just Pinteresting it. I am creating this project to live the brightest, boldest, most fulfilling life possible by getting out of my head and seeking what sets my soul on fire. AnAdventureADayProject

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cody gower


Comment from cody gower:

I'm grateful to my body and all it allows me to do. I appreciate my friends and family and I love everything about this life. namaste . . . . gratitude thanksgiving yogainnature nude dancer natrajasana BEfree live liberated yoga wanderluster nakedinnature lakepowell

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Ashley Elena Photography


Comment from Ashley Elena Photography:

Happy thanksgiving from my baby up in heaven ❣️ . . . appreciationpost baby love thanksgiving food day thankful thankfulthursday appreciate

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Venue Logic


Comment from Venue Logic:

Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁🍽 from our family to yours! gratitude love appreciate thankful craftbar craftcocktails chicagoevents

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Missy (Stewart) Benavides


Comment from Missy (Stewart) Benavides:

Thankful for the family I married into and so much more! Colombia AlwayswishedIwasHispanic tbt

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The Feet Connoisseur


Comment from The Feet Connoisseur:

The exquisite feet of, Mel - @melissa.feet ❤️😍💦👣 Feet Toes Soles Pedicure CokeWhiteToes Heels Stilettos Anklet Arch Tattoo FootTattoo FootArt FootPlay Footjob FootWorship FootLove FootFetish FootPorn Stunning Perfection Flawless Love Appreciate BeautifulFeet FeetQueen FootGoddess FootFetishNation

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JCS Estates , LLC


Comment from JCS Estates , LLC:

Cleaning up the bricks in the bedrooms. Process is simple but time-consuming. Wash with water, then Muriatic acid, then wash with water again. Will finish with the matte sealer in 24 hours. The common problem with exposed brick is dirt and dust accumulation all the time. This will greatly reduce the issue and gives us a rustic and industrial look, but with a cleaner finish. . . . . . . . . . . . drrehab rehab project work workaholic diy exposedbrick rustic hisroric stl refab construction accentwall stl stlouis mo industrialdesign interiordesign design lafayettesquare contruction art appreciate perfect red mortar rental investment money moolah cash

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Positivity vibes ONLY ✨

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Jonathan Saldivar


Comment from Jonathan Saldivar:

I lost my little brother on April 23, 2017. This thanksgiving will Mark the first without him physically. I am thankful for the 23 years I was given with him even though it doesn’t feel like it was enough, I can’t change it. One thing he would always complained about was that I was wasting my talent and time by not sharing my drawings with the world. But I was to afraid to do it at the time for a lot of reasons, stupid reasons. To honor him I started sharing my stuff on here the fears come and go but I don’t have the patience to hear them out I just listen to my brothers voice. I love you little bro I’ll see you when I see you. @markbackwoods mark thirdeye gods blessed goodvibes rip lit mood sanantonio art grow creatives satx musician freedom life creator energy 3rdeye anchor dope restinpeace wakeup appreciate dailydrawing live infinity sketchdaily photographer

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Comment from SoAloha🍍🌴🏄🏽:

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody, Always Thankful Anywhere/Anytime…Amen & Aloha🌸…… Hawaii License Plate/Decor… @signofaloha greatfulblessedthankfulhappythanksgivingdaymahalothankyouprayerssalamatarigatoholidayhawaii808alohasouvenir購入するありがとうございます贈り物ハワイアロハお土産ハワイ産プレゼントartアートデコレーション 虹ライセンスプレートカスタム車ありがとうございますappreciateamen

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Nirav Majmudar


Comment from Nirav Majmudar:

Happy thanksgiving day. I wondered whom to thank? The list is as it goes thank you sun to give us light and food thank you air to fill life in our each breath thank you water to teach us how to keep flowing thanks to all children who show innocence is still alive thanks to all parents who prove there is unconditional love thanks to all those teachers who pour their heart for peanut pay thanks to our forefathers who saw the seeds of trees thanks to the freedom fighters who gave us today's liberty thanks to our ancestors who grew a culture to glue us together thanks to those strangers who when pray says "May God Bless All" thanks to those priest who says "Forgive them God, they don't know what sin they are doing" thanks to all my goal & dreams which keep me going thanks to all those who appreciate, they are fuel to my fire to inspire thank to those the critics, they show what to improve n keep me grounded thanks to God, to keep me alive to witness this awesome & wonderful world! thanks to for giving me a chance to be the "best Creation of Creator" MySaarthi

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Comment from TIGERKOH 高老虎:

Happy Thanksgiving to all...Love and appreciate each other! thanksgiving love grateful appreciate giving

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