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Comment from UCTD, ADHD, BI-POLAR, OCD💊:

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Miss VV


Comment from Miss VV:

@ipsy glambag unbagging snowglobe An array of pretties designed for the holiday season. Featuring: @purlisse Coconut with Rice Nourishing Sheet Mask and Green Tea with Ginger Treatment Sheet Mask @ofracosmetics Liquid Lipstick in ipsy Unzipped (matte berry) @dirtylittlesecretcosmetics Eyeshadow Crayon in Fetch (pink with patchy undertones and a shimmery finish) @luxiebeauty Precision Shader Onyx Brush 239 @mylottielondon Lottie Lacquer in Riot! (royal blue with a metallic finish) Music is Twilight Tonight by Arty and Steve Brian from the arminvanbuuren episode 842 playlist trance trancefamily musicislife edm edmlife fibromyalgia chronicillness chronicpain spoonie wellness hypothyroidism osteoarthritis arthritis pulmonary makeup skincare nailpolish nails ipsyshopper

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Chel Muchi


Comment from Chel Muchi:

Hopes for 2018. Less hospital, specialist & Physio visits. I’m so sick of this place 😞 hospital orthopedicsurgery FAI recovery arthritis 4monthspostop

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Racing For A Cure


Comment from Racing For A Cure:

Wishing a Happy Birthday to KickAS Team Captain Isabel! From all the R4C team members, we hope you have a wonderful day! 🎈 RacingForACure.org

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Dr. Leah Guidolin D.C


Comment from Dr. Leah Guidolin D.C:

Guess what day it is!?TreatedTuesday! Today we're covering the chiropracticadjustment. Thanks to my amazing patient for allowing me to post this. I fast forwarded through the initial exam and gave you just the good stuff. Enjoy! Chiropractic care can help with: 🔶lowbackpain 🔶sciatica 🔶shoulderpain 🔶digestiveissues 🔷migraines 🔷pregnancypains 🔷neckpain 🔷arthritis 🔷andmuchmore To schedule your initial appointment, call or direct message @dr.leahrose today! ❤️ -----------------------------------------------------------chiropractor chiropractic chiropracticathlete chiropracticadjustment holistichealth snapcracklepop femalechiropractor femaleboss femalemotivation blondes blondesofinsta athlete napervillemarathon napervillebikeclub napervillefitness napervillegym napervillechiropractor

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Comment from Fibro_spoonie_:

Being a massive Potter fan and having A.S this is the best meme ever!!! ankylosingspondylitis a.s invisibleillness autoimmune chronicillnessproblems chronicdiseases chronicpain fatigue arthritis spine fibro fibromyalgia axialspondyloarthritis potterspells

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AFH.coming down


Comment from AFH.coming down:

Upper body today. Was a solid session, with a short run on the treadmill to get the HR up.

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The Movement Motive


Comment from The Movement Motive:

SLEEP SAVIOURS DAY 2: BATH TIME It’s a marmite situation- you love ‘em or you hate ‘em. Baths - what’s your verdict? Here is an insight into our bath product of the month: Arnica. Arnica is deeply imbedded in folk history as being a natural inflammatory pain reliever, and will likely be found in most of our medicine cabinets. It’s effects on arthritis sufferers is still heavily debated and it doesn’t always agree with everyone’s skin. Taken orally, it can have fatal consequences and so any tinctures or lozenges that are available over the counter are likely to be of such a low dosage that they have little effect. At first I was a non believer. I had wiped the shelves of my health foods shop clean of pills, tinctures and lotions, yet I wasn’t feeling any noticeable change. Now, I have always found a warm bath to give some form of temporary relief during my flare ups (if I can get myself in it...), but after recently being given some @nyr_official Arnica and Seaweed products, I am able to exit the bath stress and (almost) pain free. Add a Walkman to the equation and you’ll be feeling like Julia Roberts during Pretty Woman in no time! What’s your verdict? In or Out? bathtime arthritis insomnia sleep bathingbeauties chronicillness arnica

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Comment from Natasha:

Had a great time today with my family in Jamaica. My grandma is visiting my aunt and uncle and our cruise ship stopped in their town today! Live life to the fullest!!! TheHealthConsiousDiva MyHeartRocks ificanyoucan remixyourhealth operationtakebackyourhealth detox jointhemovement illness wellness heartdiseasesurvivor lupus cancer fibromyalgia fibroids diabetes arthritis stress Health vegetables fruits herbs beyourownadvocate realfood electricfoods nutrientdense vegetarian vegan cleanfoods

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Fight Like A Warrior


Comment from Fight Like A Warrior:

A beautiful reminder to take life day by day & live in the moment. Where are you right now? Take the time to check in with yourself. Breathe in & out. Whatever is going on or overwhelming your mind, push that to the side & focus on this moment. You are here. Everyone makes mistakes & goes through struggles. But we are not our battle. You are here right now with the power to shape the rest of your day, week, year. Focus on the good, push out the negativity, and live for THIS moment. fightlikeawarrior sickfightsback •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 📷: @mellypeacox • • • • • • • chronicillness chronicfatigue chronicpain crps ibs epilepsy mentalhealth anorexia eatingdisorder anxiety lupus lymedisease autoimmunedisease alopecia asthma migraine gastroparesis dysautonomia ehlersdanlossyndrome arthritis crohnsdisease cysticfibrosis cancer type1diabetes fibromyalgia endometriosis spoonie scoliosis

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Jennifer Barber


Comment from Jennifer Barber:

Left: forces smiles, no self confidence, uncomfortable in my own skin Right: uncontrollably the most HAPPY and CONFIDENT I have ever been in my whole life For me the physical transformation is nice. But nothing compares to how I FEEL. My self confidence is the highest it's ever been and that means so much to me. ALSO MY JOINTS ARE AMAZING. Having arthritis is no joke but it is so much more bearable when the muscles around my joints are strong. Want to join me on this journey. Click on the link in my bio!

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Comment from CeCe:

Bone scan and labs drawn today. I won’t know the results until late today or tomorrow. If you expand the picture you can see the year of damage JRA has brought the knee is completely compacted. rhuematoidarthritis arthritis jra juvenilerheumatoidarthritis orthopaedic bonescan

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The Bees Knees Box


Comment from The Bees Knees Box:

We are raffling off a Bees Knees Box tomorrow at Auburn Heights Retirement Residence. Come check out our booth and test out your grip strength at the same time. 👊💪

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Comment from Join_Jenn_and_Lucas:

Double tap to like ❤ Say hello, to my little friend! Follow us @cbdhempreleaf

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Comment from HolisticWELLth:

This word has been thrown around a lot in the holistic world but what exactly is inflammation? In the simplest terms, inflammation is your body's defense response to damaged tissue. We want our bodies to defend itself but chronic inflammation is not so good. Instead of helping your body heal, it plays a lead role in obesity, MS, premature aging, cancer, IBS and Chrohn's and can even be the culprit in that general malaise or depression that you may be experiencing. To bring your body back in balance, be sure to eat foods that naturally fight off inflammation. Tart cherries, onions, garlic, fermented foods, cruciferous vegetables all should be in your arsenal. This is an important topic that should not be ignored. Check out my blog, launching soon, for a more in-depth look at the causes and what do to about inflammation. . . . . inflammation chrohns ibs arthritis aginggracefully autoimmunewarrior disease naturalhealing naturalhealth HolisticWELLth holistichealth holistic holisticnutrition

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Comment from Frankie:

Little tiny, snail, paced steps consistently... remember the 🐢 🐰 story? Yeah I'm holding onto that with everything I got right now 🙈 transformationtuesday transformation tuesday beforeandafter

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Natures Alternative PDX


Comment from Natures Alternative PDX:

Tuesday 10% OFF TOPICALS 🤑🌲🌟 herb Portland POT oil high lifted PDX lube smoke skincare mmj Arthritis CBD WEED buzzed mmj weed SPACE RSO bong thc ski smokeoutside Oregon lipbalm mthood muscle EDIBLES

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Help The Innocent


Comment from Help The Innocent:

@Regranned from @vegan4life616 - @Regrann from @vegan_instinct - Repost @tonny.christian . Best sources of calcium comes from plants with calcium:- . *Almonds, *Papaya, *Spinach, *Collard greens, *Blackstrap molasses, *Flaxseed, *Celery, *Kale, *Oranges, *Kelp, *Swiss chard, *Broccoli, *Tahini, *Sesame seeds *Pulses *Dried fruit...... . govegan vegan plantbaseddiet animalprotein protein calcium eatwell milk cowsmilk plantbasedmilk osteoperosis arthritis disease bonehealth fracture bonefracture hipfracture medicine nutrition vegancalcium plantbasedcalcium - doctors

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Comment from Fatgirlfit:

Feeling very pleased with myself tonight. Lost 2.5lbs, slimmer of the week second week on the spin and got my one stone award. I've lost 16lb in 6 weeks. Such an achievement. Time for new jeans to lose these baggy knees!! weightlossjourney slimmingworld balance fitmum ilovechocolate arthritis arthritisawareness goals weightloss getfit skinny minuteonthelips youarewhatyoueat ihadafew

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Gout and You


Comment from Gout and You:

Arthritis symptoms: Which condition signs match YOUR joint pain? Gout arthritis⠀ ⠀ https://buff.ly/2BbA1Qn

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