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Torre Holmes (Jinx)


Comment from Torre Holmes (Jinx):

😴💙👶🏽 We may both be sleeping, but he's my dream come true. instagood picoftheday prouddad babyboy firstborn sleepy

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kiddo toko baju anak


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kd823 import size M sekitar 6-8th (tergantung badan anak) idr 45.8 tanya n order via WA 081224616116 line kartika ayu wardani babyshop babyoutfit babygirl babyboy clothingline clothes carireseller bajuanakcew bajuanakcewek bajuanakbranded bajuonline baju bajuanak bajuanakcow bajuanakcowok setelananak setelananakcowok setelanbayi setelananakcewek dressanak kaos kaosanakmurah

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Arja 👵 Oulu, Finland 🇫🇮


Comment from Arja 👵 Oulu, Finland 🇫🇮:

Morning moment with my loved ones 👶🏻🐕 morning aamu hyväähuomenta goodmorning dachshund baby babyboy grandchild

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Gabriela Corella Blumenkron


Comment from Gabriela Corella Blumenkron:

Felicidades @favyx14 Esperamos con los brazos abiertos a Damian 👶🏼😍 babyboy babyshower friends arizona godson happiness thanksgod

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Comment from Oh Yay KIDS:

Had some fun at my maternity shoot yesterday! Got a sneak peak... So excited, cant wait to see the rest! Hair and makeup by @blushbyamore and the beautiful photography by @mel.k_photo. - ohyaykids maternityshoot pregnancyshoot babyboy babybump 27weekspregnant

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Casey Pryor


Comment from Casey Pryor:

mypumpkin sleepybabe mylove agape babyboy

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👑 Peggy Chen / 陳珮姬 👠


Comment from 👑 Peggy Chen / 陳珮姬 👠:

曬嬰魔人又來了🥜 花生今天超可愛的 說要拍照突然就抿嘴了🤣 媽媽無敵迷戀你瘋狂媽媽小花生sam睡豬寶寶每天都長不一樣lifeyilantaiwanbabyboy 星期一不blue

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Bunny 🐰


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Eneng Shofa Shopuroh


Comment from Eneng Shofa Shopuroh:

so cute 🐇😍😘 babycormega babyboy baby mybaby mybabyboy babyK babyKiano

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Shedy Handmade


Comment from Shedy Handmade:

《订制》飞机图案男宝宝弥月套组👶 Custom made baby full moon gift set❤️ shedyhandmade babyshower specialgift zakka手作 zakka 手作 aeroplane babyboy giftset

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Alysen Lougheed


Comment from Alysen Lougheed:

Enjoying the first snowfall! winterishere snow babyboy toddlerlife toddler snowday

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Comment from PRINCE BROWN 👑:

For Bookings PBEVENTZ @GMAIL.com babyshower princeeventz princebrown . . . . nycPhotographer babyshower moments memories nycevents eventplanner eventdecor newborn babyboy babygirl babyboutique babybump babyshowerideas babyshowerdress nycevents eventphotographer decoration decore nejersey sweet16 sweetsixteen

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Comment from Sarah(::

My due date is technically tomorrow , since it's almost midnight lol ugh I have a feeling he's going to come on thanksgiving 😂 just to make sure I only get leftovers 🙃 nov21st babyboy 40weeks 39weeks

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Irdha Diah


Comment from Irdha Diah:

"Hello, I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion" . . baymax baymaxdoll baymaxstuff baymaxbighero6 bighero6 hanandanbaymax hananliatbaymax hanangemessamabaymax baymaxtemenmainhanan baymaxgemesin baymaxuntukhanan babyboy mybaby mybabyboy mycutebaby myson mylove cutebaby 😘😘😘

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Vladimir Rodríguez


Comment from Vladimir Rodríguez:

🌱 down to earth jb nature myworld believe holdtight naturally simplythings trans babyboy handsome planet model entrepeneur standup stronger rockstar naturecare worldcare love peace plant green souls

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@Regranned from @devila_hasri - Mpasi Day 211.. Menu 4 Bintang (Menu 195) Mpasi_oryza Nasi "Sop Ayam 4 Bintang" Bahan ©Beras putih ©Kentang ©Daging ayam ©Buncis ©Wortel ©Air kaldu ayam ©Garam (skip under 1y) ©Gula (skip under 1y) ©Lada bubuk (skip under 1y) Bumbu yang di haluskan ©B.putih ©B.merah Tambahan ©Jahe (geprek) Bahan pelengkap ©Bawang daun ©Seledri ©Bawang goreng homemade Cara memasak ©Masak beras dan air sampai menjadi nasi (textur di sesuaikan kemampuan anak). ©Didihkan air kaldu ayam bersama bumbu yg telah di haluskan dan jahe geprek. ©Masukkan potongan ayam, garam, gula dan lada bubuk, masak sampai empuk. ©Selanjutnya masukkan wortel dan kentang, kemudian masukkan buncis. ©Terakhir masukkan bawang daun dan seledri. ©Selesai. Sajikan dengan taburan bawang goreng dan nasi hangat. . . . oryza_ryouta_gunawan 12monthsold mpasi12bulan mpasihomemade mpasi4bintang babyboy babyeating babysmart babysmile babyfunny babyhappy bayilucuindonesia fotobayilucu instababy bayisehat bayisehatindonesia bayilucu bayiceria menumpasi resepmpasi mpasibayisehat mpasihomemade mpasirumahan menumpasiindonesia masakanindonesia mpasiindonesiampasihomemade

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Rowan Steiner


Comment from Rowan Steiner:

First few moments of life for this tiny little human! I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am to have been able to witness something so amazing! birth birthphotography birthphotographer newborn babyboy fresh48

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Candice Berman


Comment from Candice Berman:

Taj | One Year Old Taj, Taj, Taj, you may have made me work a little for these smiles but by the end, you were pretty easy to get those smiles out ;) I just love this little guy and watching him grow! It has been so much fun! <3

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Footwear | Fashion | Fun


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Love this little combo. Our Florence T-Bars are just so beautiful. Featuring soft rose gold leather with a sweet scalloped edge and cute buckle. Pair them with the matching bow headband to complete the look 💛☀️🌼 . . . sunnydaiz baby babyshoes babystyle babyfashion babyboy babygirl babyclothes toddlerfashion toddlershoes toddler onlineboutique onlineshopping kidsshoes mummy kidsstyle kidsfashion melbournemums babygoods sydneymums brisbanemums stylishkids loveyourbabies aussieinstakids photooftheday instakids kidsofinstagram babiesofinstagram instababy stylishkidsnovember17

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Victoria Ellise


Comment from Victoria Ellise:

Hi everyone! I'm 7 months old! I can sit up on my own, feed myself (mostly), and drink from a sippee cup (mostly)! I like to blow bubbles and roll my tongue. I love to eat food 🥘 although I don't understand why spoons don't provide me with a continuous stream of food. 🤔 I like to play but, since I am a baby, I still need to take lots of cuddle breaks. Books are my favourite toys. I like Mommy's friends from Delta Zeta because they all snuggle me so much. 💕 I also like to spend time with grandma! I see her twice a week. ☺️ I love Mommy and Daddy. I show my love by pulling on Mommy's hair and scratching her face and waking up Daddy at 6:00AM. I only wake up twice a night to eat now, so Mommy is happy about that. I try to say "I love you" but it comes out as *gurgles* Mum n Dad probably get it 🤷🏼‍♂️ dailyteddycuteness

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