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✨💗 Clare Sentience 💗✨


Comment from ✨💗 Clare Sentience 💗✨:

A little pregnancy update. . I'm feeling really tender & teary today. . I've had an amazing week with date night on the beach being the super highlight. . But I also had a Mizan abdominal womb massage /uterus realigning yesterday and I'm feeling really hazy & out of it today. . I slept for 13 hours last night!! That's the most sleep for many many months... . It's fucking deep powerful gentle work. Emotionally and physically. . I received a one hour Mizan treatment from the trainer from UK - Bushra - and soon there will be women offering this modality here in Australia. It helps with pregnancy, painful periods, fertility, post partum and much more. . I'm sure it's done good things internally but emotionally, I'm a wreck. . It's meant to realign my uterus and surrounding tissue and ligaments for optimal positioning of baby and an easier, shorter labour and birth. It can be especially effective if you've suffered falls on the hip or coccyx, car accidents, painful periods or trauma to the area. . It's a physical massage but I must admit, I tend to respond emotionally to physical restructuring. . I recommend checking out this modality if you're planning on becoming a mamma, have had your babies or are pregnant. . Baby is moving a lot more freely today and I can breathe deeper too. . And here's hoping this gentle powerful therapy will continue to work its magic and help my body to soften, open and release this baby gently and naturally in a few weeks time... . . . . Mizan balance womb wombwisdom wombhealing pregnant pregnancy healing makingspace makingspaceforbaby deep

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Comment from Allie:

🐧🐧🐧 Day 2 of Thankful4Yoga ~Side Crow Pose~ Side crow gave my arms a good burn🔥🖒😊 • Hosts: @HappyHealthyExistence @Phdyogi @Free.The.Girl @Laceytcufitchick • Sponsors: @omgoddess.clothing @yogisurprise @besohum @yogapaws • Poses: Half frog✔ Side crow ✔ Upward facing lotus Camel Tree Fish Lunge with heart opener Pigeon Wheel Yogi Choice - what pose makes YOU Thankful4Yoga • yogachallenge novemberyogachallenge asana progress dancer dance yogainstructor blogilates fitness fitfam fitgirls poppilates yogini pilates popster nature health strong yoga poppilatesofficial fitnessjourney strength balance selflove yogachallenge yogajourney myyogalife sidecrowpose

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Samantha Babu


Comment from Samantha Babu:

DISTRESS YOURSELF FROM EVERYDAY BURDENSGET YOUR FREE YOGA PROGRAM!check the link in bio!! yogic workouts balance workoutbestilling fitness cardio girlswholift

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iThrive Nutrition


Comment from iThrive Nutrition:

Thursday Mood 👌🏼 Take time to do what makes your soul happy 🙏🏼 • • • timeout thrive meditate peaceofmind ithrivegoals balance lifehacks lifegoals naturalbeauty naturalfood naturalnutrition natural vitamins herbs Naturopathy naturalmedicine healthyliving healthandwellness healthylifestyle loveyourself australianmade beach supplements summerishere life

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Eunice Yeo


Comment from Eunice Yeo:

Never give up trying 😍💪👊 fitnessfirstsgspartangirlsdoitbetter spartanracesg stayfit fitfam plyometrics medicineball strongwomen crossfit calisthenics yoga bodyweightworkout spartanrace practicemakesperfect nevergiveup staystrong gym balance focus concentrate coreworkout legworkout beastmode funworkout underarmoursg newchallenge outdoortraining

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Heather Stover


Comment from Heather Stover:

I asked for ONE yummy and macro friendly drink and this is what I got. friendsgiving slumberparty pumpkin caramelapples eggnog martini cheers yummy macros iifym ionlywantedone badinfluence friends shoulders girlswithmuscle social nomoreforme ihavetogetupearly balance thankful thankfulforyou lovethelifeyoulive

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Haley Camozzi ♑️🕉☯️💋


Comment from Haley Camozzi ♑️🕉☯️💋:

Working on the crow 😊 patience 🌈 yoga yogaeverydamnday yogainspiration yogaposes yogapose yogainspiration yogagirl yogaflow yogadaily yogagram flow balance iloveyoga ilovemylife oxygen stretch

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Ci Ci ✨ Blue Moon Reiki Studio


Comment from Ci Ci ✨ Blue Moon Reiki Studio:

givingthanks gratitude blessings balance relaxation reiki reikipractitioner distantreiki drummingreiki reikihealing energyhealing selfhealing crystaltherapy aromatherapy arttherapy healingthechakras healinginnature healingwithfood essentialoils meditation yoga abstractpainting mixedmedia bluemoonreiki angelnumbers

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Mar De Carlo


Comment from Mar De Carlo:

"Dance is the ritual of immortality." ~Shah Asad Rizvi 💃🏻💋🙌🏼 Grateful for challenging Gyrokinesis and Ballet classes today. 🌺grateful dance gyrokinesis ballet dancerslife health fitness lifestyle lifestyleblogger inspiration motivation flexibility strength balance mobility exercise workout athlete coach physicalawakening personaldevelopment luxuryliving ballroomdancer

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Comment from YOKO INOUE🇯🇵:

* LetsBalanceWithTheCrazies 💐 Day 4 (4/9) 🙏 dolphinpose 🐣🔰😰😭💦 pinchapose pinchamyurasana ◻️◽️◻️◽️◻️◽️ * Today ( 23 November ) is Labor Thanksgiving Day ㊗️🎌 A holiday is a work holiday , so of the morning’s yoga , I participated 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️☀️ This asana was still a beginner , but I exerted myself until the end 😥💦🔰 今日(11/23)は勤労感謝の日です ㊗️🎌 祝日は仕事休みなので、午前中ヨガの練習しました 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️☀️ このアーサナはまだ初心者だが、最後まで頑張りました 😥💦🔰 * * 💕Sponsors : @niyama_sports @yogapaws @nirvana.id @lavha @tanyamaya.yoga.mat ◻️◽️◻️◽️◻️◽️ * 💕Hosts : @jeminajakin @yuki_peachy @lina.fong ◻️◽️◻️◽️◻️◽️ * Day 1 ▶️ headstand ✔️🙆🏻‍♀️ Day 2 ▶️ Forearm Plank ✔️💁🏻‍♀️ Day 3 ▶️ chair pose on tip toe ✔️🙆🏻‍♀️ Day 4 ▶️ Pincha 👈 Today’s asana 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️ Day 5 ▶️ tittibhasana Day 6 ▶️ one legged Chaturanga / normal Chaturanga Day 7 ▶️ funky armbalance Day 8 ▶️ Knee to chest Day 9 ▶️ side plank with one leg up * * yoga yogachallenge yogapractice balance bodymake fitness trunk muscle flexible yogaover40 ashtanga ashtangayoga ヨガ ヨガチャレンジ アシュタンガヨガ バランス エクササイズ ボディメイク フィットネス 体幹 筋肉 柔軟

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Fitness Foodie | NZ.


Comment from Fitness Foodie | NZ.:

There is so much truth to this post ❤️. If you want something badly enough, you must be prepared to put in the hard work, to get it 💯🙌🏽 humpday pumpday wednesdayworkout gym grind gymgrind gymflow fit fitness fitlife fitflow fitfam fitfoodie progress gains journey lifestyle balance health nutrition cleaneats cleaneating balanceddiet motivation happiness hiit

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Team Utah Snowboarding, Inc.


Comment from Team Utah Snowboarding, Inc.:

Repost @bren_hucks ・・・ Fastest female of the week😍 it was a fun day of racing and having FUN. A big focus on stoke and that paid off in a way I didn’t expect! Now off to the outdoors of Finland 😊 snowboarder snowboarding fun fast fitmom health life laugh momlife motivate motoknee versafoot love athlete amazed amazing adventure europe wee wow ride share strong balance blessed goals gameface goofy @usparalympics @nationalabilitycenter @teamutahsnowboarding

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Lori Hasani Adams


Comment from Lori Hasani Adams:

Spine ❤!!! . . . blackdhalsim B_more_ninja ninjatraining blackyogi blackyogis blackyoga yogalove yogi yogaeverydamnday stopdropandyoga balance inversion bendyoback bend bendy benddontbreak instayoga yogaofcolor contortion yogajourney yogisofinstagram yogapractice yogalove tallmanyoga blacklivesmatter unity

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Pandit Dasa


Comment from Pandit Dasa:

5 Keys for Mindful Leadership meditation corporatemeditation mindfulleadership mindfulness mindfulmeditation emotionalintelligence productivity calm balance breathe bodyscan worklifebalance stressreduction stressmanagement mind thoughts panditdasa urbanmonk consciousliving compassionatemanagement appreciation recognition mindfulcommunication leadingwithhumility

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SeedofLife Health


Comment from SeedofLife Health:

Afternoon cravings... almond iced latte. 💜 summer and coffee!! bondibeach nutrition balance health icelatte coffee almondmilk seedoflifehealth

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Comment from 💕Corrina🇺🇸:

💝 was given this at work for the week!!! hardworkpaysoff workhardplayhard happy appreciated star employee therapist helpingothers push changinglives work balance life deserved grateful thankful

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Sarah Howell


Comment from Sarah Howell:

Keeping this kid busy vestibularinput vestibulardevelopment sensoryplay sensory balance balanceboard

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Lori Hasani Adams


Comment from Lori Hasani Adams:

Don't get it twisted!!! I'm still a gentleman of KA¥ 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾💎 prettyboyswag . . blackdhalsim B_more_ninja ninjatraining blackyogi blackyogis blackyoga yogalove yogi yogaeverydamnday stopdropandyoga balance inversion bendyoback bend bendy benddontbreak instayoga yogaofcolor contortion yogajourney yogisofinstagram yogapractice yogalove tallmanyoga blacklivesmatter

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Caroline pule


Comment from Caroline pule:

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Comment from Shelley:

Thanksgiving is about spending time with family, being grateful and enjoying good FOOD. Don't take any extra supplements to "block fat" 🙄 Don't do ridiculous amounts of exercise to negate the calories you ate. Don't restrict yourself from foods you really love. DO enjoy those mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. DO try and move your body (it helps with digestion!) DO laugh and soak up time with loved ones. Eat all the carbs. Eat mindfully. Enjoy what you love in moderation and everything will be okay 😊 happy thanksgiving eve! ❤️

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