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Elaina Wendt


Comment from Elaina Wendt:

Sunday funday with my loves! - We did a 2 mile run 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️-there was laughter, there were tears 😭and then the hubs and I (cuz we cray cray) tackled leg day with our new sneak peek program-we mayyyyyy not be able to walk tomorrow 😱🙈 - I cannot wait until the real deal launches in December though-it’s gonna be ahhhmaaaazing 🎉🎉 - - - - - - momproblemsmommyproblemsmumlifestayathomemumcoffeeislifethatmomlifethotiredmummyheartmumlifeblueeyedgirlmomproblemswinetimemummyproblemschristmastimechristmasisherehotmesschristianmomsquadbudgetmerryandbrightilovecoffeestresseatingmylifemomlifeisthebestlifestressedmommumprogressnotperfectionbetterthanyesterdayfrugalovercomerboymomgirlmom

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Cherise Wylie


Comment from Cherise Wylie:

blueeyes blueeyedgirl redhead redhair redlips glasses girlswithglasses palegirls paleskin tattoos tattooedgirls

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Comment from Carro:

As it's snowing like a banshee outside my window, I escape throwing myself back to the magic nights of July... ilovesummer summerlover goldendress blueeyedgirl girlswithtatts mirrorselfie throwbackpic gutenabend machdichwahr iyiakşamlar november2017 liveyourdream livelifetothefullest partydress cocktaildress royaldragon

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Comment from Janin:

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Comment from Laura:

Time spent among trees & water is never wasted time ✨ there is something magical about the places where water meets land, it brings about an ethereal feeling of complacency & happiness. Whenever I'm feeling too stressed or anxious I️ head towards water 💧 ...what's your calming place to go to? ••• zilkerpark austintx travelgram blueeyedcompass blueeyedgirl usatravel waterlover exploreyourworld girlsweekendgetaway novemberfiles explorer takemeonatrip texasfirsttimer

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shannon swain


Comment from shannon swain:

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Comment from Margaux:


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Kimi | mother•maker•blogger


Comment from Kimi | mother•maker•blogger:

Some mornings - like today - as I wake up with my cup of coffee, I scroll through my feed and am just so blown away by the amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know since joining this community in 2010. (Seven years- almost to the day, can you believe it?!) I am just so grateful for all of you! Your kindness, words of wisdom, talent, inspiration, encouragement- it means more than you know. So thank you! 💚 (a little selfie action 🤳 in tribute to the old IG days selfiesunday 😉)

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shannon swain


Comment from shannon swain:

blueeyedgirl blackpool lovelife livinglifetofullest lgbt girlswhokissgirls

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Gemma Bartle


Comment from Gemma Bartle:

My favourite part about me myeyes blueeyedgirl makeup girlswithpiercings

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Nova the Mini Shar Pei


Comment from Nova the Mini Shar Pei:

Dear Diary, Mom just gave me a bath and I HATED IT. How dare she make me clean! Ugh. -Nova | 11/18/17 . . . . puppy sharpei sharpeipuppies sharpeipuppy cuteanimals minisharpei puppy dogsofinstagram puppiesofinstagram blueeyedgirl petsofig puppies puppiesofinstagram dogoftheday sharpeinova dog dogs puppylove

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Comment from Katie:

Iya alienfamily 👽 it’s Sunday and I feel really run down, time for some good foods and some me time 🤕💜🤘🏻 selflove selfcaresunday selfiesunday dreadybaby baelien sundayfunday englishgirl blueeyedgirl altgirl

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Deidra Kelley


Comment from Deidra Kelley:

AMustHave CaliforniaWhiteSage Sage CantGoWrong ImproveYourMood🌞 BalanceIsNecessary GoodEnergy PositiveVibes HappySoul FreeHere HippieAtHeart BeingDeidra🖤 Blondie BlueEyedGirl LightShineDown BeASmileForSomeone

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Comment from Sarah:

My pretty little blueeyedgirl nofilter thankyou iloveyou

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Comment from sendingallmylove:

Someone is really liking purees now! She had bananas and apples and pears, OH MY! 🍌🍎🍐 . . heyannoramae itsagirl postpartum fourthtrimester 8andahalfmonthsold 37weeksold growingup happygirl purejoy chunkybaby chunkycheeks headbandbaby blueyes blueeyedgirl blueeyedbaby blueeyes newmom newmama pregnancyaftervsg pregnancyafterwls solids purees milestones

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Little Miss Eliza


Comment from Little Miss Eliza:

Got our winter Woolies on today as it's freezing 🌬 myworld mygirl eliza ootd kidsfashion kidsofinstagram fandfclothing plaidshirt personalised diva poser blueeyedgirl babyblues babybeautyqueen modelkids babymodelsearch 💕

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Comment from ciid:

Sonntag ! Heute beginnt mein Wochenende! 🤗😍 sundaymood blondehair eyes blueeyedgirl inkedgirls tattoos black mascara new chillen😎 oderkino cinema movie sunday weekend fängtan niceweekend

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Emma Brynae


Comment from Emma Brynae:

I’ll do anything if you say por favor prettygirlgang prettygirlrock prettygirls prettywoman flowercrown snapchat snapchatfilter browshaping brunetteshavemorefun brunettesdoitbetter longhair brunette longhairdontcare blueeyes blueeyedgirl blueeyedbeauty girlswhodoboth foureyes girlswithglasses confidence cute cutegirls makeuponfleek makeuponpoint browsonfleek ifiwasyouidwannabemetoo selfiegram selfiequeen

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Barbora Kosíková


Comment from Barbora Kosíková:

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Elaina Wendt


Comment from Elaina Wendt:

This might be my most favorite verse besides romans 8:28. It’s funny that it has been popping up in my life over the last few months in many different ways. It’s so incredible how God knows just what we need at all times and is active moving in our lives. If you feel like God is late or absent, know that His timing is not our timing, but it is ALWAYS perfect. - - - - - momproblemsmommyproblemsmumlifestayathomemumcoffeeislifethatmomlifethotiredmummyheartmumlifeblueeyedgirlmomproblemswinetimemummyproblemschristmastimechristmasisherehotmesschristianmomsquadbudgetmerryandbrightilovecoffeestresseatingmylifemomlifeisthebestlifestressedmommumprogressnotperfectionbetterthanyesterdayfrugalovercomerboymomgirlmom

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