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Hàn Nhật Linh


Comment from Hàn Nhật Linh:

Đọc một cuốn sách... Đọc sách sẽ giúp ta những gì??!! Giải tỏa cảm xúc... Giải trí... Hay đơn thuần chỉ là giúp ta quên đi những nỗi sầu... l4l lik4like likeforlike f4f follow4follow followforfollow book followme followback

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Comment from 魔法つかいKOJI:

神保町三省堂書店さまの児童書、知育コーナーに『ひらがなカードマジック』置いて頂いております。ありがとうございます!嬉しいなぁ、本の街神保町に自分の本が置かれるというのは(≧∇≦)ノ お子様のクリスマスプレゼントに是非🎁 神保町 ひらがなカードマジック 知育玩具 幻冬舎 児童書 本の街 カードマジック クリスマスプレゼント プレゼント モテジナ 幻冬舎エデュケーション 手品 jimbocho japan book bookstore 本屋 書店 三省堂書店

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Donnalyn Vojta


Comment from Donnalyn Vojta:

Hey everybody! I just started a blog on Goodreads.com. I hope you'll all come to visit it from time to time. I will give news and updates on all things related to my novels. ✨👍 FYI, suspense fans, I'm already six chapters to writing The Teddy Bear Chronicles Vol. II CHLOE'S CRUSADE. I'm so excited to finish it!! 🤗I will keep everyone updated on that progress, and maybe even give some teasers along the way. Fun~~ 📖😊. bookstagram book bookish bibliophile reading goodreads bookblog bookworm booknerd teddybearchronicles suspensenovel thrillerbooks psychologicalthriller bookaddict bookaholic bookobsessed uniqueboots mashup booklover wordpress

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Comment from めーこ🐶⚽🇫🇷🏂🎬🏰🍰🍮🍧🎤🙌:

2017-12-13 ゼツメツ少年 重松清 読了 読了本 図書館本 ぱっと見 ケツメイシっぽい ケツメイシ少年 ジャケ借り ならぬ タイトル借り んなわきゃない 不思議な視点。 不思議な書き方の小説。 内容は… いじめとか命とか… まぁまぁ重たいテーマなんだけど…… ホッコリしてみたり、ジワーンと悔しさが残ってしまうような……そんな作品。 図書館iPadiBook本BOOK読書活字中毒

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Yael Lara


Comment from Yael Lara:

Joder... Fue un poco complicado acabarlo, no estoy acostumbrado a leer este tipo de libros, definitivamente Virginia Woolf era una mujer espectacular, su forma de escribir me impresionó. La mujer en este libro tiene un peso importante (por no decir todo). 4/5 💚 photography photographer beauty book libro bookstagram bookstagrammer lectura reseña critica virginiawoolf booklover

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Relationship Coach/Radio Host


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Jay's Notebook


Comment from Jay's Notebook:

• • • • • • • • • • группа сообщество стихи книги поэзия group likes poems book jn

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E-Style Fashion Cosplay Salon


Comment from E-Style Fashion Cosplay Salon:

Harry Potter is our all time favorite! We have tons of fitting wigs for you ❤️ @katya_v_tanke ・・・ ✨ harrypotter lilypotter ginnyweasley weasley halloween cosplayer griffindor cosplay wig magic magical witch wizard sorcerer tree nerdygirl geekgirl hermionegranger ginger gingerhair hair always jkrowling book fary farytale nerd geek ginny kawaii

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Salvador Mingo


Comment from Salvador Mingo:

Excelente frase de "Enrique Tierno Galvan". De qué parte del mundo eres y de qué ciudad?... salvadormingo book conocimiento librosenespañol librosrecomendados Marketing marketingdigital desarrollopersonal mentor mentores people travel traveling visiting instatravel instago summer young leisure

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Comment from wordsoncanvas:

RainbowRowell EleanorAndPark book books love quote quotes lovequote lovequotes eleanor misfits teens world typewriter wordsoncanvas

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Comment from Юлия:

Надеюсь лицо в телевизор влезет 😬 Всегда думала,что мужчины без женщин становятся намного хуже,а женщины наоборот. Может Мураками докажет обратное? пищадляума мураками читай фотовыходногодня vsco vscocam instadaily book bookstagram mood lovelovelove saintP yamiyami

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Comment from happy:

ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ 今日はお気に入りの本を片手に カフェでゆっくりしました🌿 ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ hawaii cafe favorite pink book bag fashionable chanel katespade code instagood instafashion nice ㅤㅤㅤ ハワイ 本 バック ファッション カフェ お洒落 お洒落さんと繋がりたい

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S.M. Coleman


Comment from S.M. Coleman:

I love 30Rock and Tina Fey is brilliant! I’m of the opinion 30Rock is thoroughly unappreciated... but anyway. This was a fun read. I loved reading about SNL and 30Rock and The Second City. Also the chapter about Don Fey is pretty great. bossypants tinafey read reading readmore readmorebooks book books📚 bookish bookstagram igreads booksofinstagram GoReadABook

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Travis S. Soleski


Comment from Travis S. Soleski:

Old empty eyes prayed tonight for his own heart, misgivings of a darkened soul enlightened by sinful flesh. Grateful for each painful step forward leaving each lesson behind. Behind the stoic face lies the smile that frowns upon its own trust of others motives. Old empty eyes prayed for all the sins he’s yet to commit for that one day is true, something to behold...tangible. Another loving lesson striking a chord in his heart he let out a laugh...and smiled. TSS©️ 2017/12/12 poet poetry poetrycommunity poetsofinstagram writersofinstagram writer creativewriting bookstagram book publisher

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Comment from 🔴:

Basically me. • • • • stolen from @khiones.daughter • • • • PjoHoOPercyJacksonPercyJacksonAnnabethChaseAnnabethChaseLeoValdezLeoValdezJasonGraceJasonGraceNicoDiAngeloNicoDiAngeloWillSolaceWillSolaceBookBooksHalvgudDemigodSverigeSweden

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The Gulf Today


Comment from The Gulf Today:

The front page of The Gulf Today front frontpage uae newspaper newsmaker world government leaders weather politics thegulftoday newspaper news sultan book turkey migrants dubai airports frontpage worldstar palestine tensionheadache newspaper

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Comment from 소신가족:

. 책이야기 오후세시의사람 도서출판삼인행 . 얼마나 추운지 하루종일 잿빛하늘이다. 커피한잔을 내려 회색물이 든 책 <오후 세 시의 사람>을 펼친다. - 여행 . 여행은 낯선 공기를 마시러 가는 게 아니라 내가 낯선 공기가 되기 위해 가는 거란다 여행하는 자들은 길 위에서 모두 신이 되거든 - 가득찬 흑백사진과 짦은 글이 오늘의 나를 위로한다. 포토에세이 예스24 책 책스타그램 book bookstagram

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Comment from Grant:

📖 Need more of this!

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Tatiana Mafort


Comment from Tatiana Mafort:

Eu não poderia ignorar a existência dessa luminária livro que muda de cor <3 vi em um dorama e me apaixonei! ✨😍📖 book lightbook magic

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a d e l i n e ✨


Comment from a d e l i n e ✨:

Yay productive day today!! There are 3 days left until my maths exam and I am surprisingly calm??? Hehehe have you guys finished your finals yet??

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