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Juancé (hoo-an-seh)


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freshfish If you really want it fresh, right off the fishing boat, you need to come to this place. As in hundreds of fishing beaches spread throughout this beautiful island, you just select the fish you want, have it gutted and cut, and ready for cooking. It doesn't get any fresher, or simpler, than this. HashTags author bestoftheday book books bookworm climax imagine instagood kindle library literate literature love nook page pages paper photooftheday plot read reader reading readinglist stories story text words

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Comment from Tabetha:

Rainy days = writing novels...📝☕ . . . . . . . . . nanowrimo nanowrimo2017 amwriting writing books coffee newyorktimesbestseller futureauthor

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Amanda 🐼| Travel + Lifestyle


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Fiction Addiction is a real diagnosis, Web MD told me so 📚📙📘📗📕📒📔 It's beautiful weather in Austin, go visit your local bookstore today! books weekend hpbooks addicted reader fiction austin tx

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Comment from Natalie:

Started reading the introduction in Little Women. Found this lovely picture of quote. Anyone else read Little Women? PreciousBooks Books LoveBooks Bookstagram Bookdragon Bookworm Bibliophile MyBooks Reading LittleWomen LouisaMayAlcott

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Sarah Peden


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12daysofbookstagram - day two: my book stack. Oh the books I’ve *meaning* to read... or am currently reading but very, very, very, slowly (yes, that’s three verys). Featuring the arc for theweddingdate courtesy of @berkleypub through bookishfirst. It’s been a cute Saturday read! Look for it in the coming year! bookstagram books becausebooks

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Aaron Publishedauthor Allen


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A poet friend and affiliate of mine @poetic.anita.ashwini.shea with her second poetry book 📚 nanowrimo acting actors film movies books authors amwriting novel memoircomingsoonalso teamnewlife fiction sciencefiction novella books publish poet poetry aaronallen authorsofinstagram writersofinstagram blackauthors realwriters jaffatruexsucks kingpoet aintnopoetking wdfwu✌️ 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑📝📝📝🤐 stayblessed

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maluca dos livros


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Essa semana postei lá no blog, a resenha deste thriller arrasador! Vem conferir www.malucadoslivros.com livros books entrequatroparedes resenhaliteraria

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Jackie Mc


Comment from Jackie Mc:

Mike at his very first book signing! Thanks to everyone who came out to support him. authorinthefamily books proudwife

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Vintage Books And Fine Art


Comment from Vintage Books And Fine Art:

Two fantastic new Chesapeake arrivals at the shop just in time for Small Business Saturday! On the left is a very scarce 1st Edition biography of one of the most important figures in Maryland history. William Claiborne established the 1st settlement on the Eastern Shore, on Kent Island in 1631, and fought the Lords Baltimore both legally and in military action for control of what would become the colony of Maryland. On the right is a 1910 1st Edition set of the works of John Smith, arguably the most important figure in Chesapeake Bay history. What Maryland historian wouldn't want to wake up Christmas morning to find one of these two treasures under the tree? smallbusinesssaturday smallbusiness smallbusinesses booknerd bookcollector books bibliophile bibliomania readingisfun talbotcounty eastonmd discovereaston chesapeake chesapeakebay maryland easternshore indiebookstore bookstore bookstagram booksofinstagram abaa antiquarianbooks fuckina

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Comment from laculottéelittéraire:

Guess what ? Nothing has changed. books instalivre instaread livrestagram bookstagram readingnight reads reading bible bibliophilia bibliophile lettresmodernes lettres faith

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Ulises Novo


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😈A la venta la SEGUNDA PARTE de la novela más polémica de Amazon😈 🐻Voy a matar tu oso de peluche 2.🐻 Una joven promesa de las pasaleras ha sido asesinada en Strap Nation. En esta segunda entrega, la detective Rebel, narra a su profesor de escritura los turbios secretos de la vida amorosa de la víctima. Una investigación llena de sorpresas que repercutirán personalmente en la policía ninfómana y no le pondrán fácil la tarea de enfrentarse a nuevos psicópatas cada vez más despiadados. 📚Leer AQUÍ☛http://goo.gl/X3AxHm Gratis en KindleUnlimited books textbooks library novels writing Escritores EscritoresIndependientes leyendoestoy leyendo follow followers followforfollow bookstagram books bookshelf bookshelves leer Recomiendoleer voyamataratuosodepeluche ulisesnovo

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Tóth Judit


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owl frame ikea books retro vintage poster digitalart téjé tejegraphics vintage illustrator illustration illustrationart illustratorart illustrationartists digitalart téjé tejegraphics

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Michaela 🙋🏽‍♀️


Comment from Michaela 🙋🏽‍♀️:

So sorry for the lack of bookstagram pictures I had my phone stolen on Tuesday and it was a bit stressful trying to sort that out... anywayyyyy, isn’t The Goldfinch a pretty looking book? I got this for a steal at an Oxfam shop but still haven’t got around to reading it 🙈 . . . books bibliophile booklover bookworm bookish bookstagrammer bookgram igreads igbooks instabook thegoldfinch donnatartt starwarsfinn

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Comment from erikagarciacruz:

Rayos 💔 cariciasfalsas books libros frasess wattpad amor escritos frases dolor

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Thea Veraart


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“Bonnefanten” paperart papercollage papercutting handmadecollage artoftheday collageartwork contemporaryart surrealism instaart books art bonnefantenmuseum maastricht trips museum

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Frasi film 🇮🇹/ Movie quotes 🇺🇸


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. 🎥 Film: Harry Potter; . . . . . harrypotter potterhead potterhead bookworm bookstagram books bookphotography aforismi frasi frase quotes quote leviosa book libri jkrowling wizard magic reading hermionegranger ronweasley travel travelling ig_italia ig_europe igers italia likeforfollow follow4follow

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Daniel Jeffrey Koch


Comment from Daniel Jeffrey Koch:

He knew that the tricksters wanted to hijack the drones from the virtual gated community to use them for their illegal purposes. Therefore, he had given them access to the geofencing of the drones, and he had put a hole in the virtual fence. What had he done? He had given in to the demands of the tricksters. He did not know what they wanted to do with the drones. Apparently they wanted to use the drones from the virtual gated community to realize some of their criminal schemes. Maybe they were trying to do some drug trafficking using the drones. Now they could fly the drones from anywhere they wanted in and out of the gated community. Flying drones over the internet without control was something frightening him. The drone handled takeoff and landing automatically and no one could track where the drone was going in between. Flying a hijacked drone over parts of a city possibly with payload without leaving the comfort of one´s home or web browser and a robust internet connection frightened him: No boundaries, no geo-fenced zone, straying outside of minimum and maximum altitudes except the distance the drone could fly. One could possibly crash the drone as a worst case scenario or conduct a drone race through the city with other contestants. He made it possible to control the drones hundreds, maybe thousands of miles away, in real time, turning the virtual gated community drone surveillance system into a rogue online drone flight platform. The tricksters could fly a drone without ever leaving the comfort of their desk chairs accessing the drone through a computer or smartphone carrying out their criminal schemes. He made it possible by hijacking the system for them and locking out the supervisor practically erasing the flight data. However, in the end, he came to his senses and he restricted the usage of the backdoor to the system. Someone had to protect the people from something bad happening. It would take the tricksters some time to realize that they could fly the drones only with severe limitations. He knew they would come after him but he was sure they could not get to him.

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Comment from thou.happy.ghts:

Dreams are powerful things. They can be good or bad. Sometimes oh can control them other times you can’t. The ones that you can’t control are the most powerful. They are the reflection of your deepest thoughts. The ones you try to avoid but are able to make it to you while you’re unconscious. Listen to your dreams, for they always have a deeper meaning -TL

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Comment from lys🌈🌙🦋:

a tragic meme i made last week lmao but it’s finally thanksgiving break bless 😤😩

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Danúbia Martins


Comment from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Danúbia Martins:

💭Seu inimigo é seu melhor mestre, porque para enfrentá-lo você precisa utilizar toda a sua inteligência e sabedoria. Não tenho inimigos humanos pelo que eu saiba, mas achei esse ensinamento de Dalai lama em um livro que estou lendo e achei excepcional! Um amigo pode nos abandonar, nos trair, nos decepcionar e até ser trocado por outro.. mas um bom inimigo é para vida toda. Os inimigos sempre dizem a verdade. De um amigo nunca se sabe o que esperar, mas dos inimigos sempre se pode esperar o pior. O verdadeiro inimigo lhe transmite uma coragem sem limites. 💭😉Adorei e decidi compartilhar 😘boanoite goodnight anjinha lendo leitura livros books pensamentos reflexões smile life live love peace

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