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19 🥀


Comment from 19 🥀:

🌻 10 feet down 🍂 selfie mirrorselfie allieverpostisselfies newhair youcantevenseeit ohwell bunchashit

19 Days ago

Dana Martinez


Comment from Dana Martinez:

Back to bed I go... 😵😴 Stupid body. . . . . . . . fibromyalgia fibro migraine bunchashit LOLZ

45 Days ago



Comment from Singing4Sanity:

Inside out blunt fail....rollobeforthefallen behumbled myshitfelldown playersmessup Gshit realshit bunchashit tragic420 420community where'dallthegoodpeoplego weedbenefit ifweedchangeabit technicaldifficilties @honeyblunts420 😂😂 @Lizzrosario559 @marijuanaguides .....insideoutblunt @swishersweets

82 Days ago

Tess Gibby


Comment from Tess Gibby:

About the equivalent of all the emotional baggage I've got to work through also hahaha hardwork baggage bunchashit soulfeelsheavy exhausting fuck

84 Days ago

Henry hesse


Comment from Henry hesse:

Buncha shit jetpackthepug shit. bunchashit

87 Days ago



Comment from ℓ⍸⍶:

When you think you're unprepared until you realize that you've been doin' this too damn long. treeplanting2017 again herewego bunchashit someitemsnotpictured monicasevensevenseven7

208 Days ago



Comment from mitas_welby:

bunchashit ipaymybill ontime why dont i get the service they said i am supposed to get

237 Days ago

Hodge Lodge Woodworks


Comment from Hodge Lodge Woodworks:

Cleaning out the shop to try and make an awesomer shop!! This is the beginning of the process hopefully I can create some pretty awesome things in here! shop woodworking bunchashit

259 Days ago



Comment from Kelly:

I gave you fair warning...don't get on my bad side

345 Days ago



Comment from _dario:

So here is how to disassemble old coal burning, gravity boiler. A fun house project for the whole family with some exposure to soot, asbestos, iron; all while getting a great workout! fitfam - get a 4' pipe wrench for unions, you'll need all the ass you can get - torch, hammer, PB blaster, biggest sledge hammer you can find, grinder - someone's storage containers Tarp everything around. Go to town. Break the wooden handle of the hammer. Get scrap money. Pick nose for days later. funweekends wcw mealprep upperglutesday bunchashit

1 Years ago

Noah Schreck


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1 Years ago



Comment from yumiyacchi:

My automation game>urs sounddesign EDM music musicmaking electro_house complextro bunchashit

1 Years ago

Angela Kienitz


Comment from Angela Kienitz:

Vactor Pro 2100... Cleaning our sewers!! If this were my Company the back of my trucks would say, "Don't worry, I got this shit!" But most likely it would be with the Poop Emoji that I dont have to make my point! NO PUN INTENDED... Lol. That is a shitty job tho! bunchashit igotthisshit hazmatsuitplease uptomykneesinshit whydoithinkaboutthisstuff

1 Years ago

Alan Lipp


Comment from Alan Lipp:

factory industrial bunchashit

1 Years ago

Grime Co.


Comment from Grime Co.:

Wut a mess 🛠🛠🛠 grimeco skaterowned thanksforhelpingdad bunchashit

1 Years ago

🎀яαcнєℓ мσєи🎀


Comment from 🎀яαcнєℓ мσєи🎀:

Aaaaaand this is why I'm always embarrassed to do a purse check Lol WhatsInMyPurse BunchaShit NeededToCleanIt

1 Years ago

Cam Ohrazda


Comment from Cam Ohrazda:

Holy Door 🙏🏼 bunchashit coolthough madeinitaly vatican vaticancity pope holydoor vacation roma europe

1 Years ago



Comment from COCO ✖️CHANEL:

And that's my bestie, my bestie, my best friend, go best friend 🌷👽👅💅🏽 bestfriend youngthuggin masistah fromanothahmistah iloveyou michiquita bambina yoquierobananas laspapas bunchashit

1 Years ago

Natasha Loewen


Comment from Natasha Loewen:

Punch bowl for one please 🍹🇬🇧 vodka classyinapot prosecco housewarming cambridge bunchashit

1 Years ago



Comment from Trangie💋:

fourcoursemeal with my fatties ❤️ cheesefondue fondue bunchashit buzzed everynight

1 Years ago