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A Tri-City Girl's Journey


Comment from A Tri-City Girl's Journey:

Teaching my wela about the FIGHTERS. “Hola todo los seguidores de Alondra Gainz” Puedes decir “Vlog Life” ... Grandma has always called @subbygee19 “Sivinita” @subbygee19forsabrinafashions SivinitaFashions SABRINAFASHIONS AlondraGainz ATricyGirlsJourney HIFIGHTERS

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Nature Me Nurture


Comment from Nature Me Nurture:

Day 4 - still loving the relaxation, stress relief and just pure breathing. Today did some yoga for splits and can hear this Bob’s song playing in my head “Light like a feather... “ 🎼 . Which also reminds not to “jump in the water, if you can’t swim”... . Have a great day y’all, auntie Livi will be busy staving off animals wanting to catch her! LHx . veggieprotein balanceddiet health naturalhealth workout postworkout preworkout Businesswoman healthyanddelicious goodfeeling probiotics weightloss healthyeating shake avocado kale habit smoothiebowl if goodfats vegetarian veggieprotein goodfats fibre ketogirl yoga india coimbatore ayurveda ayurvedictreatment

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Shay Dognia 🎥🎙📈


Comment from Shay Dognia 🎥🎙📈:

Have a clear vision of what it is you want and how to get there! You will be unstoppable! Never fucking quit! mindset triumph victory success successful brand blogger branding marketing business businesswoman billionaire millionairemindset crossfit mma digitalmarketing nofear will winner faith dream dreams grind weightloss fitness fitnessjourney weightlosssuccess crossfit boxing motivation nofear nofucksgiven

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Jené Elaine Walker


Comment from Jené Elaine Walker:

LINK IN MY BIO For the woman who cares what she wears! The anticipated 2017 Fall/Winter Collection of Dr.J. Armory is here! You can't go wrong with either of these selections. Place your orders now! Queens who have already gotten yours, thanks so much for supporting the ministry and business God gave me! You are blessed now! Shop at https://goo.gl/oJq4mw!

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Comment from Nina:

Double tap if you love this & tag a friend! ❤️❤️❤️ onlinemarketing noexcuses businesswoman businessowner businessman businesstrip wealth wealthgenerators wealthmanagement lifestyle inspirationalquotes quotes comment wealth healthy health healthylife healthymind profit residualincome realtalk follow4follow coffee coffeetime morning morningmotivation hustle dontquit smile happy 2018

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Comment from Jota:

My photo marketing entrepreneur business motivation branding money startup digitalmarketing entrepreneurship smallbusiness contentmarketing marketingdigital instagram success businessowner fashion design goals onlinemarketing onlinebusiness motivated businesswoman valladolid instadaily follow successquotes

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Travel ✈️ Side Hustle 📱


Comment from Travel ✈️ Side Hustle 📱:

While many people’s dream is to own a home, my fiancée and I️ are renting some of the coolest places in America! Thanks to AirBNB, luxury living is only an app away! • ✅ Listen up! 💰 It’s never been as easy as it is now to increase your income! . 🙋🏻 Grab my FREE blue print in my bio that will show you how to unlock NINE income streams, passively. 💰💰🌈

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Ivan Gomez


Comment from Ivan Gomez:

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J-Nel Aweau Cullen (HAWAII)


Comment from J-Nel Aweau Cullen (HAWAII):

This weekend was full of "home cooking" 😋.. Crock pot kalua pig Deep fried drumstick chicken Broiled short ribs w/Hawaiian salt & brown sugar Tamashiro poke & lomi salmon Poi Nuwave oven cooked fresh atlantic salmon topped with mayonnaise, lemon, cilantro....yummy! godislove love faith hope ohana photooftheday blessed instalike encourage momsthatpray momlife momboss supportlocal entrepreneur momsthatwork instagram hustle instamood happiness businesswoman motivated inspiration instapost igdaily believe quoteoftheday hawaiiinstagram foodie foodporn

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Caroline Soto, MBA


Comment from Caroline Soto, MBA:

Tres preguntas para avanzar sin tropezar: 1-¿Seguro que no lo puedo hacer mejor? Humildad 2- ¿Qué pasa? Curiosidad 3- ¿Qué debo olvidar? Cambio hábitos www.carolinesoto.com CarolineSoto - Estrategia . . . . . . . marketingcontent empowerment emprendedores company business latina success promotor mentor mujer networking columnist blogger motivator smile love true contentisking OrlandoFlorida LoveFl businesswoman cafe periodico radio likeaboss DespliegaTuActitud

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Miss SuperNerd


Comment from Miss SuperNerd:

I will no longer fear the darkness because I am destined to spread my wings in the light . . . . . . . . . . . 💜 namaste life lavienoire create businesswoman bossbabes nyc illgrammers wellness makeitcount lifestyleblogger toronto style brandstrategist positivity blackgirlmagic mentalhealth selflove investment luxurytravel finances wanderlust fitness vegetarian glowgetter createcultivate networking instagood miami inspiration

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Comment from Tontoshouse:

The foundations of Tonto's House...Founder Áine O Connell . Repost @aineoconnell24 ( @get_repost) ・・・ I have one rule in life, only talk about what you know...I know this map, this map is my life 🦄💫🤷🏻‍♀️. . 'People don't know what they want until you show it to them. That's why I never rely on marketing research. Our task is to read things that are not yet on the page. Get closer than ever to your customers'. Steve Jobs. . If there is no end point to the 'drastic' innovation cycle, you are witnessing one of two things: 1. You don't believe in your product or service 2. You don't understand what people want. . . . . . . storytelling selfdevelopment personaldevelopment fitness business fitnessbusiness geminidsfitness wellness healthylifestyle personaltrainer personaltrainersydney personaltraining marketing story businesswoman womeninbusiness irishgirl aussiegirl pt mindbodysoul physicallyfit physicalhealth healthandfitness thepsycheofaine creative innovation healthcare healthcoordinator

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The Flippin Mama


Comment from The Flippin Mama:

My husband of 7 years and I have 2 beautiful children, Braden (5yo) and Zoe (1.5yo). Weekends to us means it’s “family day” where we go on dates as a family. To close off the weekend, we decided to take a stroll around town. Tonight, my son reminded me the importance of “being present” and pay attention to the simple things that matter most. He kept insisting for us to just sit down near a lit up Christmas tree located at an outside strip mall. After about 3 times of repeating himself like a broken record, his persistence finally caught my attention and I realized my son wanted for my husband and I to just slow down and take in the moment while we watch the Christmas tree as a family. He said, “I want us to sit down together and enjoy the view!” Wow! How many of us have been coasting for years, waking up to the same, mundane routine? There physically, but vacant in every other sense: mentally checked out, emotionally numbed, spiritually broken, and just generally disinterested? I’m guilty ✋🏼 Let’s wake up and remember to BE PRESENT and enjoy the view in front of you! . . . . . 1000xlife bepresent presentmind beherenow familylife mamá momlife mompreneur entrepreneur familytime moments mood motivationalquotes inspiration our_everyday_moments storyofmylife businesswoman family familyfirst familyday christmas christmastree holiday holidayseason realestate realestateinvestor onlinemarketing digitalmarketing marketing

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Chris 🚀


Comment from Chris 🚀:

Nothing really new with me really since paying for that first product. The only thing I'm focusing on right now is product research in the UK . It's definitely a little different than the US. Some products have different main keywords as they refer to some things differently over there. Also of course, there's a lot less demand and a lot less reviews, so it's just been hard to find a definitive product to go all in on, but I definitely found a ton of decent ones!

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Comment from Jota:

"Optimiza tu presencia online" marketing entreprentrepeneur business motivation branding money startup diigitalmarketig entrepreneurship smallbusiness contentmarketing marketingdigital instagram success businessowner fashion design goals onlinemarketing onlinebusiness motivated businesswoman gym instadaily follow successquotes promo life

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Ravi Kikan


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Prateek Banthiya


Comment from Prateek Banthiya:

Don't cry foul just because you had the idea first! He, who makes the move, is the only one entitled for success. Got an idea? Act on it. 😎😈🙅🏋💪 ------ . . 24x7motivated idea ideas smallbusiness businessman businesswoman startup startuplife entrepreneurher entrepreneurship thinkahead

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The Wellness Affiliate


Comment from The Wellness Affiliate:

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Pudgee Thaphatbastard


Comment from Pudgee Thaphatbastard:

Shout out this beauty..my homegirl @_alliesigz_ and her best friend..together they're thewhiteninggals...Love their business acumen and drive..Glad I knew you before you started killing it..Go See them.. friends support friendssupportfriends entrepreneur entrepreneurship businesswoman goals gogetter drive independenceday getthebag

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Jimmy Waters


Comment from Jimmy Waters:

Always a blessing to be in the presence of female boss entrepreneurs! • Don't just look for a woman that looks good, can dance or takes good selfies! Find you a woman that can start her own business, make her own money moves and create her own path! Now, that's a woman! Millennials BusinessWoman Entrepreneurship Execs QueensSupportOtherQueens KingsSupportQueens Business EntrepreneurshipUnlocked CreateYourOwnEconomy TravelJustMakesSense MultipleStreams

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