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Casualties from ten days at work/broken . broken casualties newzealand time southwestfiordland

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Brava's Resto - Bar


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Lori D. Wikdahl


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Moe VonGrimm


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Most of my band shirts and a few other cool tees that I hardly wear anymore. I still need too add more!! band tshirts mint blackcraftcult ramones abbath clash lcb misfits bfmv bmth skeletonwitch motleycrue 80s metal blackmetal megadeath gunsnroses blackdahliamurder gbh casualties robzombie thunderkiss65 horrorpos YES inficier needmore

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Christos Dimopoulos


Comment from Christos Dimopoulos:

While I was growing up, I lost 7 (seven!) friends and classmates in road accidents, all belonging to this age group. Unfortunately, I am not making this up. We are all aware of countless other cases. The bottom line is thay it is not difficult to reduce the horrific number of dead and injured human beings in road accidents. We can do this. As long as we assume our personal responsibilities and we pressure the ones who don't to do the same! . . . worldremembrancedayforroadtrafficvictims wdor2017 road safety roadsafety health life worldhealthorganization who cyprus accidents cars casualties

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E Cash


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Bunch of fashion flyer makers. It’s a way of life! totalchaos violentsociety casualties thecasualties disenchanted thedisenchanted bottomofthebarrel redtape punk punkrock spikyhairdrunkpunx oi streetpunk pogo nyc epitaph hardcorepunk skinhead metal beer girl

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Elisa Minuti


Comment from Elisa Minuti:

I did another cut with way more 3rd degree and I think it looks much better! Is more... Cut shape, if something like that even exist? XD I have only the dry blood, not the runny one so I can't make it bleed but if I could, it would be awesome! Really happy with this last one casualties deepcut practice

14 Hours ago

Elisa Minuti


Comment from Elisa Minuti:

SO: I've been trying to do something with my afternoon and I came up with these! I think I put too many stitches marks around the wound and the one of the back of the hand is a bit too shallow. Getting there eventually. deepcut fakeblood happinessisgrossstuff casualties practice

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3sam NOOR


Comment from 3sam NOOR:

war is demolition disaster casualties financial losses smashed childhood & so many other results

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Michala Stogsdill


Comment from Michala Stogsdill:

The only thing I love as much as autumn beer... Christmas beer!!!!! . . . . . . . punk punx beer christmas christmasbeer christmasale christmasbeforethanksgiving fuckyea breckenridge breckenridgebrewery casualties punkaf tattoos tattooedgirl piercings piercedgirl stupidduckface punkgirl girlswholikebeer

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Comment from Erik:

Sia sings theGREATEST in memory of 49 casualties in terrorattack on 0612, 2016 @Orlando, Florida USA. フロリダ オーランド feat. KendrickLamarMaddieZiegler。LGBT (ThisIsActing) 恐同 恐攻 テロ アメリカ 撫慰鼓舞存活的人們,即使帶著悲哀沉重的傷慟仍勇敢前行。雖然創作背景如此,卻非常勵志,很適合揮汗如雨運動或跑步時聽。彩虹眼淚 Uh-oh, running out of breath, but I Oh, I, I got stamina Uh-oh, running now, I close my eyes Well, oh, I got stamina And uh-oh, I see another mountain to climb But I, I, I got stamina Uh-oh, I need another lover, be mine Cause I, I, I got stamina [Don't give up, I won't give up Don't give up, no no no] *2 I'm free to be the greatest, I'm alive I'm free to be the greatest here tonight, the greatest [The greatest, the greatest alive] *2 And oh yeah, running through the waves of love But I, I got stamina And oh yeah, I'm running and I've just enough And uh-oh, I got stamina [Don't give up, I won't give up Don't give up, no no no] *2 I'm free to be the greatest, I'm alive I'm free to be the greatest here tonight, the greatest [The greatest, the greatest alive] *2 [Oh-oh, I got stamina] *4

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Evan Haywood


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one of the true joys of working at @encorerecordsa2 is clownin' around with this goofball!! @michaeljamesburbo __ 🍗🌈✨👁🍄 . . . . . . . EncoreRecords AnnArbor Burbo KFC LSD ColonelSanders trippingballs recordstore psych fashion icon brilliant A2 acid casualties

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Undank Pancake


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Todo Cervezas


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Comment from J:

It takes 20 years to make an overnight success. -Eddie Cantor 22ndpic sem1break holyday casualties ootd maniac interstellar j

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Comment from C.P.:

October 2017

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Kev G


Comment from Kev G:

thecasualties casualties punk punkrockers punks punkrock NYC

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Samir Dattopadhye


Comment from Samir Dattopadhye:

5.4 Magnitude Earthquake rocks SouthKorea leaving 1500 people homeless . No casualties reported. Highlights preparedness of the country to fight NaturalDisasters disasterarea DisasterPreparedness instadisaster

2 Days ago

The Casualties


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TheCasualties @meggers_zzz We are all we have. CasualtiesArmy 📸💳 @fastboyent drummer drums drumming bateria batería casualties

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