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Premium Solventless THC Carts


Comment from Premium Solventless THC Carts:

Our solventless Gorilla 🦍 Glue indica cartridges are perfect if you're looking to relax after a long work day, or are trying to fight insomnia! These babies will help you kick back and relax! Each puff a true stress reliever! Don't delay! Try them today! πŸ”₯ 🦍 🍯 😴 β›½ gorillaglue solventless vape cannaguru goldline distillate terpsonterps claritycounts oprahsbookclub glass thc medicated wfayo terps waxWednesday 710 dabs portable flavors dabbersdaily gg4 vapeporn hashoil 420 errlando miamidabs 305 weshouldsmoke onelove amendment2

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Comment from baldwiin:

wakenbakerawrawlife purplerain 420flowersbluntsjs headyheadyglassdabs claritycountsshatter 710societydabbersdaily stonerweedweedlife stonersdaily710 indicamarshmallow medicalmarijuana

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Comment from ratfacekilla710:

True OG @loudpack smelling light fuely OG when opened. Taste is light fuely OG with a bit of sweet OG mixed in. Good buzz for after anything you need to unwind. trueog true og ogkush kush extracts loud liveresin wfayo 420 dabbing dabs nugrunonly terps terpsauce sauce saucin terpdiamonds diamonds claritycounts wedontsmokethesame topshelfonly high_larry_us macro macroshot closeup weed pot

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Comment from ratfacekilla710:

Super Glue @skygrades_ smelling light sweet/earthy when opened. Taste is super light Gg earthy almost can't pick it up. Harsh on the exhale with a medium strength buzz. superglue gorillaglue gorillaglue4 super glue skygrades loud loudpack liveresin wfayo 420 dabbing dabs terps terpsauce sauce saucin terpdiamonds diamonds claritycounts wedontsmokethesame topshelfonly high_larry_us macro closeup weed pot

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Comment from blazintheamazing710:

Wake n bake globs πŸ”₯πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ 420710fatdabsmeltshot headyheadyglassdabs claritycountsshattererrl 710societydabbersdaily stonerweedweedlife stonersdailyhybridindica mayoral

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Malt Sutty


Comment from Malt Sutty:

Subjective favouritism should be the only thing preventing this from being EVERYONES favourite smoke- and that's not hyperbole I genuinely think this is THAT good 😡It was only a matter of time before @honeybadgerextracts turned my favourite strain into a live resinπŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ€€ and I didn't think the mk could be topped -what a naive asshole I was! So what everyone is wondering - does it live up to the expectations? Yes it does and then some. Apart from smelling like sweet pink it looks unlike any other live resin I've personally ever seen showing off a very pure white look πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ The taste is so good I wish there was food or drinks flavoured this way honestly first you taste the overwhelming sweetness that transitions to a heavy gassy lingering taste that consistently had my lips sticky with flavour and my eyebrows doing their best Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson impression πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ STRONG too πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ this pink kush only requires 1 solid dab for me to be sufficiently medicated, it's not harsh at ALL but it gave me that potency tickle that triggered a lot of coughing. Anything after the first toke is just for that beautiful aqueous flavour πŸ€€πŸ€€πŸ’¦β€οΈ Last but not least is handle carefully! This stuff can bust apart easily in its chunky form but overzealousness might turn it to more of a crumbley consistency. (See pics) But I gotta say this was literally just a treat to have - my favourite strain done PROPERLY and by Badger?? Don't know what left to be excited for now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ amazing work as always hope everyone has a great hump day! honeybadger liveresin shatter extracts concentrates maxdewax properliveresin tasty cannabis cannabiscommunity cloudsovercanada canadianterps AAAA nofilter dabs qualityoverquantity medicinal thc hybrid pink kush tasty sweet cleanmeds claritycounts youshouldgetsome shatteryviews ganjabros

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Comment from Flameworked:

This peaceful fellow by @obi_handro is a great addition to any collection and at a fantastic price to boot! It features his clean sculpting, a sick honeycomb shield and a 14mm handmade joint. Normally priced at only $200, take 20% off and get free shipping through the 31st as a part of our danksgiving sale! DM us or visit our website for more details. Eugene localglass obihandro highendglass headyglass oregonglass boroforsale glassporn glassforsale Eugeneglass oprahsbookclub bestofglass 420 glassofig dabs claritycounts functionalglass weed bestofglass shatter hightimes bho dabbersdaily weedstagram 710society glassforsale glassofig glassart glassofig

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known as stick


Comment from known as stick:

Threw a few diamonds on this Little chunk of burmease KushπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’ŽπŸ’Ždiamonds terps evanshore evanshorebanger perfect dank onlysmokethefinest thousanddollarsmoke bhombingamerica bhombs dab 710 710society claritycounts onlysmokethefinest shatter dabs dabbers_unite dabbersdaily glassofig dablife dabporn heady headyglass highlife highsociety pdx homegrownoregonian

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Comment from πŸŒ–πŸŒ—πŸŒ˜πŸŒ‘πŸŒ’πŸŒ“πŸŒ”:

Behind these eyes there's a devil inside ⚰️ devil pothead smokeweed staylit depression sad dead 710 420 shatter claritycounts positivevibes

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Your Highness


Comment from Your Highness:

Shattered and CBDed for the evening. dabstagram dabspam dabs dabbing dabbersdaily girlswhodab ptfe extracts nomysteryoil cleanmeds closedloopextracts ilovedabs iloveextracts nosilicone fire flame claritycounts cannibiscommunity dabnation letsdababoutit closedloop topshelf weshouldsmoke madewithlove tasty terpines shattermatters

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Doctor Bloom


Comment from Doctor Bloom:

Vortex by @exclusivextracts extracts concentrates shatter wax oil loyal bho terps dabs dabstagram weed weedstagram cannabis cannabisculture cannabiscommunity 420 710 710society clarity claritycounts thc indica sativa fire fireinfireout lit litty canadianstoners canadianterps

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Comment from dirtyravekid:


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Comment from Kit.:

πŸ”₯Morning Melts by C. Weeds πŸ”₯

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Comment from ziggywonka:

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Original Pure Extracts


Comment from Original Pure Extracts:

Kosher Bubba Kush Fresh Frozen πŸŽ°β„’πŸ’―πŸ•ΉπŸ”«BHO extracts concentrates shatter dab pureextracts pure777extracts 777 dablife claritycounts clear dabs cleanmeds 707 710 subzero liveresin bayarea fire ultradewaxed shatterlife thca terps sauce hte htfse thesauce

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Comment from SWAZE:

Nice glob of Gorilla Glue from @westcoastcure_ πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ swayzee710 swayzee420 Busybee710 terps terpinainteasy terpsauce terpsquad highsociety 710society 420 710 TEAMxHIGH weshouldsmoke keepitLIT dabs dailydabbers 559dabbers claritycounts mmj qualitymeds EraserGun puddleGANG wfayo globs ICANTBREATH nolames liveresin IMGONNACALLTHECOPS westcoastcure

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Comment from HolyGrailCannagars:

Perfection- the action or process of improving something until it is faultless or as faultless as possible. We take great pride in introducing the @holygrailcannagars cannarillo, a luxury smoking experience for the cannabis connoisseur πŸ‘‘holygrail holygrailcannagar cannagar cannacigar wedontrollthesame wedontsmokethesame luxurysmoke topshelf flower rosin cannabis gamechanger nextlevel thousanddollarsmoke oprahsbookclub wfayo beastcoast claritycounts blunt

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Comment from 710Society:

What's up everyone! It's been a while! Check out this incredible pipe from one of my favorite artists, @philsiegelglass. Inspired by the connection that ancient cultures share with the sacred stories of their creator gods, this is "VIRACOCHA". πŸ™ πŸ“· by @areysocal 710society

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The Washington Stoner


Comment from The Washington Stoner:

πŸ”₯🍯 MELT SHOT 🍯πŸ”₯ A glob of this sugar wax, Purple People Eater, at 68.7% total cannabinoids and 3.6% total terpene profile from @growbrosllc @mammoth_labs Available at @emerald_coast_cannabis βˆ† βˆ† 710 710life 710society dabstagram dabsrus 420 420allday weedstagram thc 420photography dabporn glob globsquad concentrates globfamilia topshelf topshelfbud topshelflife puffpuffpass wedontsmokethesame claritycounts onlysmokethefinest liveresingang liveresin fueledbybho fueledbythc melt meltshot washingtondabbers

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Comment from headie.bettie:

πŸ’œCheck out @devon420_lifeπŸ’œ . . . . . . . . devonskleingiveaway lowtemplife fuledbythc stoned claritycounts dmvdabbers shatter concentrates thc bho cbd highsocitey beastcoast 710 420 marijuana kush cannabiscommunity errl weed dabs ganja blazed

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