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World Cosplay Federation


Comment from World Cosplay Federation:

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25 Seconds ago

Caped Justice Jewelry


Comment from Caped Justice Jewelry:

One of the 29 challenge coins given as a reward for following the clues and finding the sketches hidden by @henrycavill during the @acecomiccon this past weekend and it’s mine. Such a great weekend! A huge thank you to all who made this possible! • • • • henrycavill comiccon comicbook comicbooks justiceleague superman manofsteel challengecoin custom rare mustache grateful superheroes superhero sketches scavengerhunt wonderwoman galgadot ny coin

39 Seconds ago

Patrícia Nórica


Comment from Patrícia Nórica:

teenagemutantninjaturtles michelangelo turtle cosplay noricacosplay badasscosplay powergirl ccxp2017 comiccon

52 Seconds ago

Macarena Ruiz


Comment from Macarena Ruiz:

Crónicas de la Comic Con ComicCon StarWars PowerRangers GameOfThrones It AndyMuschietti Ciruelo SailorMoon LOTR

4 Minutes ago

Catarina Leite


Comment from Catarina Leite:

Faça elevar, o cosmo no seu coração ❤ ccxp ccxp2017 comiccon cdz saintseiya

4 Minutes ago

Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt Fan


Comment from Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt Fan:

Brazilian cosplay 😈 Repost @canaluniversal ( @get_repost) ・・・ Angelina Jolie é você? 😳 Olha a perfeição dessa Malévola! Essa CCXP2017 está demais! UniversalNaCCXP CCXP17 ComicCon Cosplay maleficent malefica malevola angelinajolie

4 Minutes ago

Isabela Lanza


Comment from Isabela Lanza:

Parece que foi ontem... Não, pera! 🤔 comiccon ccxp17

5 Minutes ago



Comment from Gaaby:

☠️💚 . CCXP até 2018 ! . . . . ccxp2017 comiccon sp brasil vivaoepico

5 Minutes ago

Tatiane Oliveira


Comment from Tatiane Oliveira:

Ray... actionfigures actionfigure ray starwars sonyalpha6000 nofilters nofilter semfiltro SP comiccon ccxp ccxp2017 ccxp17

6 Minutes ago



Comment from StrangerThingsArg:

Fatter faces 😂😂❤| . . Creds to: the owner . . . . @finnwolfhardofficial @milliebobbybrown @noahschnapp @gatenm123 @therealcalebmclaughlin @nattyiceofficial @uncle_jezzy @charlie.r.heaton @dkharbour @matthewmodine @chesterrushing @mrrandyhavens @chelseatalmadge @dacremontgomery MillieBobbyBrown Milliebrown Eleven wolfhard FinnWolfhard mikewheleer noahshnapp WillByers GatenMatarazzo calebmclaughlin Sadiesink Strangerthings2 JoeKeery SteveHarrington CharlieHeaton JohnatanByers NataliaDyer Nancywheeler JimHopper DavidHarbour Matthewmodine WinonaRider JoyceByers Nosleeptilhawkins Comiccon fillie justiceforbarb netflix Mileven ℳℬℬ

6 Minutes ago

Luis Sepulveda


Comment from Luis Sepulveda:

My name is Barry Allen and I'm the fastest man alive. (I've already done a Killer Frost cosplay and doing her New Jacket soon ❄️, I guess I just need to do Vibe🕶 😂) and then the whole Squad is complete 👏🏽 barryallen ezramiller ezramillerflash acecomiccon comiccon theflash theflashcosplay grantgustin vibe ciscoramon cisco killerfrost caitlinsnow teamflash wallywest dccomics dcextendeduniverse dceu worbla evafoam fastestmanalive speedforce runbarryrun theflash⚡ justiceleague justiceleaguemovie

6 Minutes ago

Daniel N


Comment from Daniel N:

Andando pela CCXP durante as gravações, encontrei esses dois queridos! 😊 Foi um prazer conhecer vocês! comicconexperience ccxp comiccon comicconexperiencebrazil comicconexperience2017 ccxp2017 vaiserepico geek comicconexperiencebrasil comicconexperience2015 ccxp17 ccxptour ccxp2016 vivaoepico comicconexperience2014 comicconexperiencerecifepe cosplay nerd instagood instagram foiepico insta instageek maximiano_costa starwars brazil comicconexperienceeufui jndcd japao japaonossodecadadia

8 Minutes ago

Nicolas Ratier


Comment from Nicolas Ratier:

toys marvel comics superheroes comiccon argentinacomiccon photography photo ironman thor punisher

8 Minutes ago

Beatriz Araújo


Comment from Beatriz Araújo:

A cara das pessoas que acordaram as 5 da manhã e mal sabiam que terminaria o dia sem a sola dos pés 😂 ccxp foiepico omelete harrypotter jkrowling hufflepuff hufflepuffpride slytherin slytherinpride gryffindorpride gryffindor redhead morning geek nerd comiccon vaiserepico friends boyfriend girlfriend

9 Minutes ago

James Donovan Halliday


Comment from James Donovan Halliday:

TheJoker and HarleyQuinn snuck their way into RPO! So excited to see what other pop culture nods they included in the film!

10 Minutes ago

Gadgets & Geekery


Comment from Gadgets & Geekery:

Good night! comics dcuniverse comiccon marveluniverse anime manga otaku dallas newyork losangeles miami atlanta blerd gadgetsandgeekery nerd

11 Minutes ago

Aline Guioli


Comment from Aline Guioli:

Nos despedindo da terra que garoou durante todos os dias de nossa viagem, fazendo juz a seu apelido e nos presenteando agora com um lindo temporal! sp sua linda! 🖤terradagaroa liba bairrodaliberdade ccxp2017 comiccon queromais

11 Minutes ago



Comment from harleysearrings:

The holidays are fast approaching and will be here before you know it! We're excited to offer a special discount week to you all 😘😘😘😘🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

11 Minutes ago

💀Morgan Durfee💀


Comment from 💀Morgan Durfee💀:

If you guys only knew who's name I actually wrote in here😈💕 deathnote winter jacket anime misamisa photoshoot foundationpark cosplay cosplayer goth lolita lightyagami l cosplaylife comiccon conlife makeup costume wig misa misaamanecosplay deathnotecosplay japan cold kawaii rem cosplaywip cosplaygirl cosplaygirls cosplayers

16 Minutes ago

Bianca Manin


Comment from Bianca Manin:

• Storm and Cyclops • ccxp2017 comiccon xmen cosplay

2 Hours ago