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Susan Mitchell


Comment from Susan Mitchell:

Crystals in progress crystals crystalillustration gouachepainting workinprogress inthestudio susanmitchell

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Ꭼarтнly Ѕecreтѕ


Comment from Ꭼarтнly Ѕecreтѕ:

✨Black Friday Week Sales✨ Polished Malachite $75 + $7 Shipping 💚💚💚💚 DM to get this Incredible offer!! . More at EarthlySecretsShop.com . . . . . . malachite eyes crystals congo spiritual crystalhealing metaphysical unique sale blackfriday giftideas crystalshop instasale onlineshopping instashop shop shopsmall goodvibes rockhound

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Elias Haute Joaillerie


Comment from Elias Haute Joaillerie:

A closer look at a beautiful crown

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⚫🔹The Obscure Shop🔹⚫


Comment from ⚫🔹The Obscure Shop🔹⚫:

Guys stay tuned for an awesome promo.code for my shop!! Black Friday is starting early this year!! . . . crystals crystal gems natural cosmic colorful stones magic magical beautiful witch healing healingcrystals crystalhealing art jewelry handmade handcrafted handmadejewelry love labradorite boho wicca pagan hippie

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Raposa 🦊


Comment from Raposa 🦊:

🐫Happy "Hump day" crystal lovers!🐫 . . . 🌌☄Today's shoutout goes to @eternitycrystals☄🌌 . . . 🌞💎This beautiful soul creates gorgeous jewelry with some of the most amazing crystals! The dragonfly designs are my favorite🤗 Check out her page and show your small shop love 💎🌞 . . crystals jewelry wire wirewrap art witchy moonchild crystallovers dragonfly artwork supportsmallshops sharethelove sculpting peace crystalpendant loveandlight handmade

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CrystalVin Shop


Comment from CrystalVin Shop:

Estas coronas son preciosas para completar algunos colgantes como este. También puedes personalizar el modelo a tu gusto si existen materiales en stock 😉 Pregunta sin compromiso. 🔹 Crystalvin.etsy.com ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ jewelry jewels jewel fashion gems gem gemstone bling stones stone trendy accessories love crystals beautiful ootd style fashionista accessory instajewelry stylish cute jewelrygram fashionjewelry

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Comment from judy&madeleine:

etsystore is 10% off now through Dec 1st ⭐️ snatch it before it’s gone 🌒 shop link in bio . . . . . judyandmadeleine crystalcrown handmade edmstyle festivalcrown giftsforher festivalfashion shopsmall crystals quartz crystalquartz quartzpoint altgirl etsyshop etsy witchvibes headchain headdress mermaidcrown ravestyle crystaltiara hairjewelry quartz hairaccessories

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Jessica, CMT, CSP


Comment from Jessica, CMT, CSP:

For everyone always telling me, "Oh! Let me know when it comes around, I'd love to check it out!" sf crystalfair goldengatepark conservatoryofflowers thanksgivingweekend saturday sunday crystals healings gifts art

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Jerry Rodriguez


Comment from Jerry Rodriguez:

Day 20-Embracing the Timeless Eternity is here and now. OmHreem -Pure transparent awareness is my essential nature. deepakchopra & oprah meditationexperience whitesagesmudge crystals & charms precioustime namaste

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🔮Gypsy Dreamer LLC🔮


Comment from 🔮Gypsy Dreamer LLC🔮:

May your relationship with your Self, be the greatest love story ever told. - The Gypsy 🔮"Never miss an opportunity to take care of your Self, your Spirit, your Soul."☄ - @shaktikefi; C.E.O and President of Gypsy Dreamer LLC Book a reading, session, or class at GypsyDreamerLLC.com @gypsydreamerllc All-natural, alternative, holistic products available! selfcare spiritcare soulcare selflove selfloveworks selfworkmatters health purpose spirit metaphysics gypsyguidance gypsydreamer goodvibes lifelesson liveinlove chakras yoga tarots aura energy oneness heal loveself truth peace meditation crystals magic create

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MariaCristinaSterling Gioielli


Comment from MariaCristinaSterling Gioielli:

Visita la boutique online e scopri tutti i modelli delle Luxury Man Collections! Natale si avvicina... hai già scelto i regali per il tuo Lui? <3 Scopri online: https://shop.mariacristinasterling.it/categoria-prodotto/gioielli_uomo/jewels jewel men fashion gems gem gemstone bling stones stone trendy accessories love crystals beautiful ootd style fashionista accessory instajewelry stylish cute jewelrygram fashionjewelry

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Comment from ❂Maria❂:

✨AUCTION✨ 🌬4” Apophyllite w/Stilbite, 132 grams Bidding starts at $5. Please bid in whole dollar increments & TAG the person your outbidding. 🌿Check my Instagram “story” for a video of this piece. Shipping is $4 in the US, and between $10 - $30 for international. 🔊Special Auction Gratitude Gift - everyone who participates in today’s auctions will receive a special discount code that can be used in the shop towards a future purchase. 🖐Auctions will start closing today at 10pm EST. I will comment “CLOSED” on each auction, marking them officially over. The highest bid before my comment will be the winner. MUST be able to pay within 12 hours of receiving invoice or it will be released to the next highest bidder.

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EhsAn KhanzAi 💎💕


Comment from EhsAn KhanzAi 💎💕:

Beautiful Tourmaline Bunch Terminated Crystals Specimen From Afghanistan For Sale..... beautiful tourmaline bunch terminated crystals specimen displayspecimen forsale ebayseller gemstone gemslover gemrocksusa gems chakrastones chakracrystals

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Fiber Art By BettyXBridget


Comment from Fiber Art By BettyXBridget:

Happy Wednesday!! Today we're prepping all the food for tomorrow! Since we can't travel both sides of our family are coming to us! So the last 8 years of it just being us two alone on thanksgiving quadruples to 12 of us 😂😂 we are so excited to host this year!!! What are your plans for the day?!! Don't forget 40% off the entire shop ends Monday!! Two of these raw amethyst hamsa bettytassel necklaces are in the shop!! Eeep!! 🌿🌿🌿✨✨✨

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Feelin' Witchy


Comment from Feelin' Witchy:

photo cred: mulberry-moons on tumblr this is such a beautiful board. i want to get a really nice one some day. QOTD: do you believe in ouija boards? if so, do you use them? if not, why? AOTD: yes i believe in them! i have used one in the past but i never really get the chance to now. -luna🌙 - witchcraft witchy witch witchesofinstagram witchvibes forestwitch wicca pagan spells charms wiccan paganwitch witchaesthetic forest cauldron crystals crystalwitch ouija ouijaboard ouijaboards

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Nettie Davis


Comment from Nettie Davis:

I️ was shooting in this cool house last week and saw this chandelier and thought 🤔 ... 🤷🏾‍♀️ why not. Art births art ... Maybe this designer was inspired by a type of coral from the sea 🌊nailspiration nettienails 3dnailart swarovskicrystals nailbling nailfoil crystals nailart nailsonfleek nailedit nails nudenails 😍

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Author Karen Frazier


Comment from Author Karen Frazier:

I love leaving crystal surprises inside of other crystals. This is chrysoberyl, rhodochrosite, and rose quartz inside of a quartz geode. crystals healingcrystals crystalsforhealing chrysoberyl rhodochrosite clearquartz rosequartz

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Comment from 4ㄣ⃒7{𓂀☥✨}ॐ☤𓆃:

{𓂀☥✨}ॐ☤𓆃 My Little Collection✌🏻. spiritualawakening thirdeye spiritually consciousness religion pinealgland enlightenment spiritual higherconsciousness awakening psychedelics reality soul ego luciddreaming buddah astralprojection dimensions yingyang Egyptian nature magicmushrooms dreams naturephotography asabovesobelow 7chakras healingcrystals crystals

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Zia Ur Rehman


Comment from Zia Ur Rehman:

Amethyst heart heartshaped aquamarine cherryquartz cabochon mossagate blueflash flashyblue bluelabradorite moonstonering rainbowgems cutedgegems crystals amethyste etsyjewelry etsysellers necklace minimalist peace happiness dendrite rainbowmoonstone gemstone labradorite moonstone drusyjewelry amethyst

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