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🦐🍤Mel Grand 🍤🦐


Comment from 🦐🍤Mel Grand 🍤🦐:

Cute little baby's breath terrarium bottle for @velocirepetoires ! Thanks for getting one of my flash pieces! 🌿 tattooapprentice tattooapprenticeship tattooflash tattoodesign art artstagram instaart artofinstagram torontoart torontoartist torontoapprentice apprenticetattoo torontotattoos stagehand cabbagetown tattoo flowertattoo bottletattoo babysbreath flowers terrarium terrariumtattoo prettytattoos cutetattoos innerbiceptattoo naturetattoo

15 Minutes ago

🌹Avalon Rose 🌹


Comment from 🌹Avalon Rose 🌹:

It’s been awhile, more animals full of nature please, your favourite animal full of your favourite flower? Nuts? Berries? You name it. Email avalonsouthall @gmail.com or DM animaltattoo flowertattoo cutetattoos girlswithtattoos girlytattoos berrytattoo floraltattoo uktta uktattoo ladytattooers worldfamousink andydykesmachines @andydykes wolverhampton pinkworkers eternalink legtattoo colourtattoo

38 Minutes ago

🌹Avalon Rose 🌹


Comment from 🌹Avalon Rose 🌹:

Lined this floof yesterday on Our Lucy, can’t wait to colour it in. Well done brave lady. To book or enquire email avalonsouthall @gmail.com or DM linesdown tattoo rabbittattoo bunnytattoo thightattoo poppytattoo corntattoo girlswithtattoos girlytattoos cutetattoos neotraditional neotraditionaltattoo neotrad instaink instatattoo ladytattooers uktta wolverhampton andydykesmachines @andydykes dynamicink inkedgirls

48 Minutes ago

🌹Avalon Rose 🌹


Comment from 🌹Avalon Rose 🌹:

Special offer for tomorrow only! Full colour, glitter and sparkles galore ✨ email avalonsouthall @gmail.com or DM kawaiitattoo cutetattoos tattoo tattooideas girlswithtattoos girlytattoos @tattooedgirls_ @kawaii_tattoos uktta instaink instatattoo ipadpro @all_the_kawaii pinkworkers ladytattooers wolverhampton reducedrates available booknow bowtattoo shelltattoo

58 Minutes ago

🌹Avalon Rose 🌹


Comment from 🌹Avalon Rose 🌹:

Black Friday has come early! This baby is £80 tomorrow only! Full colour. Email avalonsouthall @gmail.com or DM tattoo reducedrates specialoffer cutetattoos squirreltattoo neotrad neotraditional neotraditionaltattoo conkertattoo naturetattoo wolverhampton uktta uktattoo girlswithtattoos girlswithtattoos available instaink instatattoo ladytattooers

1 Hours ago



Comment from anne-so_ult:

Merci à Christelle pour m avoir confié son projet et à la gentille Audrey d avoir adopté l un de mes flashs 😘 urbanlegendtattoo anneso_ult catstattoo moontattoo treblekeytattoo rosetattoos cutetattoos normandietattoo

1 Hours ago

Dani 🖤


Comment from Dani 🖤:

Little unalome / lotus from the beginning of the week. These looks so pretty ❤ thank you Becki :)) @14arrowstattoo

3 Hours ago



Comment from micro_chordan:

Rose on forearm. Enjoy rose rosetattoo rosetatts blackandgreytattoo tattoo girlswithtattoos tattooedgirls cutetattoos firsttimetattoo microtattoos lilosgay melbournetattoos melbourneartist artist

3 Hours ago

Lucy Hedden 🌙


Comment from Lucy Hedden 🌙:

Little Lucy and Shootie I made the other day... Cos sometimes you love someone so much it makes you wanna puke😝💕🎀 🎨💖☀️ Thanks for making every day sunny @steve_shoota_kelly ☀️🌈☀️🌈☀️🌈☀️🌈☀️🌈☀️

3 Hours ago

Amy Jade


Comment from Amy Jade:

tattoo tattoodesign tattoos tattoodesigns tatts cutetattoos cutetattoo tatooideas tattooidea flametattoo flametattoos hearttattoo hearttattoos rosetattoo rosetattoos followforfollow follow4follow

4 Hours ago

Bryan Rolph


Comment from Bryan Rolph:

vagabondtattoo giraffe tattoo cutetattoos cutetattoo ink

4 Hours ago



Comment from HomaRiya_Tattoo:

My tattoo work....💉🎨😈 monster monstertattoo cutetattoos tattooideas art artwork girkswithtattoos matchingtattoos tattoolover tattoosleeve littletattoo smalltattoos تاتو تاتو_بدن تاتو_دائم تهران_تاتو

5 Hours ago



Comment from hoyo:

tattoo tattoos cutetattoos peachtattoo peach 🍑Detail🍑

5 Hours ago

Morgan Reynolds


Comment from Morgan Reynolds:

Tattooed this for @spacevibrations 💖💕 Thank you so much! @lionsdensd Thank you @jessicalauren.farmer for helping me make this cute picture 😭💖 cattattoo cattoos ladytattooers hellokitty kawaii kawaiitattoo anime cutetattoos japan japanesetattoo girlytattoos pastel sandiego sandiegotattoo lemongrove northparksd northpark southpark 2cute cutecats sparkle lionsdensd

5 Hours ago

Michael Myers


Comment from Michael Myers:

Friends who get tattooed together have matching tattoos forever...tiny one on the ankle...electrumstencilproducts always working overtime...LOL... littletattoo cutetattoos friends tattoos TATTOO

7 Hours ago

Zach Black


Comment from Zach Black:

Bat bae🦇. Lines all healed. DM for bookins'. - - - tattoo tattoos hentai hentaitattoo tentacleporn skinart neotraditional neotraditionaltattoo newschool newschooltattoo ntgallery @newtraditionalgallery @newschool_nation @neotrad.tattoo @tattoosnob @skinart_traditional @skinart_mag japanese japanesetattoo kawaii kawaiitattoo horror horrortattoo girlswithtattoos colortattoo tattooflash tattoodesign tattooidea schoolgirl cutetattoos tatsoul blackclaw darkartists tattoosnob @skinart_collectors milwaukeetattoo chicagotattoo

7 Hours ago

Sonya Feola ✖✖✖ De La Cruz


Comment from Sonya Feola ✖✖✖ De La Cruz:

Thank you so much for every single moment you have gave us here on Earth...to interact...to exchange...to exist in the presence of others....to take in, to learn, to appreciate, to love, to cherish. ♡ even if the winds take us in an unknown direction, thank you for taking us...guiding us towards a land that'll promote our growth/humanity...a land that will lift up every fiber of our being...through hardships or times of peace/wonder ❤ xoxox Huge shout out to @browgoddess_ @browgoddess_ @browgoddess_ ; please hit her up with your flossy brow needs or just peep at her art ❤ Thank you to the ones who've ventured out to get their first tattoos 🌹 always is a pleasure ♡ Also, congrats to the newly engaged couples out there! Super freakin excitedddddddd for yall!! Much love as always! . . . . . . . . . tattoos sxe straightedge blackworker animetattoos manga mangatattoos roman fingertattoos skulltattoos smalltattoos minimalistic texasart texastattoos austinart dallasart houstonart cutetattoos goodvibes

8 Hours ago



Comment from rayrogerstattoo:

fun tattoo from today. daggertattoo Apple ruby inked cutetattoos

9 Hours ago

Jennifer Perkins


Comment from Jennifer Perkins:

Y’all ready for this? I just can’t wait any longer to start sharing christmaswithjenperkins so let’s do this.

9 Hours ago



Comment from Y A S H T A T T O O:

smalltattoo eartattoo cutetattoos linetattoo blacktattoo simpletattoo newtrendtattoo newtrend yashtattoo

10 Hours ago