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The Muffin Man


Comment from The Muffin Man:

Goodness gracious great balls of 🔥

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Comment from ratfacekilla710:

Lemon Strawnana @goldcoastextracts_ @goldcoastextracts__ smelling like sour lemons and Strawnana when opened. Taste starts with sour lemon hitting your tongue then onto the Strawnana then dancing back and forth for contention. Buzz is very uplifting and euphoric. This will have you working, cleaning, etc. just be careful if you have anxiety. lemonstrawnana lemon strawberry banana goldcoastextracts strawnana loud loudpack liveresin wfayo 420 thca dabbing dabs nugrunonly terps terpsauce sauce saucin terpdiamonds diamonds claritycounts wedontsmokethesame topshelfonly high_larry_us macro closeup medicalmarijuana collaboration weed

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Comment from dabconnect:

When you go for stardawg but come back with a load of girlscout cookies 🤨😂dabsdabbingcalicalitoukloudpackkushkushgangkusharmykushteam420420girls720xanaxxanaxgangbikelifehazehazefordayscaliplugcaliconnect

14 Minutes ago

InOne Headshop


Comment from InOne Headshop:

!!Dabinator E-Nail, G-Spot Edelstahl Dabber, Grace Glass Ölbong!! Bei „dab“ denkt ihr nur an merkwürdige Armbewegungen oder wisst nicht was dieser Kasten, die Metall-Schlinge und dieser dünne Stift an der Bong zu suchen haben? Dann ab in die Google Ecke und Nachforschungen anstellen! Oooooder ihr kommt einfach bei uns im Shop vorbei und fragt unsere versierten Verkäufer. In jedem Fall freuen wir uns über euren Besuch oder eure Fragen in den Kommentaren. . . . . . . dablife dabs dabbing dabber dabbersdaily raisins wax weed weeddabs 710 710life 420alsoworks inone inonesmoke headshop headshoplife cologne graceglass graceglassofficial graceglassbong gspot gspotglass

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Comment from ratfacekilla710:

OG Thin Mints @goldcoastextracts_ @goldcoastextracts__ smelling like sweet cake frosting when opened. Taste is a super cookie funk with a gassy undertone. Buzz was a strong sedative and euphoric one. ogthinmints og thinmint cookies cookie goldcoastextracts loud loudpack liveresin wfayo 420 thca dabbing dabs nugrunonly terps terpsauce sauce saucin terpdiamonds claritycounts wedontsmokethesame topshelfonly high_larry_us macro closeup collaboration medicalmarijuana weed pot

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Comment from "THE LORD OF HASH":

🔥🔥🔥🔥 @terpsandcakeos ... Tower of Toro topped with some TrippleA! Don’t try this at home, kids. (A little sneak peek of some of the new scoops!) . . . And a special thanks to @theglassstache and @trip_a for making all this possible! toroquartz toroglass functionalglassart terpslurper boro bubbles thousanddollardab thousanddollarglass thousanddollarsmoke dabs dabbing topshelfglass topshelflife 420 710 shatterday tripaglass sherbetglass sherbetpencil sherbetglassart globs slurp torogang functionalglass topshelf btgb terps torocrew oprahsbookclub

24 Minutes ago

Anisha G


Comment from Anisha G:

Dabs an TMZ

30 Minutes ago



Comment from FLETCH:

Silhouette Dabbing. Is it a thing??? dab dabbing silhouettedabbing trending hearditherefirst silhouette bluedoor beachhut exmouth devon trendsetter

35 Minutes ago

Anisha G


Comment from Anisha G:


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Comment from Steven:

Waiting on my first and new piece comming from Hawaii!!🛩 Thanks to @headyhawaii amazing people, shop, mind blowing pieces👀💥 headyglass rig bong oil 710 gethigh getmedicated boilthatshit art hawaii dabbing dabrig dab stevesizelove 7tenglass glass glassblowing

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Comment from 🌹HarleyDabs710🌹:

So yummy. . . 710 710kittens dabs dabbing dabsallday terps ladiesthatdab dabbingchicks chicksthatdab itsdank dank cocentrates saucy terpsauce 710sauce 710nation dabbersdaily dabbersunite dabbers_unite

42 Minutes ago

Trap Music London


Comment from Trap Music London:

First show of the year featuring Trippie Redd live in the UK for the very first time. ARRIVAL is the UK's premier Hip Hop night, curated and hosted by DJ Semtex. YOUNG THUG, FUTURE, MIGOS, POST MALONE, LIL UZI VERT, LIL YACHTY, VINCE STAPLES, ANDERSON .PAAK, JOEY BADA$$, are some of the previous guests, and to set of 2018 the right way, DJ Semtex presents Trippie Redd for the next episode of his ARRIVAL concert series. . TrapMusicLondon TrippieRedd live djsemtex genredefying genrebending Trap TrapMusic Fresh HipHop RnB Traphouse trapqueen traplord traplife dabbing dab party clubbing clubnight londonparty londonlife londonclubnight drinks hiphopdance hiphoplife hiphopclub hiphoprap London follownow

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Comment from METALFORMS™:

NEW COLORS AVAILABLE!!! Check out ➡️www.metalforms.at⬅️ for more info on our UNBREAKABLE bowl pieces 📲📦💚 METALFORMS thc cannabis marihuana marijuana weedporn cannabiscommunity headyglass kiffen bongbeauties mmj highlife stoner hightimes canadianstoners bong stonernation highsociety indica dabbing maryjane stoners indica medicalmarijuana cannabissociety swissweed bongrips fueledbythc stopdropandbonghit ganjah @highdelberg.society @highdelbergweed @dabado @jerryhelwig @wastedrabbit88 @dukesofdank @420ozo @dopemagazine @hightimesmagazine @hotboxmagazine @herb @2oh4greenery @420_down_under @smokeutopia @stoner.hub @weed.4twenty @incaseimhigh @treehighcomedy @theclassicpothead @ihavealotofbowls @the.weed.need @travthereefer

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Comment from CannaTrade.ch:

Got some filter tips and papes! You wanna have some? Fill in the contact form on www.cannatrade.ch and be a part of CannaTrade's promo team!

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Comment from JIWON_SHON:

선인장이 댑을 하고 있다. 귀여워서 살 뻔했네. dab cactus lookatdatdab plant dabbing 😂 daily

51 Minutes ago

Rohit Vinay


Comment from Rohit Vinay:

Life is made of small moments like this😂 travel travelphotography travellingthroughtheworld traveldiaries buildingart building nature naturephotography root roots rootsoflove rootsoflifedab dabs dabbing dabaholics dabmania dabinstagram picoftheday likeforlike shareforshare followforfollow

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Comment from dabconnect:

Wickr: dabconnect 🏆🍎🍧🇺🇸dabsdabbingcalicalitoukloudpackkushkushgangkusharmykushteam420420girls720xanaxxanaxgangbikelifehazehazefordayscaliplugcaliconnect

1 Hours ago

#GIOARRIAGA #dinogreen


Comment from #GIOARRIAGA #dinogreen:

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hot stuff


Comment from hot stuff:

Parent- what u do whole day on mobile . . . Me- DAB ..... . . . dabbing avakinedits avaphoto likeforlike life nevergiveup followforfollow edits likemypic

2 Hours ago

Kraydee 🌺


Comment from Kraydee 🌺:

Not my typical post, but how could I not share this with the world?! This video brings me so much joy. A kid being a kid... not eating tide laundry pods! I love this little girl with all of my heart... ❤️🤗💕😅 . . . 🥑 peeltheavocado gucamole kidsbeingkids @cokaresh ‘s daughterisbetterthanyours luckyshesinmylife makingmemories avocado avocadoisgreaterthanslime numberonekid bethechange liveinthemoment music musicvideo ihopethisgetsstuckinyourhead dabbing theavocadocamerollingback 😂😂😂

2 Hours ago