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Comment from bubbs_666:

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Maine's Finest


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Medicated fudge

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Mason G


Comment from Mason G:

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Comment from THE🔥FACTORY:

💥wakeandbake dabs of the trainwreck 🔥🔥happy turkey day hope you all have a blessed day💯💯💯 thefirefactory805topshelflifeotownboyz805hasfirecentralcoastcannabiscommunity805cannabiscommunitycalicannabiscommunityprop215shatyerdankfirehightimeshighlifedabpornstonerpotheadsocietymaryjanemedicalmarijuana420710

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Comment from BurnDownForWhat:

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 🙆 Cute Thanksgiving posts coming later today after all the cooking has been done! 😜 Really enjoying my day so far, full of music, good smells, awesome people, and yummy dabs 😍💛 Got some more VenomOG🍯 from @westcoastcure_ 🎊 · · · @westcoastcurebhomb_ lifted 710girls 710babes dabporn waxporn girlswhodab terpy crumble girlswhoglob terps terpqueen medicated ganja ganjagirls burndownforwhat @miss.kushsarah

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Dab Daily🔥🔥😤


Comment from Dab Daily🔥🔥😤:

Some fire platinum GSC muffins processed at @mountainhico By @dabswithdirty Got some bobrossterps about to hit a rec shop near you keep your eyes open you don't want to miss these beautiful meds oprasbookclub getghost glassporn glockteam headyglass shatterday 710life prop215 thanksgiving dabporn roughdablife errldiamonds globmops mininail cleardistillate cbd seattlestoners pnw boonkgang riplilpeep dankdabber dabdaily sesh twax @kodakblack

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Tony Terp


Comment from Tony Terp:

Danksgiving dab!! Happy thanksgiving everyone 😎🍋💨 • nugrun dabporn globs puddlegang globfamilia headyglass fueledbythc topshelfonly 710society borobookbanger 420community 710community 710 420 dabbersdaily dab dabs shatter cannabiscommunity oil errl kush weed weedporn danksgiving thanksgiving

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HAPPYTHANKSGIVING .. Be grateful and thankful everyday. humility is key. Don't be scum. I'm more thankful for the actions of others I surround myself with,more so than materialistic things. squab

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Comment from 203_TerpTouchers:

NEW ART 🚨🚨🚨 🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪 👉🏽👉🏽Yo @slurm_snob 👈🏽👈🏽 I can't thank you enough bruddah she purrrs, no splash 💦 unreal function. ☔️☔️☔️☔️ Be sure to tune in and follow this glass blowing savage as he hosts live auctions on his ↩️↩️↩️ . weedporn weedstagram weed🍁 glass art glassblowing rig bong thousanddollarsmoke dab shatter dabbersunite Cookies eastcoast 203 eastcoastdabbers terpsauceyboys supreme topshelf dabporn dabaholic claritycounts weshouldsmoke Lit Dank earl shoutouttotheplug cbd indica globfamilia sativa

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Comment from Cannabis__paradise:

Simpson Smoke Pot BLACK FRIDAY SALE UP TO 25% Get link in my bio: @cannabis__paradise Use code: HOLIDAY25SF2017 globfamilia dabporn wasteittotasteit lowtemp puddlegang wedontsmokethesame topshelf claritycounts mmj medicalmarijuana terpenes topshelflife liveresin cannabis fueledbybho thousanddollarsmoke indica sativa globs smokeweedeveryday cbd heady dailydabbers glassporn humpday opiateepidemic stoned marijuana cannabiscommunity thc

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Jonny Cakes (SooSpicey)


Comment from Jonny Cakes (SooSpicey):

Terpy madness from the lunatics at @pacificconcentrateco . Definitely won't forget this lovely mambaOG flowerabortion dabporn medicated wedontsmokethesame terpenes liveresin cannabis terponterpviolence marijuana thousanddollarsmoke hundreddollarchoke dabswithoutborders bho 710 dabs thc badder weed hash dabstagram concentrate medicalmarijuana psychedelic rosin

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Dank Dabber™


Comment from Dank Dabber™:

Happy Danksgiving errybody! I would like to give a personal thanks to each and every one of you who continue to support me over the years. Being able to wake up and do what I love is rewarding on so many levels! Make sure you take time today to be with or reach out to the people who mean the most to you... Someone once told me “you can love someone so much, but you’ll never love them as much as you miss them” so don’t wait~ Bones dankdabber

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Sharin my 💓 of cannabis w/ 🌍


Comment from Sharin my 💓 of cannabis w/ 🌍:

danksgiving Happy 420turkeyday fam!!! I hope your Thanks giving is filled with EVERYTHING you are THANKFUL for! I know i dont have a lot. But, im super Thankful For all i do have. I hope everyone's day if filled with peeps and fam you love MOST. with foods your not just like You LUV💓 AND..... if your in a SPACE Where you're finding it hard to be YOU. YOU FEEL its hard to find your happiness, PLEASE try and just make the most you can out of today. I know for many these HOLIDAYS Makes life...... HARD! Stay strong fam. Get HIGH! LAUGH through the day!! YES @Spatientgroup is CLOSED WE will REOPEN tomorrow for GREENFRIDAY 10-7PM ALL kinds of SPECIALS peaceloveanddabs and staylit thedabladee thehighlife dabsofig foodporn dabporn 710porn dabberdaily weedporndaily weed dabs dabthis dabitup dabber globber dabberdaily ERRL co2 co2sap 710dabs doubledabs wakeanddabs thedabladee thehighlife 420forlife happydanksgiving danksgiving2017

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420 Squad


Comment from 420 Squad:

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SMOKEOLOGY - 'The Smoke Lab.'


Comment from SMOKEOLOGY - 'The Smoke Lab.':

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Comment from gardenstate_globber:

Enjoying some nice fat globs on this fine Danksgiving! 😎😤🔥Happy thanksgiving everyone enjoy your day!🦃 Dabs topshelf dabporn weedporn weed globs quave functionalglass dabporn evanshore slabs 710 eastcoastdabbers nogoo headyglass carbcap weedstagram sherbetglassart globmops heater shatter terps dailydabbers dabstagram nj droppingglobs gardenstateglobber danksgiving happydanksgiving happythanksgiving

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Everyday Bakers Club


Comment from Everyday Bakers Club:

😍😍😍good morning IG! wakeandbake Photo Credit: @ginger_potboss - - - - - girlswhosmoke girlswhosmokeweed stonerchick stonergirls bongbeauties ganjagirls weedporn wakenbake 710 420nurses girlswhodab girlswithtattoos dabporn smokeweedeveryday 420 cannabis weed weedstagram ganja highsociety maryjane stoner

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Natures Way Glass


Comment from Natures Way Glass:

Check out our blackfriday giveaway & deals Galore!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Only @natureswayglass !!!💨👌;-) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Including this @jdnace x marc from namebrandglass heady custom marble infused bubbler rig ! Vibrant & worked all over, this piece won't sit for long!!! We shall reopen *EARLY* tomorrow, blackfriday, where you can gobble up Tons of deals!! natureswayglass pipesofig glassofig rigsofig 420 710 710society highlife staylifted highsociety 420friendly glasslife dabtime glasslife glassporn dabporn dablife cannabiscommunity cannabislife oprahsbookclub headyglass weedstagram glassart forsale 50% off!!! ALL Headies onsale!!! Also to note the excellent photography by our friend Ben Myers whose work can be found via his handle below: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!________📷 by @benmye202 _______! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Postscript: We shall be announcing the winner of the Anniversary Giveaway later this afternoon, as the winner has now officially claimed his prize! Stay tuned for more info.!!! Thank you all for your contributions which play a pivotal role in maintaining our business - alive and well! Cheers and Happy Smoking Turkey Day to you ALL!!!

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