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Comment from Yaabaadabbaaadooo:

Super clean melt shot finishing up that Bubblegum OG tonight🔥 . . . high hightimes highsociety dabs dabbersdaily dailydabbers dab dabstagram dankshots420 710 710society ganja bho fueledbythc weedporn weedstagram cannabis cannabiscommunity cannabisculture wakeandbake weshouldsmoke headyglass glassofig glassart lowtemp dabporn f4f iwillmarrymary maryjane

3 Minutes ago

Led/hps Combo ☀️☀️


Comment from Led/hps Combo ☀️☀️:

bobbyp2 starting to catch a fade 👌 roll on xmas guna be some lovely smoke😁 have a blessed day all ✌👊✌weedlifestyle smokers weedstayhiigh 420life 420photography weedlife weedsociety weedspot weedhead cannabiscup nugshot dankshots420 stankyydankyy dailydabbers 710society hightime legalizeit gethigh gethigher stonersociety kusharmy stonerlife puffpuffpass imhigh highaf highasfuck weedstagram420

11 Minutes ago

Blaze The Pot 420


Comment from Blaze The Pot 420:

Mood 😙💨 ━━━━━━━━━ 👉 Follow @BlazeThePot420 if you blaze WEED! 👉 Follow @BlazeThePot420 if you blaze WEED! weedphoto 420friendly smokeweed terps stonerchicks ganjagirls dailydabbers topshelflife somegirlsgethigh nugshot bonghits fueledbythc stayhigh girlsgoneweed highsociety shatterday bongbeauties 710 pot medicated marijuana shatter 420life medicalcannabis

17 Minutes ago

Heady Core Reactor


Comment from Heady Core Reactor:

core reactor highgrademikeheadyglassheadyartheadypendyglassartdailydabbersglassofigboroofigpendantsofigglasspornglasspornofig710710society420cannabiscommunitycannabisculturedabbersdailythousanddollarsmokeoprahsbookclubbhombingamericadabstagramweedstagraminstadabinstaweedtimetravelinhumblebeginningsallgasnobrakesweedpornstonerpendant

21 Minutes ago



Comment from hyman_bangers:

highgrademike headyglass headyart glassart dailydabbers glassofig pendantsofig glassporn glasspornofig 710 710society 420 cannabiscommunity cannabisculture dabbersdaily thousanddollarsmoke oprahsbookclub bhombingamerica dabstagram weedstagram instadab instaweed timetravelin allgasnobrakes weedporn stoner pendant

22 Minutes ago



Comment from 🔥GLOBBIN AND MOBBIN🔥:

A nice stop drop and glob for @calirich2012. Went the fuck in on the @willythatglassguy Piko Mini! Lolol! You can see my frustration towards the end cause it just wouldn't stop! I'm gonna throw this over to @metaldamien @els_dablounge @hbdabfellas_gmo @etheric_travelxx89 ⚠⌚ GLOB TIME ⌚⚠ 710 rosin GlobbMobbOffical littycommittee wfayo beards TerpinUSA solventless 0ppm followtrain stopdropandglob globbinandmobbin topshelf weshouldsmoke onelove iwe positivevibes oprahsbookclub lowtempgang dailydabbers waxWednesday latenightpost rosinrevolution hash 420 terpsonterps hybrid dab weedfeedkiller headyglass

27 Minutes ago

Lolos Corner


Comment from Lolos Corner:

Green Crack / From: California, Colorado, etc. / Sativa / This popular sativa-dominant marijuana strain gets its moniker from hip-hop OG Snoop Dogg ( @snoopdogg). Green Crack, Green Cush, or sometimes just simply Cush; the strain of multiple names boasts a 65:35 sativa/indica ratio. It's cited for providing boosts of energy to drive surges of creativity. It's also been effective in treating ailments from migraines to anxiety and depression. Tag a friend who put you on to Green Crack!

33 Minutes ago



Comment from bids:

Nite cap💤 ZeusRosin NectarOfTheGods ProperlyPressed Solventless FlowerRosin Rosin RosinTech RosinRevolution Sho Jewce TopShelfLife Wfayo High_Larry_Us SmokeWeedEveryday FueledByThc CookiesOrBetter bhno CannabisCommunity IWillMarryMary DabChamps Dabbers_Unite DailyDabbers DabSoHard 710Society 710 420 Dabs DabSociety RosinLovers ILoveRosin

51 Minutes ago

The High Culture Review


Comment from The High Culture Review:

Northern Crack ⛽⛽⛽ If you see this gas at your local dispensary don't hesitate.highcanada northerncrack dailydabber dailydabbers stonerlife stoner highallday stayhigh cannabis thc cbd 420 710 710alldayeveryday thehighculturereview medicalmarijuana Gas heady headyglass stonerlife stoner cloudsovercanada dabporn weedporn weed

1 Hours ago



Comment from SWAZE:

Nice glob of Gorilla Glue from @westcoastcure_ 🔥🔥 swayzee710 swayzee420 Busybee710 terps terpinainteasy terpsauce terpsquad highsociety 710society 420 710 TEAMxHIGH weshouldsmoke keepitLIT dabs dailydabbers 559dabbers claritycounts mmj qualitymeds EraserGun puddleGANG wfayo globs ICANTBREATH nolames liveresin IMGONNACALLTHECOPS westcoastcure

1 Hours ago



Comment from JcBLizz710:

Chernobyl is a nice sativa Strain that packs a punch 🤛 with Trainwreck and Jack undertones 🚂🌲🍯💦 Relaxing yet strong n’ full of flavor! 😋🤙💯🔥💪🤤👌🏼 @sidewayzvic925 @couchglue43 @couchglue chernobyl jacktheripper trainwreck fam enaildabs awardwinningconcentrates dailydabbers 925dabbers 710 oil dewaxed terpy greenlabel terpinainteasy terptime terpedout drippinterps wasteittotasteit enail claritymatters clearterps lowtemp cleardabs eastbaydabbers zarabanda sativadabs daballday terptime terps concentrates

1 Hours ago



Comment from shelikesdabs:

It's almost @macelevenglass's birthday and he's giving away this fun piece! Happy birthday dude 🎉🎈🤗 MacWhitesBirthdayGiveaway . macelevenglass headyglass glassofig pnw420 dabstagram dailydabbers 710 concentrates 710society

2 Hours ago



Comment from 👑Bran👑:

Flo 🌌💜 looking absolutely delicious😍 that slab mmm, that's my best when it's just a solid chunk😥 this one has a very yummy taste, very earthy for sure🌿😋 girlswhodab girlswhoblaze dabber dab dabs dablife dailydabbers dabbedout dabsohard dabsrus dabstagram canadiancloud canadianstoners ohcannabis 710 420 concentrates dank weshouldsmoke cannabisculture highsociety topshelflife hightimes terpy terps playwithfire phytoextractions gethighcanada thedabberdolls thedabberdollswesterncanada

2 Hours ago



Comment from www.805grasshopper.com:

bluedream sativa terpenetuesday @805grasshopper are proudvendors of @therealbrassknucklesog_ thcoil vapecartridges Call us ☎️or order online 💻for fastandfriendly cannabisdeliveryservice throughout venturacounty ***closed for Thanksgiving*** but open as usual every other day 😎 805cannabiscommunity starrynight vangough tuesdaze cannabisculture realmedicine highsociety concentrates 805oilers dailydabbers 710society danksgiving liquidthc mmjcalifornia prop215 sb420 medicateresponsibly

2 Hours ago



Comment from Longmada.emily:

Longmada 510 E-nial attachment, fit 6 type coils optional, quartz&ceramic chamber, seamless, no expose coil, no burn, delivery smooth and delicious vapor. Skype: longmada10 Email:sales10 @longmada.com enail wax vapenation vape 420 glassbubbler glassbong hemp ecig manufacturer hightimes 510rigs vaporizer concentrates dailydabbers dablife dailyvape dabs cannabis wfayo thc vapor highsociety terpsauce 710society staylifted207 cleanmeds 207dabbers 207stoners

2 Hours ago

Baylee 💗


Comment from Baylee 💗:

It's rainy and cold, all I'm gonna do tonight is roll up this Sherble I snagged from @archivep0rtland and cuddle in a pile of blankets 😴

2 Hours ago

Ethereal Glass⭐️


Comment from Ethereal Glass⭐️:

Einstein Minitube up for auction, one post back👈 Thanks for looking🙏✊️ . . . . vegasglassscene 10mmmafia dabbersofig dabbersdigest dabbersdaily dabbersunited westcoastdabbers eastcoastdabbers glassofig glassart murrini glassforauction fueledbybho fueledbythc terpsonterps terplife high_larry_us terpsauce einstein minitube dailydabbers 710 710society oprahsbookclub dablife dabaholic dabstagram topshelflife cannabiscommunity oprahswookclub

2 Hours ago



Comment from Dakotah:

Don't forget glass makes a great gift! Holiday deals! Hit the DM!

2 Hours ago

The Baker


Comment from The Baker:

Which AmericanMade Enail do you use and would you recommend it? If So, tag it. Thank you for looking and helping. 420 710 Dabs DailyDabbers Cannabis CannabisCommunity LVNV LVMJ MMJ MJ WFAYO ComeJoinMyFlight

2 Hours ago

🔵Cecret Cocxety🔵


Comment from 🔵Cecret Cocxety🔵:

👀👀👀👀🔥🔥🔥🔥Repost @thatwhitekid_925 Fresh Panties just dropped !!! S/o @ismokeloud.707 for keeping this fire ass strain on my menu 😎⛽️🌴🍧🔥💨 WeSmokeDifferent HighSociety CannabisCommunity BayArea California TerpHunter P2P ICantRollSkinny ISmokeLoud BitxhImHigh TKIL Prop215 WeSmokeDifferent WeDabDifferent WeShouldSmoke DailyDabbers 710Society CookieBoyz AllMoneyIn NoDaysOff RoadLife WeedStagram KushArmy Blessed ThankYou - regrann

2 Hours ago