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Natalia Cherednychenko


Comment from Natalia Cherednychenko:

Ogretmenler gununuz kutlu olsun😉 В Турции 24 нобря отмечают день учителя, странно и не привычно теперь принимать поздравления от своих учениц, а ведь сама недавно была такой же маленькой и хрупкой балеринкой😉🤗 ballet ballerina dancer dancing balletshoes balletdancer balletclass balletlife hashtagsgen balletdancers instadance instagood balletlove tutu choreography flexible flexibility photooftheday love practice fun balletpost bun pointe pointeshoes ilove beauty beautiful

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Comment from edelιna💋:

bidayuhgirl bidayuhcostume dancer sarawakculture sarawak sarawakian smksiburan traditional

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Erick Sama


Comment from Erick Sama:

breakfastjam breaking bboy bboys vizuriidancecrew alwaysonpoint dancer

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Comment from misga_elo:

dancehall dance freestyle dancer cholernie tęsknię za siemankodance ilovedance

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Imove Dance Academy


Comment from Imove Dance Academy:

Maleficent 👯 imovedanceacademy dancingthroughdisney acro flexible contortion dancer @c.h.a.r.l.i..e_g

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Ella Berry


Comment from Ella Berry:

Have an awesome Friday everyone x NHAD dancer passion modern Dance dancing danced national friends allengland competition class coaching finale modern bursary win proud classical winchester freedom life fridaymotivation classicaldance

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Comment from APDA:

Behind the scenes on our 2018 calendar shoot! Can’t wait to show you all the final product ✨ Pictured is the stunning @gigiholroyd, photography by @evesorenson . . . . . likeforfollow followforfollow vsco likeforlike dance dancer dancers fitness newzealand apda asiapacificdanceassociation dancewear

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Comment from HappyCHANYEOLDay:

[D-3] [TRANS] TheEℓyXiOn - Chanyeol message Global package participants~! Thank you for visiting our EXO concert today too! Concentrate/focus on the more upgraded (version) of EXO and enjoy!❤ . V.delightcy_ ° ° ° TheWar ThePowerofMusic KoKoBop EXO_POWER parkchanyeol chanyeol 찬열 박찬열 pcy cy exo exok exol exom 엑소 singer rapper dancer actor model drummer guitarist pianist dj composer swag

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Rapha Conrad


Comment from Rapha Conrad:

RAmovementFREESTYLE 11/24/17: Trying to prove that you can dance to any type of music (especially when it's from one of your favorite Pixar Disney movies) 😄 SONG: "The Cleaner" from ToyStory 2/RandyNewman dance improv movement creationstation workinprogress Supportthedancecommunity dancetrainingislifetraining dancelife dancer performer artist tellyourownstory beautyinimperfections original unique danceon simplicity musicality DanceTherapy dowhatyoulove lovewhatyoudo go2talent @msaagency RAmovement freestyle freestylefriday

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Stéphanie Bonnet


Comment from Stéphanie Bonnet:

She is both, hellfire and holy water. The flavor you taste depends on how you treat her. 🌗

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폴 티토🎗


Comment from 폴 티토🎗:

수업 마치고 나홀로 잠깐... . . . . 폴댄스불금polefit poletrick polecomboacrobatics polelife유연성 poleflow aerialist 남자폴댄스 staticpole polechampion polemove 운동하는남자poleartpoleartistpoledancepolelove연예인운동 국가대표 폴댄스학원 일산폴댄스pdsouldermount dancer운동스타그램 화정폴댄스pdcupid 머슬마니아 pdflip

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Давай, хвастайся!Come on,brag!


Comment from Давай, хвастайся!Come on,brag!:

Хвастаюсь тем, что выиграла танцевальный баттл 💃 Bragging about winning a dance battle💃 @malkova_al Заслуживает ❤! И не забудь подписаться на @davay.hvastaysa hvastaysa dancer dance battle танцы баттл

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NewLifeDancer❤ - FireDancer♨


Comment from NewLifeDancer❤ - FireDancer♨:

Thanks God it's Friday! Rehearsal time! . . . . . newlifedancer creativeministry danceforJesus danceforGod Tambourine TambourineDance TambourineDancer ChurchDance Churchdancer PraiseJesus WorshipJesus DancewithHeart dance dancer danceteam penaritamborine tamborin penaritambourine penaritamborin dancecrew dancercrew

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Raul Solis /"Sharky" BBoySB


Comment from Raul Solis /"Sharky" BBoySB:

Happy Thanksgiving!!! 😄😄😄😄😄Thankful for god had blessed me with another day. Thankful for My family and friends, near and far. Hope your day was a blessing as well!!! 😊!!! Finally was able to throw down in Houston Texas. My Primo Adrian hyping up the get down Tejano style. Also made some improvements in my windmill to headstand. Always down to train for gains😉. faithandaction impossibleispossiblewithgod BBoy dancer training powermoves footwork tejanomusic tejano Houston Texas thegetdown screwston primo familia thankful thanksgiving soul energy movementmeditation. rise Richmond

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Comment from Appolinariia:

То , что станцовано, у меня никто никогда не отнимет. Испанская пословица 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 жизньтанцораиспанскийтанецredçokspaindancedancerlivelifelike4likeinstagramermoodмоявселенная🌍живитанцуятанецтанцуймечтысбываютсяальмамонокиниапсараальмеятанцовщица

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Comment from contortionist:

Good morning fans flexible contortionniste contortionnist sport fitness cirquedusoleil dance souplesse fitgirl training gymnastics gym dancehall art yoga dancer backbender gymnastique contortionist cirque backbending backbend progress flex balancecontortion circus flexibility flexible contortionniste contortionnist sport fitness cirquedusoleil dance souplesse fitgirl training gymnastics gym dancehall art yoga dancer backbender gymnastique contortionist cirque progress flex balance

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@jbalvin @willywilliamofficiel migente song 🚒 📽 🎶 📸 new cover dance dancehall move freestyle african styles practice twerk movement justpractice dance danceplus3 indian dancer balvin willywilliam im gente dancecover new videos share shareit dancelover facebook facebook @indiandancersfanclub @dancersofindia @indian_dance_champion @indian.dancers.community @indiandancefame @indian_promotion @indian_dance_federation @instantbollywood @danceon @dancetalkies @dance__boom1 @goalsofdancing @big_butts._.twerking

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速見 里菜


Comment from 速見 里菜:

大涌谷の続き⏭ 霧は凄かったけどとっても綺麗な青空でした☺🔅 富士山も先っちょだけ見えたよ🗻✨ 食堂の黒ラーメン美味しかった🙋🏼 箱根旅行 箱根 大涌谷 黒アイス 黒たまご 黒ラーメン 富士山 女子旅

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Comment from Nadya:


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Comment from HEELS DANCE ACADEMY Magarpatta:

FridayFunda Episode - 20 . Dance Style : salsa Rueda Song: "Rumbeando (feat. Barna Jam) by Dj El Dan" . Rueda de Casino (, Salsa , Salsa de Casino) is a way of dancing Cuban salsa where pairs of dancers form a circle, with dance moves called out by one person, a caller (or "líder" or "cantante" in Spanish). The caller will call out different Cuban salsa patterns (mostly in Spanish, some in English (or Spanglish; e.g., "un fly")) that might involve switching partners, clapping, yelling, stomping, or just about any movement your creative mind can think of. Most moves involve the swapping of partners, where the partners move around the circle to the next partner. The combination of elaborate dance combinations and constant movement of partners create a visually spectacular effect. . Performed by: @komaldegwekar @anuj.sukhija.salsa @minionish_bali @nidhitiwari01 @adi_0911 @hashtagkrunal @p_mistry @muxdemuxmaxi @Kavita Negi & @Chetna Singh Umath . V.C.: @vishnumnair7172 & @aasif.jamadar Special thanks for this Beautiful Location / Venue: Hotel Angaraj (www.hotelangaraj.com) . salsalife rueda RuedaDeCasino salsadancing magarpatta sharethelove dance dailydanceoff latindance studio hda dancing dancer dancers lovemywork latindance socialdancetv socialdance followmylead followtheleader anujandkomal

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