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Kanji West


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Brooklyn New York


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Vicente Exequiel.


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Ben Cooney


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“Thefuckyousay?” “Pterodactyl?” “Before that.” “An-anachronism?” automaticforthesketchbook b52s deadboys

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Kevin Longendyke


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Punk Powerpop New Wave arrivals headed out now! digrecordsvintage downtownleesburg newarrivals professionals sexpistols wanderers stivbators deadboys feelies 2020 johnnythunders iggypop specials orangejuice shoes talkingheads eddieandthehotrods williealexander bomprecords tsol robynhitchcockandtheegyptians vinylcommunity vinylcollection northernvirginia

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Freak kings


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Dead boys ⛓

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Austin Harley


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•Ignorance is bliss disguised with desire•

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Josh Gallegos


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Today is the last day to get your Deadboys Shirt in time for Christmas. Head on over to @blackandbravewrestling and pick up the perfect gift this holiday season. Trust me your family and friends will thank you. 🖤🧟‍♂️🖤 BlackandBraveArmy DeadInside

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Rob Bacic


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Comment from fit_for_the_pit:

🔊 SLEEVE BUSTIN' TIME 🔊 - - 🎵 DeadBoys "What love is" - - ❌Grow em to show em kids. Your arms SHOULD be growing from your back and chest days. Triceps are utilized in any pressing movement and biceps are utilized in many back movements (namely pulls ups/pull downs & chin ups). But it's not a bad idea to throw an arms specific day into your training split of they're lagging. . ❌I always keep it interesting, hit me up in the comments of you got any questions on the methods to the madness . . . . . . . . FitForThePit Punk PunkRock Fitness BodyBuilding PunkRockBodyBuilding Gym GymLife Training Meathead FitFam Biceps Triceps Arms ArmDay FitHead Training Bicepworkout TricepWorkout

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Comment from designerJohnson™:

Given the current state of my head cold, I decided to get loud and snotty with the DEAD BOYS. (I no longer qualify for the “young” part.) DEAD BOYS. YOUNG, LOUD AND SNOTTY. ©1977 Sire Records From AllMusic.com: Fellow Cleveland types Pere Ubu may have won the artistic kudos for their adventurous, surprising work, but if the goal was just to rock and rock again, the Dead Boys had them totally trumped. As both title phrase and capsule description, Young, Loud & Snotty accurately defines the predominating aesthetic so well that one could just leave it at that, but there's a lot more going on here than on the face of it. With perhaps surprising great production from demi-famous '70s rocket Genya Ravan, the five-some found something sonically smack in-between the US garage/punk heritage of the past and the more modern thrashings from overseas. Bators sneers, gobs, gasps, and whines with the best of them, but he knows his rock history, as does his bandmates. Zero and Chrome aren't guitar virtuosos, but they do know what makes a song great and aren't afraid to concentrate on that, while the Magnum/Blitz rhythm section keeps things moving as it does. In some ways songs like "All This and More" and "I Need Lunch" simply emerge from an alternate '50s, with admittedly much more feedback and stereo sound. Stone cold rock classic "Sonic Reducer" starts things off -- amusingly -- with all sorts of phased drums and other fripperies that later generations wouldn't consider punk at all. That said, it's still blunt, brilliantly sung by Bators and kicks out the jams with messy energy. Other all-time greats include the perfect bored-and-needing-kicks anthem "Ain't Nothin' to Do" and the thoroughly wrong "Caught With the Meat In Your Mouth." There's even a rock oldie -- a cover of "Hey Little Girl" live onstage at spiritual home CBGB's. And why not? With great punk rock and great rock, Young, Loud and Snotty still packs a punch.

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Freak kings


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Black flag 🕳

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Red Head Man Retro


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First lot of t shirts added to my website. More to follow. Mostly one of each,a few in various sizes. Link in bio. Free shipping in UK. £3.80 to Europe. thevapors thesweet deadboys badseeds theclash slaughterandthedogs theadverts

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Klaas Lobensteyn


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CHUBS🔹cooper🔹young Gorgeous


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Repost @eitannoyze Happy Hanukkah fuca !! 🕎 Lord Jewish ✡️ just dropped his new project Hanukkah Hits out now link in @eitannoyze Bio 🔥🔥🔥 put some mustard on a knish twist up a backwood and vibe to some lord Jewish instrumentals stupid ENP lordjewish hanukkahhits cannibalclub deadboys happyholidays

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🕵🏻Vintage4youth ♻️


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Fuct “Dead Boys Punk Rock 70s” ไซส์ M (19.5/27.5) สภาพดี สกรีนแตกนิดๆ ลายหน้า-หลัง น่าสะสม ขายราคา 500 บาทรวมส่ง EMS 👌🏻

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Max (Record Room) Davidson


Comment from Max (Record Room) Davidson:

StivBators- Not That Way Anymore bomp 1979. Seconds no single from deadboys frontman. Even better than the first I think, and a bit rougher round the edges. Great melodic punk and great powerpop at the same time. nowspinning punkrock punkvinyl punkrockvinyl popvinyl garagerock rocknroll rnr music nyc newyorkcity cbgb songoftheday vinyl vinylcollection vinyljunkie vinylporn vinyladdict vinylcommunity record records recordcollection

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Penny Lane


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💫You know that I'm just a dead boy I wanna be a dead boy I'll die for you, if you want me to💫stivbatorssablestarrdeadboysdeadboyscbgbbarlivelifelovebeautybeautifulartculturepunkrockrockmusicmusicforeveryoungheartpassionrip❤️

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Music Fan & Collector.


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LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH. I just got the new CD Release of their albums remastered. One of my all time favorite bands. stivbators deadboys lordsofthenewchurch killerlords methodtomymadness

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Vicente Exequiel.


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. ÑLSKHSKDKDJDB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . tatuajes tattoo tattoos tattooedpeople tattoedboys tattooedboy inkedboy inkedpeople longhairlonghairboys instatattoo instalike instagram instachile viñadelmar catlovers deathwish sadboy sadpeople deathmetal piercings dropdead faceapp skinnyskinnyboy skinnypeople peoplewithtattoo peoplewithtattoos deathcore deadboys

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