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Handicap International U.S.


Comment from Handicap International U.S.:

Go ahead, be bold! We love this spunky photo of Nirmala, a survivor of the 2015 Nepal earthquake. What fun style! ❤️😎💄 Nepal disability prosthetics rehab physicaltherapy nepalquake handicapinternational 📷: @lucasveuve

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S A M • L O V E L I E • L E🕆H


Comment from S A M • L O V E L I E • L E🕆H:

For those of you who didn't know, it's actually quite common for peeps with EDS to have GI issues. I haven't experienced a lot of that, and I've felt incredibly lucky and thankful for that, especially because I know my past eating disorder sure didn't help. That's until a few months ago. I don't really know what's going on. It might be a side effect of one of my meds popping up, but that wouldn't explain all of it, some symptoms just don't fit. I won't go into detail. But I feel nauseous. A lot. And other NSFW things. Keeping it real. This is life with EDS.

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Nat- 💀


Comment from Nat- 💀:

My body feels like crap. Badly in need for pain relief but nothing helps and I can't take any narcotics. Spent 99% of today in bed. Not looking forward to everything next week but will be happy to have a permanent port. My body is really trying hard to get rid of this vascath. It keeps bleeding and is very tender. Really hope it's not infected, I don't feel right. But I'm still breathing and surrounded by love so I'm happy. ❤My face is such an odd shape 😂 need a hair cut. . . . stiffpersonsyndrome autoimmunedisease chronicillness invisibleillness pain spoonie port feels disability

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Comment from ⭐️Scöpez⭐️:

Pabs rocking his @myoddballs Saints obble.When he's older he can have a cap 🎩. Saturday mornings is football and Sundays Rugby for the youngest, we've found teams for children with learning and physical disabilities and on a Saturday Pabs coached for his DofE award. ❤the weekends👍 obble obblehat oddballs dukeofendinburghaward dofe 🏉⚫💚💛🏉loveshisrugby rugby football disability inclusion coys northamptonsaintsrugby disability disabilityawareness williamssyndrome grassrootsrugby grassrootsrugby family lovingit alwaysasaint

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Comment from Smergos:

Don't exclude those for there differences. No one chooses a disability Smergos inspiringmotin disability disabilityawareness disabilitymonth bekind begoodtoothers disabilityisnotachoice Saturday wheelchair paraplegic quadriplegic mentallychallenged physicallychallenged

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Indra PR - @MJ_Pedone Pres


Comment from Indra PR - @MJ_Pedone Pres:

When chefs and restaurants do the right thing at Autism Speaks Celebrity Chef Gala on Wall Street. Big shout out to @huntandfishnyc always giving back and doing the right thing. 👍 👍 👍 autismspeaks huntandfish chefsofinstagram chefs restaurants makeadifference nonprofit holidayseason sharingiscaring charity publicrelations disability autistic autism children instaphoto foodies yummy delicious indrapr indrapublicrelations nyc manhattan wallstreet fidi

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Dawid F.


Comment from Dawid F.:

Dzisiaj w DSW zorganizowana została sesja fotograficzna do kalendarza projektu It's My Time. W innej pracowni trwają nagrania kampanii społecznej " Lubię siebie "zorganizowanej przez Ostoja.TV media tv photo kampania wideo studio study actors pics disability film movie Wroclaw Poland Ostoja

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All About M.E. Knitathon


Comment from All About M.E. Knitathon:

Happy Saturday lovelies! Here are two more beautiful crocheted squares from the wonderful Jane on behalf of herself and her son, Simon. Jane writes she crocheted the all blue square to represent M.E, for her son, Simon. Jane explains Simon is now aged 26 and has had M.E. for 10 years. Simon unfortunately missed a lot of school due to the illness but he was able to go to university and gain a degree! (Well done Simon). Despite not being able to work full time, he is currently building a business in the warhammer gaming world , making and selling model scenery. Jane explains she's very proud of her son and his achievements despite struggling everyday with this debilitating illness. Jane has also crocheted the blue and purple square for M.E. and fibromyalgia, to represent herself. Jane although only diagnosed 6 years ago when everything become more severe and doctors discovered there was a hereditary link. Jane now knows she has suffered a mild form of these illnesses for many years previous but no one recognised the symptoms. Jane unfortunately also suffers from Spinal Stenosis. Jane explains that she can no longer knit due to pain in her hands but she now a enthusiastic crocheter! She explained being housebound was really getting her down until she discovered a local branch called loving hands, which is a national organisation who knit, crochet and sew for charity. She explains it has given her purpose and meaning in her life. Like me and many others, I am very glad to hear that you have found a hobby which has given you joy and purpose without making your symptoms worse, which is very difficult! And a very big well done to Simon for fighting alongside you to try and lead a relatively "normal" life. Thanks for your wonderful squares and sharing your story! They have been added to the knitathon and I am very grateful for your help 💙 Lots of love, Lauren x allaboutmeknitathon mecfs mecfsawareness crochet knitting meassociation wool myalgicencephalomyelitis fibromyalgia potssyndrome chronicillness chronicpain knitathon invisibleillness disability millionsmissing

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Comment from Idisabilitas:

Seorang anak menderita autisme memiliki karakteristik seperti 1. Menghindari kontak mata. 2. Mengoceh dengan bahasa yang tidak dapat dimengerti orang lain. 3. Tertawa tanpa sebab yang pasti. 4. Sulit menerima perubahan pada rutinitasnya. 5. Senang benda yang berputar. 6. Mengulang-ngulang satu gerakan tertentu (repetitif). 7. Banyak meniru atau membeo (Echolalia). 8. Tidak tertarik bermain bersama teman lainnya. Berikut di atas adalah beberapa karakteristik anak autis dalam berinteraksi sosial, berkomunikasi, berperilaku , dan emosi pada anak autis. Semoga bermanfaat, jangan lupa share. Siapa tau teman anda membutuhkan informasi ini 😉 Tekan ♥, dan mention teman kamu untuk saling berbagi tentang info disabilitas! ➖➖➖ difabel disabilitas disability autis autisme autism karakteristik viral hits sulawesi surabaya medan unik bogor jakarta sumsel jambi padang bekasi makasar bali sumbar info bandung trending infomenarik indonesia

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Disabled Tourist Guide


Comment from Disabled Tourist Guide:

I offer several types of accommodation, you can contact me to find what best suits your needs. I organize different trips and excursions, from the Atlas mountains to the desert dunes of Erg Chebbi. I can pick you up in any city in Morocco to show you my land which is your second home! Transport is a 4 × 4 or minibus, not forgetting the Camel Trekking in Merzouga, will be an unforgettable experience to make you feel the nomadic life for a few days. Write me by email, WhatsApp or Facebook and i will help you organize your trip. DisabledTouristGuide :) disability accessibleuk access accessibletourismforall accessibilité traveling trips Morocco africa quad adventure holidays holidayfun accessibletourism

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﷽مجله تصویری معلولین📷با نشاط😉


Comment from ﷽مجله تصویری معلولین📷با نشاط😉:

🔴 منا مسعودی ؛ 🔴 ٢٣ ساله ؛ 🔴 خراسان شمالی, فاروج ؛ 🔴 آسیب نخاعی حدود ۵ سال ؛ 🔴 دانشجو رشته روانشناسی ؛ 🔴 کسب مقام های اول استانی ,تنیس روی میز,مچ اندازی,فوتبال دستی,پرتاب وزنه, مقام سوم ویلچررانی ؛ 🔴 مقام دوم پرتاب نیزه ؛ 🔴 راه یابی به مسابقات کشوری تنیس روی میز سال ٩۵ . 🔵 دوستان همراه " منا " رو فالو کنید و ازش به خاطر همه توانمندی هایی که داره حمایت کنید. 👇👇👇👇 @monamasoudi3310 @monamasoudi3310 @monamasoudi3310 توانیاب معلول معلولین معلولیت معلولیت_محدودیت_نیست معلولان ویلچر disabled disability wheelchair توانیاب توان_یاب انرژی_مثبت مجله_تصویری_معلولین disabled_people_happy با_نشاط شادی

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The Unchargeables


Comment from The Unchargeables:

Yep that's me 😂😂 ❤️ Jen x --------------------------------------------------- 🌟 WIN unique chronic illness clothes from The Unchargeables Shop. Link to giveaway in bio. ---------------------------------------------------- TheUnchargeables Spoonie unchargeables chronicillness Spoonies SpoonieLife ChronicPain ChronicFatigue disability chronicpainwarrior InvisibleIllness autoimmune supportgroup lowonenergy lowbattery StrongerThanYouThink chronicillnesswarrior autoimmunedisease fibromyalgia raredisease pcos endometriosis migraine butyoudontlooksick

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Sammy Smal


Comment from Sammy Smal:

I'm feeling so happy! 🖤 📷Photo by: @krismynt . . . nonbinarygender nonbinary genderqueer gendernonconforming genderneutral genderfluid androgyny androgynous gay gays gaycute gaysnap lgbtq hlbtq wheelchairlife models modelling wheelchairwarrior spoonie spoonielife chronicdisease chronicillness raredisease disability alternative alternativestyle queer facemask queers pinkfloyd

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Rodrigo A example of a fighter


Comment from Rodrigo A example of a fighter:

😊😳😊 ronaldo strongboy cerebralpalsywarrior cerebralpalsyandscoliosisstrong cerebralpalsy cerebralpalsyawareness strong cerebralpalsyfighter cerebrapalsyparent especialneedsdisabilityawarenessdisabilitydontgiveup

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Chronic Illness Central


Comment from Chronic Illness Central:

The number of NHS beds has fallen by half in 30 years, and plans for further cutbacks are “unrealistic” and should be stopped, a major study warns. The King’s Fund report warns that NHS proposals to slash bed numbers are “undesirable” and “unachievable” at a time when mounting pressures have left many hospitals “stretched to breaking point”. The study shows that hospitals in England have the least beds for their population compared with any other country in the European Union, with just 2.3 per 1,000 people, compared with an EU average of 3.7. Overall, bed numbers have dropped from 299,000 to 142,000 since 1987, at a time when the population has risen by 16 per cent, with the number of pensioners up by one third. nhs conservatives juniordoctors dr doctor medschool medstudent spoonie disability invisibleillness chronicpain chronicillness asthma bronchiectasis crohns diabetes epilepsy gastroparesis hiv kidneydisease lupus multiplesclerosis osteoporosis parkinsons rheumatoidarthritis scleroderma traumaticbraininjury

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Bartłomiej Skrzynia Skrzyński


Comment from Bartłomiej Skrzynia Skrzyński:

✊️♿️🏋️‍♀️👉zaczynamy XXXVII Międzynarodowe zawody w podnoszeniu ciężarów SrebrnaSztanga. zawody, organizowane przez Start Wrocław, w imieniu Prezydenta Wrocławia oficjalnie otworzył Piotr Mazur, dyrektor Biura Sportu i Rekreacji Urzędu Miejskiego Wrocław.ia, a w imieniu Marszałkini - Maciej Zielinski. byliśmy razem, także Paweł Rańda, pokazując, że to ważne wydarzenie, a sportowcy, w tym uczestnicy Igrzysk Paraolimoijskich, którzy pomimo oczywistych trudności chcą i wyciskają dosłownie i w przenośni więcej niż zakładają negatywne stereotypy. brawo. cieszę się, że miasto Wrocław wspiera tę inicjatywę. zawody można oglądać do wieczora. start ngo skrzynianadaje bezbarier visitWro w_skers razem można więcej👍❗️: instadaily instalike followme disabled disability people without barriers paraolympics @pawelranda @zielony666 @polskikomitetparaolimpijski @wroclovers

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Karen Prewitt 💙💛


Comment from Karen Prewitt 💙💛:

Loving Caleb’s new “Lucky 21” tee from @down2dream ! If you haven’t heard the poem that inspired this shirt, relating to our kiddos with a little extra, it is as follows: “Who knows why Down syndrome occurs? It can be compared to what happens in nature to a field of clover. Usually, we see three leaves on each clover. Once in a while, however, we find a clover that has an extra leaf - making it a four-leaf clover. There is no obvious explanation - all of the clover plants grew in the same soil, were exposed to the same sun and rain, etc. Mother Nature just decided to add an extra leaf to the clover in the clover patch. This doesn’t make it better, or not as good as the other clover. It just makes it different. Mother Nature decided to add another chromosome to that baby’s cells. It doesn’t make the baby better, or not as good as the other babies. It just makes him or her different. And when you find one of those babies, you are truly lucky for they are very special babies - who grow to very special people.” This is just one of many great designs that the @down2dream team have on their site. Make sure to check them out! theluckyfew lucky21 downsyndrome . . . . .t21 trisomy21 downsyndromeawareness specialneedskids specialneeds ability not disability igersjax sindromededown downsendromu changingthefaceofbeauty dsdn instakids kidsfashion model modellife kidsofig igerssandiego shopsmall

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Caitlyn Fulton


Comment from Caitlyn Fulton:

A week today.. getting up at 4am was totally worth it, for the 5 hour train journey to Sheffield. ☺️ Starting with @zebedee_management Catwalk show. 💋 It’s fair to say that I was pretty nervous as this was my first ever catwalk, but I had nothing at all to be worried about. When I arrived.. we all started to rehearse, I took everything in and couldn’t quite believe it. Wish I could do it all again. 🤩 Huge Thank you to my mum @ljm4c for taking me down, what an incredible, exciting and amazing time I had. 😘 • teamzebedee sheffield university trainjourney dream scottish scottishmodel disabledmodel cerebralpalsy wheelchairmodel models teenmodel teenvogue tweenmodel positiverolemodel thisgirlcan abilitynotdisability challengingpreconceptions disabledmodelscampaign disability everybodyisbeautiful fashionmodel inspiration inspire wheelchairlife instakids modelkids instastyle

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﷽مجله تصویری معلولین📷با نشاط😉


Comment from ﷽مجله تصویری معلولین📷با نشاط😉:

🔴 قابل توجه اصناف و مشاغل مرتبط با توانیابان، جانبازان و معلولین؛ 🔶 پیج اینستاگرام “ مجله تصویری معلولین” در جهت حمایت از فعالیت های اصناف و شرکت های تولید کننده و فروشنده محصولات مرتبط با معلولین تبلیغات می پذیرد. با درج تبلیغ خود در کانال " مجله تصویری معلولین " حامی توانیابان موفق از سراسر ایران عزیزمان باشید. با تشکر مدیر کانال 🔵 در صورت تمایل با مدیر کانال در اینستاگرام و تلگرام از طریق آی دی زیر در ارتباط باشید. 👇👇👇👇 اینستاگرام: @mahmoudbayat60 تلگرام : (لینک تلگرام در بالای پیج درج شده است) توانیاب معلول معلولین معلولیت معلولیت_محدودیت_نیست معلولان ویلچر disabled disability wheelchair توانیاب توان_یاب انرژی_مثبت مجله_تصویری_معلولین disabled_people_happy با_نشاط شادی مدلینگ مدل تبلیغات تبلیغ اینستاگرام حامی ایران محصولات اصناف مشاغل instagram telegram

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The Inclusive Home


Comment from The Inclusive Home:

Got our “At Home Issue” of @ablemag Magazine today! Looking forward to reading the tips on adaptations, products and a feature on independent living able azine disability independentliving accessiblehome homeadaptations disabledadaptations inclusivedesign accessibledesign sendbloggers senblog

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