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Comment from imperfectionistatheart:

I wanted to repost to share with those out there that her start says, to me, that while in our addiction, not everyone takes advantage of us. There are a lot of tolerant and loving people out there. If you haven't found this kind of happiness in sobriety, I hope u do. Hugs 💙 When Jay and I met, I was separated and in the process of divorce. He was sitting next to me at a restaurant bar on the day after Valentine's Day. I'd been at low points before, but he met me when I really was at rock bottom. I was in the middle of my divorce and spiraling really, really badly.⠀ I just wanted to sit around people and drink without actually socializing. My plan was to drink until the restaurant closed, call a cab, and go home. Instead, we started talking to each other. I blabbed all my crap, because I was that girl who overshared when she drank. I didn't care, I didn't think I'd see him again. I mentioned how much I enjoyed dancing, and he invited me out to dance at another place after the bar closed. He promised to keep me safe.⠀ Before him, I'd never left a bar with a complete stranger before (this really was a first despite plenty other stupid things I'd done). So I texted his picture, driver's license, car tag, and phone number to a friend because I was drunk, but not totally stupid (or so I told myself), and off we went. Yes, he patiently waited while I sent all his info to my friend, haha.⠀ We stayed out late, then I stayed at his house. We danced and danced. I love to dance.⠀ I didn't drink to blackout, which I find interesting because that was my norm at that point. He didn't take advantage of me (or let me take advantage of him, just sayin). He didn't turn into another regret for me to avoid and drink away. We texted for a while, didn't even see each other again for a few months, but the next time we saw each other, that was it. We've been inseparable ever since. ⠀ Over 3.5 years later, we've been through so much and my heart still jumps when I see him. He encourages me to be my best self and he’s my biggest sober ally. I'm feeling all the love for this man, and I think he really saved my life. <3⠀

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Comment from Heliopatch:

Trottas West Street Pharmacy in Harrison NY and Somers Pharmacy in Somers NY has completely sold out. We anticipate delivery today or early Monday. Sorry for the inconvenience. helioself drugfree painrelief holistic healthy lifestyle inflammation antiinflammatory sciatica fitness fitfam crossfit strongman mma bjj ufc boxing powerlifting sportsmedicine

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I n h a r m o n i c 空の狼


Comment from I n h a r m o n i c 空の狼:

• Watch me mount again Watch me rise back up Forever would just be so Easy to fall into And yet I will stay here until my lungs bleed Forever would be an easy option I won't take it I won't take it, no. • • • ☠ • • • StraightEdge sXe DrugFree Sober ArchitectsUK EarlyGrave HollowCrown SeaShepherd Style Fashion Black Photography Picture Beautiful Amazing Recovery Quote Lyrics Mathcore Metalcore Hardcore Luxembourg Beard DontGiveUp ThingsWillChange X

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Ky-mani X Shakkur


Comment from Ky-mani X Shakkur:

One of reasons why Eye'm Vegan now, doing it to stay thin. Keep ze temple clean from meat, drugs and alcohol! If you eat meat, then that's a body or part of a body. A body on top of a body, that quickly adds on the pounds, think about it! MeatIsADrug DrugFree Vegetarian

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Chase Hooks


Comment from Chase Hooks:

Military Appreciation Day 2017. clemsonfootball allin clemson straightedge sxe edge clean purelife straightedgegirls straightedgeguys photooftheday facialhair beard swag class cleancut selfie drugfree instagood instadaily instafamous instaselfie swag strong wod workout crossfit muscle fitness ufc mma

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Evan Pounds


Comment from Evan Pounds:

Clean & Jerk after turkey trot shenanigans weightlifting crossfit fitness getyourpisshot drugfree powerlifting bodybuilding

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Ramone Burton


Comment from Ramone Burton:

5x5 130k 😰 needed my spot on the last set @miles_kesterton 👀 😲 . Bench is still climbing out of poverty 💪🏽 👊🏾 @strengthshopuk @bournemouthbarbell . gains gym happy powerlifting muscle motivated fit shredded physique champion bench drugfree strong instafit bodybuilding amazing power hardwork squat bodybuilding success goals grind

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Comment from V S I Q U E:

Shout out to new client @terry_craft91, been putting in work with me these past few weeks. Let's keep it up buddy VsiqueTraining 💪🏾✅💪🏼 VsiqueTraining TeamReflex NaturalBodyBuilder DrugFree UKDFBA NattyNegro Vtaper SponsoredAthlete Worldwidenattys Equinox PersonalTrainer LawOfAttraction ClassicBodyBuilding ClassicPhysiquePic PT Gymselfie Aesthetics UkAesthetics UKPhysique FitnessModel LifeIsGood Blessed Love

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Elias Ghazoul


Comment from Elias Ghazoul:

Words can’t describe how proud of this I am. August 17th 2017 I sat across the table and asked @sarmadalaish 1 question. “Do you want to get in the best shape of your life?” The rest is history! 3 months to the day, 60 pounds lost. This guy is not only the smartest I’ve ever met, but one of the most driven. 💢1 word to describe this: PROUD💢 ———- If you’re looking for motivation, here’s your ticket. If you’re passionate about what you want, go get it. The only limit is the one you set for yourself.

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✨Keeping you updated!✨


Comment from ✨Keeping you updated!✨:

If you're a DF member, go check your emails! The band just sent out a great cupon code for their merch store! Sport some AFI shirts, pins, and more! You know you want them😏! The offer expires soon, so act quick😉! 🎶 despairfaction afi merch cupon code email DFmember rock daveyhavok jadepuget hunterburgan adamcarson vegan straightedge rolemodel bandshirt pins mug buy greatdeal youknowyouwanto shoponline rock drugfree band bloodalbum

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Comment from GOD:

A shower and a shave, and I feel a little better. The little things. ✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞ ⛧⛧⛧⛧⛧⛧⛧⛧⛧⛧⛧⛧⛧⛧⛧⛧ blackmetal hailsatan hardcore deathpunk doom sober soberlife drugfree sane vape snus acab tattoo tattoos tattooed skin skinhead punk punkasfuck fit fitness fight partille gothenburg sverige sweden zombie zombies

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Mindshifters IR


Comment from Mindshifters IR:

“Nothing is impossible; the word itself says, ‘I’m possible!’” – Audrey Hepburn . . . . . soberMindshiftersIR sobersoberlifesobrietysoberlivingrecoveryrehabdrugfreeseekerODAATsoberissexypartysobermotivationinspirationinspirewisdom  hopethewisefool happypersistenceaddictionwearethestorm namastesoberMovement lifepositivevibes

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(619) Quit-Pot


Comment from (619) Quit-Pot:

So True 😳 But Definitely Worth The Struggle!

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Comment from CHALK & IRON:

Repost @strongtobeuseful Had my number one fan with me today. With his encouragement I was able to do rows with a billion kgs. Looks like 110kg but I assure you its a billion. Definitely a future strongman in the making as he was learning how to tyre flip. @chalkandirongym @natchalkandiron providing not just a great training environment but daycare too 🤣. Don't accept a dad bod as inevitable. Rage against it. powerlifting powerlifter strength strong strengthtraining strengthathlete strongtobeuseful gym fitness lifting rows back lats assistancework powerbuilding chalkandirongym bdfpa 90kg drugfree strongdad dadswholift fatherhood antidadbod chalkandirongym chalkandiron

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Sober Movement ®


Comment from Sober Movement ®:

Here is @coop1004 with over 1 year clean and sober! Absolutely amazing! (Share your story with us at SOBERMOVEMENT.com ) soberMOVEMENT sober soberlife sobriety soberliving recovery rehab drugfree awesome ODAAT soberissexy partysober motivation inspiration inspire transformation hope fit alcoholism me happy apparel addiction quotes YouTube namaste celebraterecovery wanderlust life positivevibes

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Mikey Lambert


Comment from Mikey Lambert:

Sometimes, One Just Needs to Snort Some of the Good Shit. Deathwish 3ichael7ambert inhale snuff huff drug drugs DoHealthyDrugs DoDrugs nope dare drugfree coke lit lineofcoke dolines doingaline strippers demon ghost deaw rough sketch

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We Are Natural Bodybuilding


Comment from We Are Natural Bodybuilding:

Over the next week we will be accepting fan submissions for different categories. Today’s category is for the ladies! Best women’s bodybuilder/ physique athlete! . . Submit your pick for the women’s Bodybuilder/Physique athlete of 2017. Amateur or pro. Doesn’t matter! . . Have your friends submit their vote as well. Top 4 will move on to the next round. Comment on this post and vote or send me a DM for your submission. . . Submissions end at noon eastern time on 11/19/17

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Alex Franklin


Comment from Alex Franklin:

My motivational meme/good advice of the day. - - - comingtoamerica stayoffthedrugs soulglo eddiemurphy 80s motivation drugfree positive theyrenotfrommcdonaldsarethey thegoldenarches thegoldenarcs seeimwashinglettuce inafewyearsimakeassistantmanagerthatswhenthebigbucksrollin illbeforcedtothrashyou theroyalpenisisclean barklikeadog abigdog HeyStuyourrentsduemotherfuckerNowdontbepullingthatffallingdownthestairsshitonmeagainyouhearyeahyouconscious tattooingbyoldschoolalex

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Simon Collins


Comment from Simon Collins:

💪💪👌Feeling absolutely huge here... incredible pump. Growing everyday. Love what you do !!! 💪💪👌 ➡️Here for the WNBF World Championsships Natural Bodybuilding Show @wnbfofficial - supporting the most incredible woman I know @peachy.1 Shes gonna kill it. So while she rests I train 🤣🤣 she's so jealous 🤣🤣 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ nattymuscle fitness naturalbodybuilding boston nz love training fitnessaddict inbf nbfi gymlife wnbf fitspo fitfam wnbf instfit nabba dietitian inspire instadaily motivate irishfitfam fitlifestyle wellness instadaily mindset happiness motivate drugfree bodybuilding

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Jordan Uddin


Comment from Jordan Uddin:

Watched some artsy film at HOME cinema...Kaleidoscope... Don't bother it was all in his head homecinema kaleidoscope recovery recoverycouple manchester itwascold lookingfresh artsy weakplot cinema shirtandtie mygfishotterthanyours drugfree clean sober soberissexy

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