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Morgan Pratt


Comment from Morgan Pratt:

They looooove to tell you’re over reacting and being dramatic, when they’re really just trying to distract you from the terrible things they’re doing behind your back.

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Michelle Kane Kracht


Comment from Michelle Kane Kracht:

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ॐ ¹²/¹² 🌌


Comment from ॐ ¹²/¹² 🌌:

Today is my 27th trip around the sun. starchild starseed starseeds arcturian pleiadian healing spiritual enlightment witch ancientaliens extraterrestrial hybridchild indigochild healer empath vibratehigher divinefeminine divinemasculine metaphysical starbeings pastlives incarnate namasteॐ andromeda spiritualawakening spirituality missionplanetearth

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Comment from hilary:

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Morgan Pratt


Comment from Morgan Pratt:

Hard truth.

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A M A N D A ✨ A G U I R R E


Comment from A M A N D A ✨ A G U I R R E:

INFJ INFJProblems INFJTruth INFJGirl MBTI MyersBriggs Advocate Empath Determined Insightful Creative Passionate Inspiring Sensitive PeaceMaker Integrity Intellectual Idealistic Abstract Decisive Spiritual

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Psychic Medium & Energy Healer


Comment from Psychic Medium & Energy Healer:

Psychics and Mediums cannot tell you your future! Anyone claiming they can do this takes away your power of choice! You want to be empowered in a way and supported to create your own future. Anyone claiming they can do this for you or give you a forecast, I’d proceed with caution. Sometimes we might share a message based on what’s going on now to help YOU use your power and change your life around. Fixing your life is your JOB not the Psychics job... We help you uncover what might be getting in the way. There’s no easy way out and thinking you can just go to a Psychic and cut corners .... it will blow up in your face and leave you more confused. There’s plenty of people who will take your money and tell you what you want to hear, I see them all the time. I’m not one of those and I know of others who also work from a high level of ethics and integrity. If you’re seeking Spiritual Guidance or a Medium I advise you to take your time. 1. Pray and ask Spirit to intervene. 2. Ask your Guides and Loved One’s to lead you to the individual who they want to bring their messages through. 3. Find out references, testimonials and look through their website. 4. Create a list of 2-3 your really drawn to then meditate on it and wait! 5. Wait again so your not rushing into your reading with an agenda, and really think about what you wanna get out of it on a deeper level. 6. Once you book a session with someone continue to ask Spirit to come forward with what YOU NEED so you can heal, move forward and create the life you want. 7. Let it go and enter the reading with no agendas and full trust. Spirit doesn’t care about what you want but what your Soul needs... remember this ❤️ The future is up to you, and your own healing 👏🏾 empath intuition sensitive metaphysical newage healing energy savonnchampelle lightworker loveworker angels higherpower reiki spirituality empath sensitive intuitive energy sensitive life intuitive intuition spirit spiritual newage love soul consciousness psychic medium spiritmedium spiritscience intention awakening spiritjunkie shadowwork soul angelnumber

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Comment from thebugguy:

empath lightworker 716 buffalo wny

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🍁 Feminist Witches & Pagans 🍁


Comment from 🍁 Feminist Witches & Pagans 🍁:

Just a reminder that you are allowed to put yourself and your mental and physical health first. I know it can be hard to feel spiritual and connected when you are going through something, so here are some little things you can do to practice your craft -🌷 adminskye witchesofinstagram pagansofinstagram pagan witch wiccan druid satanist heathen tarot sigil altar magick witchcraft witchy wicca spellwork spells rituals runestones runes divination scrying empath pantheon eclectic

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Comment from TracyLBlair:

Been sick. Ugly sick. Haven't let it stop or slow me much. But, it has taken a hit on me. The last couple weeks...have been interesting. Still figuring out,...me. It's funny,...how you can just hardly know someone, but they have your number...they know you. ...knows what makes you tick. You have some people in your life who have been there for yrs...and it took that long to figure you out. And here I am...life long journey...and still don't understand my self lol. I can nail a personality down. Know who someone is when I meet them. Tell them more about themselves...than they think anybody knows. Complete empath. I'm good with people. I'm good with reading them... Watching the reactions LOL... And knowing what they're thinking. It's what I'm good at. And as it's been pointed out recently... Sometimes that's not such a good thing. Because not everyone has the best of intentions. Not everyone will care. Not everyone is good. But regardless of all this... I choose to give Second Chances. I choose to give love. And most of all... I choose to believe that everyone, given the chance, can be good. I often am very wrong... But not always. And sometimes the pain is worth it. Some times the people stick with me. Teaching me. Showing me more about not just them...but also more about myself. Being an empath is sometimes a very good thing. Sometimes...I learn. But that's what we should do. Learn. Show love. Show forgiveness. Show empathy. Because we all screw up. We all are human. And we all deserve happiness. Sorry, I haven't posted in awhile. But, life I'll be back to gym posts and yoga flow posts asap. Be happy. Be you. Be what ever you want to be. Just be.

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Psychic Advisor


Comment from Psychic Advisor:

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Tracy K


Comment from Tracy K:

Oh my! How the planets are sitting for me:my natal chart. That's a lot of squared aspects, now I know why I didn't leave the house! lol yoga & crafting day for me! (After the 6am snow shovelling). astrology empath transits aspects ifeelyou spiritualliving

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Comment from hilary:

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Comment from R E G I N A R E E V E S:

Living life as a sensory person savoring every detail truly brings out the absolute superlative nature of life. Take this martini for example. Some taste it and either like it or not judge it based on the obvious surface level. But when you learn to truly appreciate all that this world and life offers it can be so much more. The cool sensation of the slightly thick liquid sliding across your tongue and down your throat, the cold ice cubes dance across your lips, leaving bits of powdery, slightly grainy cinnamon and foam on your upper lip. As you lick it off feeling the textures there is a bit of heat left behind on both the lip and tongue from the spicy bite of the cinnamon. All this wonder unexpected til your next sip. This time you are better prepared and have a more decided nature to your approach. Do you stir the cinnamon in? Do you stick your finger in and lick it off your finger? Do you just savor a long slow sip letting all the sensations and flavors marry in your mouth all over again. There in lies the difference between those who exist in this world and those who savor and truly appreciate all that you can create it to be. Like I've said before I can't just exist here I feel and appreciate it all..... I know I probably shouldn't post and describe how I experience this life but maybe it can help those whom are stuck in living in the mundane everyday existence experience, go deeper and deeper still to realize the magic and passion all around. It's a good thing and life becomes a true adventure and incredible experience...... spikedeggnogmartini tampaphotographer tampalife tampaflorida tampapro tampamua tampadrinks drinkstagram art artistic poetry dessertcocktail cinnamon eggnog christmascocktails mmm empath savory sensuality sensory appreciation cocktails handcraftedcocktails strengthtraining strength strengthandconditioning makeuplife

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Comment from hilary:

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Welcome to Mushroom Maven™


Comment from Welcome to Mushroom Maven™:

3 beautiful pieces have been added to the shop, including Serena, the baby beluga. 😍 crystalcollections winter snow crystals Lemurian quartz healing purple goodvibesonly empath wearableart

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Lyn Ross


Comment from Lyn Ross:

The Universal Energies Report: Signs, Symbols and Messages Abound! The last two mornings, when I have opened the door to let the dogs out, I have been greeted by the Skreee of an Eagle. This wonderful Spirit Totem actually perched at the very top of a huge BC Spruce close-by, allowing me to photograph it's stunning presence. I was reminded that this is an auspicious period for messages coming to all of us from a multitude of Sources such as Animal Spirit Guides and Nature in general. It is not a coincidence that you overhear a conversation whilst out & about, that answers something that you've been questioning. Nor is seeing 11:11 or any other multiple number, finding a penny or a dime somewhere you just 'know' was not there before, or a feather... these are not a coincidence-they are messages and reminders that you are never alone, never separate from every-other thing in this world, in this Universe. We are all connected. We are all forms of the same Energy. Even the Energy that we cannot see and have no proof of... Open up and feel the energy all around you, look and see from whence your messages are coming from. Once you acknowledge the source(s) of messages, they will appear with more. You develop a conduit for more information to come to you. And you will always feel connected, that there is a friend nearby that you can call on for support and answers when it may feel that you're stuck. As the Eagle says, you are never alone ... messages and miracles are there for you, ask, listen, believe. ❤️✨Lyn. . connection spiritualcoach channelling channeller visionary mentorship oracle seer wayshower akashicrecords cardreading intuitive empath higherconsciousness magical believe believeinyourself soulpreneur oneness spiritanimal totem universaloneness universalenergy highvibes now lightandlove blessed sacredspace knowingspiritslight

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Earth Angel Healing


Comment from Earth Angel Healing:

New blog post up on my website! Being an empath, a sensitive soul, can definitely have its challenges. At the beginning of my journey, I struggled with discerning whether emotions I was feeling were mine or not. I also questioned the purpose of being a hypersensitive person; what is our role in the universe? Well in this blog post I go over the purpose of empaths, and a few tips on how to manage your emotions. Go check it out on my website: www.Earthangelrth.com empath sensitive sensitivesoul soul soulgrowth empathic ascension evolution journey divine love emotions purpose lifepurpose divinefeminine divinemasculine transmute energy vibration frequency

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Emily Cisewski


Comment from Emily Cisewski:

My sweet Lucy Monroe 💛 being an empath makes me a better dog momma, friend, daughter, sister, business owner, and business coach because I can feel the emotions of others. This ability used to paralyze me when I didn’t understand how to manage my energy and differentiate between what was my stuff and the stuff of others. Now that I understand my ability, it’s such a gift because I can tune into what someone needs to hear... what they need to do to create massive change in their business (like tripling their income in a single month or signing their first couple of clients or raising their prices) but the best thing about this gift is how I can show up for my sweet little girl. Do you think you’re an empath? Comment yes if you are and tell me what your biggest struggle is! empath spiritual psychic anxiety overwhelm energy dog doglovers dogmom businessowner spiritualawakening spiritualgrowth spiritualbusiness entrepreneur

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Comment from Kandria:

"I had a girl with California eyes really thought she could be the one this time but I never got a chance to make her mine cuz she fell in love with little thin white lines" nofear confidenceIsKey ganjagirls spiritualgangster bayareababe freetobeme cannabiscommunity cannabisdiet lovethyself highlife empath justalilthick refuse2lose daddysgirl browneyedgirl medicated maryjaneandme 215compliant donttalkaboutitbeaboutit oldsoul caligrown

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