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Joslyn Lee


Comment from Joslyn Lee:

Yummy concentrates😏️😏️😏️😏️artist herb topshelflife headyart blunt dabcity borolove californialove weednation errlnation errlsquad letsdab keepitlit terps bakedbetch xxix popdglass popdglassart aquaazul waterspinner recycler keepitchronic boro boroassassin boroaficionadoinstaweed instahigh glass glassshop art @greenlightvapes @g9_daniel @g9_nicole

1 Hours ago

Wejuss Dropdagrahm


Comment from Wejuss Dropdagrahm:

To our IG fam gram we put this g note slab of forbiddenfruit (cherry pie x tangie) in the air. We are huge supporters of the cannabis community and movement sweeping the nation to re-legalize a medicinal plant that has strong healing properties. With notes of fresh fruits like mango and citrus along with the overall sweetness of the cherry pie leaves u with one of the most terpiest flavor profiles out there. Hit up the plugs ppl lets get this linalools and limonenes etc spread quick man like fig jam. wedontdabthesame weshouldsmoke bhomingamerica lostinthesauce loyaltotheoil terpatrait dabstagram errlsquad errlofig terpenes terpsonterps terpsfordays🍇🍋🍇🍌🍉🍊💦 terps dabbersdaily dabbers_unite eastcoastdabbers fuckthatsdelicious topshelflife nathanmiddleton mille murrine

3 Hours ago

#TerpShots #BoroBroker


Comment from #TerpShots #BoroBroker:

Just chillin watching dragon ball super for the rest of the night after this dab 😤 💎Custom Raptor by: @__goliath__ 💯 🌈Bubble cap by: @217_glass 💯 💎Banger from me: @chiefironlungz_pdx 📲 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TerpShots BoroBroker loyaltotheoil ChronicallyDank oregoonies errlsquad globsquad globmob globsdaily dailydabbers dabbingdaily puddlegang dabstagram710 ommp cannabiscommunity wfayo hazedlife blowingclouds worldreefers iwillmarrymary dabbers_unite staymedicated followme headydabber topshelflife topshelfonly weshouldsmoke puddlegang oprahsbookclub investinheadies goterrl

4 Hours ago



Comment from wanderingthecosmics:

Thank you @darkcrystal_clear for the cleaning solution that makes glass look brand new. Give them a follow and check out their solution. It will not disappoint. quartzbanger weshouldsmoke wanderingthecosmics errl errlsquad righteousvibes terps terpsauce indica onesmalldabformanonegiantslabformankind pnw positivevibes sativa dabs gettingstonedinthewoods kleinlove kleinrecycler cbd cosmiclung nature mytastebudsaredancing silika terpythursday 710photography

5 Hours ago



Comment from Memeologist™:

Indica or sativa?

5 Hours ago



Comment from immaculateglass:

Yung @gatoglass killed this little traveler collab! It’s available  710 dabs glassofig glassart dabsrus blow_smoke westcoastdabbers wfayo bho terpslut highlyeducated dab oil  errl errlsquad globsnob bestofglass

6 Hours ago

The BoloBoro gallery


Comment from The BoloBoro gallery:

Steal this pendant, shipped to you for 30$!!! DM us for more information!

7 Hours ago



Comment from immaculateglass:

Pastel green & Potion 🤤 W/ matching flower  710 dabs glassofig glassart dabsrus blow_smoke westcoastdabbers wfayo bho terpslut highlyeducated dab oil  errl errlsquad globsnob bestofglass

7 Hours ago

dab photographer


Comment from dab photographer:

whatyalldabbinon - chillin' tonight with some house made Rocket Fuel OG Shatter from WTF (3). . wheresthefire rocketfuelog mmj marijuana cannabis hashoil honeyoil wax shatter dab dabs dabart dabsociety dabstagram dabsofig dabsrus dailydab 710 710society 710somewhere 710gallery 710life cannabiscommunity cannabisculture cannabissociety errl errlsquad stoner terps

7 Hours ago

Tx Boro


Comment from Tx Boro:

We have one more minitube available made by @snicbarnes 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 amazing functionality and just as gorgeous to look at🔥💎🔥💎🔥💎🔥Shoot us a Dm with any questions or check it out at Txboro.com🙏🏼👌🏼🙏🏼 snicfadebowrrov16txboro710dabbersdailythehighsocietywyfaohrbnlifedabbersdiguestiwillmarrymarycannabiscommunityweshouldsmokeweedmapsnobunkjustfunkerrlsquadw420

9 Hours ago

Josh Porter


Comment from Josh Porter:

Makes sense that the cymbal banging dead monkey would want to hang at @gorillaradioss Hit em up!🐒

10 Hours ago



Comment from Frenchie:

Something about the dfo 😈🤩🤔💚💜🧡💧🌀♻️ quaveglass dfo2013 waterspinner pnw wedontsmokethesame keepitglassy thousanddollarsmoke dabeasy dabbersdaily dabbers_unite luxury420 w420 wfayo 420 710society high_larry_us highendglass glassart glassofig stonersnation stonersociety ffourtwenty hrbn_life ostf bhombingamerica kushconnections kushgoons dopefam errlsquad

10 Hours ago

Marketing Glass


Comment from Marketing Glass:

Repost @bakertheglassmaker AUC.TION go to @bakertheglassmaker page to bid ・・・ Yes!!! This is really happening!!!! 👌tag the person you outbid 👌 -There is a reserve -increments of your choice -do not bid if not ready -starts at $0 Ends when I feel like it 👊😎 Ready!!! Set!!! GO!!! Woohoo!!! This will be exciting!!! 😁🤗

10 Hours ago

No Names


Comment from No Names:

Super stoked on the new @ouchkick toilet qtip holder/ iso jar!! 🙌🙌🙌 . . . . __________________________________________________ ▶Accessories: Clear toilet qtip holder by @ouchkick __________________________________________________ . . . stopwatchgang qtipholder qtipjar qtip zachpglass zachp isojar sodope toiletgang

11 Hours ago

The Gigs


Comment from The Gigs:

hahahahaha yup -

11 Hours ago



Comment from og.mike710:

😂😂haha I'm sorry but fuck off cookies for 6 a zip. This ain't shatter we are talking here. That's more than 20 a gram all the way up. BernerTaxingOnAnotherCookiesStrain recreationalmarijuana illstaywithmyprop215 Wax Errl Nerrl Crumble NugRun 710 420 DabbersDaily DailyDabbers BhombingAmerica Wfayo HighSociety 710Society ErrlSquad Weedstagram Weedstagram420 Nugstagram TopShelf TopShelfLife CannabisCommunity Dank Terps Concentrate GlassOfIg DabGameProper

11 Hours ago



Comment from Cookies DYNAMICS OF CANNABIS:

Gg7 off the mayoral 🔥🔥🔥 Dynamicsofcannabissmugglersunion nodaysoffent highfivevape 710society 420life highlife highsociety hightimes instaweed weedstagram shattergram weshouldsmoke puffpuffpass weednation stonernation potheadsociety mainetrees cookiefam topshelflife shatter errlsquad cannabiscommunity medicate crackingnugs staylifted207 extracts fuego wfayo

11 Hours ago

Joe Wallander


Comment from Joe Wallander:

🔥🔥🔥🔥Getting back to production after a short break from the cold weather ❄️❄️❄️❄️ - - - - glassofig winter glassart prodo art glass glasspipes gtt mirage paragon f130 datumtoolco dabbersdaily dabs dabstagram instagram terps errl errlsquad 420 710 picoftheday photooftheday

12 Hours ago



Comment from Doug:

Ice cream ice cream @zombie_hand_studios w420 solventless terpx liveresin rawlife thc topshelflife thousanddollarsmoke youknowitsdank dabbersdaily onlysmokethefinest dailycannabis dank greatglobsociety stopdropandglob 420 dabs dabaholic dailydabbers bhombs bluntculture fueledbythc 710 fueledbybho errlsquad bhombingamerica

12 Hours ago

Josh Porter


Comment from Josh Porter:

These Potion cats are on their way to @smokensmoke.shop 🔮😼

13 Hours ago