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Em Sabecky


Comment from Em Sabecky:

Got that Thanksgiving workout in.. lovin my @constantly_varied_gear mermaid leggings!! womeninuniform progress cvgear chickswholift curlsforthegirls fitmom fitgirls fitnessfoxheadbands fitnessmotivation fitchick fitmilitarywomen gains girlswholift girlswhodisney inkedmilitary liftheavy livesoreambassador momswholift momstrength militarymom rbf squats swolemate sqautgoals sabeckydoeskorea

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BLE FoodDiary📔


Comment from BLE FoodDiary📔:

BREAKFAST Day 92 . 🔸Grains: 1oz oats 🔸Protein: 1/2 portion from peanutbutter granola 4oz natural yoghurt 🔸Fruit: 6oz banana and berries . absaremadeinthekitchen ble bledinner blelunch breakfast brightlinebites brightlineeating cleaneating cleanfood dietfood dinner eatrealfood fitmom getfit glutenfree healthyeating healthyfood instafood looseweight lunch naturalfood noflour nosugar slimmingworld spisdegfri sugarfree weightloss weightwatchers wholefood 14daychallenge

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Juanita T


Comment from Juanita T:

Love the morning jog, swim and awesome view in the mornings strongwomen stronggirl crossfit crossfitgirl crossfitmom fitmom fitnesslife fitnessmom motivate inspire train traininsane supafitsa supafitza

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Comment from cassie:

Awesome roll today with this lady! @charice.nicole nofilter mouthguardsmile evolvesingapore evolvemma bjjhair bjjforlife bjjgirls bjj bjjsingapore keeprolling singaporemommy singaporefitness fitmom fitnessislife oss nopretense

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Comment from BFitTribe:

Thursday Morning and I'm ready to do this Cardio and Weights workout. See you at the other side 💪 fitforlife fitlifestyle fitwomen fitness fit fitnessmotivation fitjourney bfittribe fitspiration noexcuses fitfam fitmom fitmum getfit instafitness fitmama mum dedicated motivated sweat sweaty fitspo believeinyourself lesmills beachbody homeworkouts fitmotivation workout exercise

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Riley Cooper


Comment from Riley Cooper:

Our pops @ssg_welcker is a BLC instructor at Camp Williams. Every cycle when his students graduate this little girl goes and shows her support. She knows the army song word for word and sings it proud. She also enjoys giving the soldiers knucks and telling them they did a good job. This last class Lani couldn’t make it out so she sent them a video for pops to play to his students. The video they sent back is so awesome. She was so excited they saluted her back. I am blessed to be apart of a military family and have these amazing experiences. Remember tomorrow as you enjoy thanksgiving with your family there are soldiers away from theirs. We are always and forever thankful for them and all they do♥️🇺🇸💙. thankyouforyourservice thanksgiving thankful blessed usa military army armynationalguard navy usmc airforce utah armyfamily armystrong daughter kids supportourtroops cute love example proudfamily patriotic proudmommy mom fitmom fitfam family blc swipeleft video

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makan nasi pun boleh kurus la


Comment from makan nasi pun boleh kurus la:

CHUBBY SIKIT TAK APA...TAPI BILA TERLEBIH LEBIH MONTEL JANGAN BIARKAN! . Macam mana nak tau badan kita ni sebenarnya kategori apa. Keding, slim, chubby, chunky ataupun rangka besar?! . Cari tahu info BMI korang. Very simple hanya masukkan data tinggi dan berat dan apps tu berikan value. Apps apa tu kakak? Biasanya kakak pakai apps BMI calculator. . Kalau BMI korang di tahap normal👍🏻Alhamdulillah! Tapi kalau lebih daripada 24.5 BMI itu dah tergolong dalam tahap overweight. Chubby sikit tak apa asalkan masih di tahap normal BMI tapi...kalau montel sangat tak comel ler😝 . Baju sendat, mula ternak lemak sana sini dan bila berjalan jauh sikit tu cepat penat. Cer cek BMI korang kat kategori mana...dah tau komen di bawah! . getfitnowonline Hafiz Azahari 0133151113 . tips onlinediet onlinecoaching menudiet tipsdiet tipskurus shahalam subangjaya malaysia breakfast mudahterhibur jomkurus jk1m jomkurus1malaysia kuruscepat kurusdancantik kurussebelumraya kurussebelumkahwin kurusselepasbersalin nakcantik perutkempis perutbuncit omm workout viral transformation fitmom

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Megan Cameron


Comment from Megan Cameron:

When your post run recovery session involves squats, sprints and star jumps. hellno sprints squats booty ❤️ starjumps instafit recoverysesh postcardio feeltheburn fitmum fitmom fitspo fitnation summer

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Chelsea Johnson


Comment from Chelsea Johnson:

Day 26 🍁🍂🌲🍂🍁 Yay!! I am finally almost back to full health! Nick's crew was voluntold to go on a hike today and invite their families. So we all met up in Auburn around 9 and did a very leisurely 2 mile hike to this cute lil waterfall. I got a lil winded and woozy a few times, but I cannot believe how much I needed fresh air after being bedridden for so many days. ❤ Bonus: I made a new mom friend too! 😀🎉 And I think this picture of us turned out super cute!! Here's hoping that I will be ready for fitness again after Turkey Day. 🤞👐🤞

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Anne Anderson


Comment from Anne Anderson:

Good hair and skin comes from what goes into your body as well as what you use on the outside. And it takes consistent use or time with any changes you make to see the results. 3 months is a good rule of thumb. You cannot expect to eat well one day and wake up with glowing skin and healthy flowing locks. The same goes for supplements and other products. Don't expect miracles over night. Be consistent and be honest with yourself about how you are taking care of your body. . . . . . . . . . rawproteingreensdairyfreebeautyconsistentchangehealthybodyhealthyhairhealthyskinhealthynailsfitbodymombodmomlifemomprenuersentreprenuersgoalsfitgoalsfitmomproteinlookbetterfeelbettergoodskinfitnessbehonestgratefulgrattitudeabundancetakecareofyourselffirsttakecareofyourbody

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Comment from Chrissy:

Nothing keto about this thanksgiving treat and I can't wait 🙌. thanksgiving dessert fitmom momlife fitness love girlswithtattoos girlswholift yummy treatyoself

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Comment from ᗩᑎITᗩ:

goodmorning ihr lieben💛💛 wünsche euch einen schönen kleinen Freitag 🤗chocolatechips nosugar healthy cleaneating cleanfood foodstagram fitfood fitness fitlife fitmom fitfam breakfast frühstück sportlife sporty instarun runnersofinstagram runnerslife workingmom workworkwork xucker fruits trauben kleinerfreitag

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Karen 🇨🇦


Comment from Karen 🇨🇦:

Yasss fitgirlnachos 😍😍😍 so delish 👌 fitgirlsguide 28dayjumpstart fgg fitkinibodychallenge fitgirl fitgirlrevolution fitgirlfood fitgirlsworldwide fitmom fitgirlcommunity fitgirlmom fitgirlsdontquit fitgirlsunite fitgirlfamily fitgirlscanada motivated gettingfit goaldigger canadianfitgirl fitgirlfollow weightlossjourney beyourownfitgirl fitgirlvibes fitgirlintersession cleaneating progressnotperfection fitgirlscookbook fitgirlfood fitgirlscook nachos

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Chris Curtis


Comment from Chris Curtis:

Family movie night!! gains fitness fitdad fitmom fitfam lift lifting building weightlifting weights npc eatcleantraindirty foodporn food mensphysique gym train fit40 transformation muscles movie family

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Swole U Fitness Training™


Comment from Swole U Fitness Training™:

ThanksGiving Eve is all about Family!! @a.merc_ Follow @Swoleufit For Motivational Tips and Workout Plans!! DM Me for Details! swoleufit fitmom fitness fit fitspo mensfitness train gym weightloss girlsthatlift gains gymfreak gymrat fitnessgoals fitlife crossfit personaltrainer fitnessjourney instafit love eatclean motivation workout diet bodybuilder fitnessmodel fitnesslifestyle fitfam followme thinblueline

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Comment from musclevogue:

Targeted glutes, hammies, and (my nonexistent) calves tonight. Late nights sessions when I’m too busy during the day orrrrrr because I have social anxiety and hate a busy gym 😂 momswholift momwholift fitmomsofig fitness fitmom fitmama fitmomsofig fitnessmotivation instagramfitness fitmoms latenight gymmotivation glutes hammies calves legworkout beautygram beautyblogger girlswholift girlswithmuscle weightlifting gymselfie thanksgiving longdays

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Shawna Hyde 💚 Be You.


Comment from Shawna Hyde 💚 Be You.:

Be a flower. You are your own competition. As long as you are doing the best you possibly can do becoming your best version no one can tell you different. When you start getting attacked or haters are coming out of the wood works you know you are rising above all of the foolishness they once identified you with and it scares them that you are becoming better and they are just watching from the sidelines beYou getBetter strength love RealWomenDontHateTheyRise LadyBoss mom fitmom momof2 herbalife healthyandhappy strongoverskinny fitness motivated2dominate health gym exercise love haveyouhadyourshaketoday doubletap follow energy laugh beyou smile beconfident bedififferent shakethirty BrynzLeaandBerylDeasMommy

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Tiffany Martinez


Comment from Tiffany Martinez:

My new recipe this year. 🦃 Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins🦃 I love baking and wish I could do it all the time, but I would probably be the size of a whale if I did. So holidays and special occasions is enough. 😁

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JesBeFit Fitness Studio


Comment from JesBeFit Fitness Studio:

7 days of health gratitude JesBeThankful • • Day 6:7 MENTAL HEALTH! Grateful to have been led to powerful woman like @joannagarzilli on my spiritual journey and to learn “when you apply forgiveness to your mistakes and to those of others in your life, you will experience a new sense of freedom . When you recognize that your past experiences had a purpose, you’ll feel good about stepping outside of your comfort zone and be willing, and even eager, to take the risks you need to take to achieve your big miracles “ ——Joanna Garzilli . . . . . Myself and fellow trainers, clients, friends, family members, even strangers are on a quest of discovering forgotten daily blessings. Starting a few days ago we are posting at least 1 thing we are grateful for regarding our health...Creating a powerful 7 days leading to a blissful thanksgiving day! • • 🤝JOIN US and send your daily gratitude to change many attitudes! 📲DM, 📧EMAIL, 📱TXT or 🤳🏼COMMENT and I will SHARE‼️TAG TAG TAG JesBeThankful and @jesbefit

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R e g i n a


Comment from R e g i n a:

В сторис голосов о публикации вот этого завтрака было больше за чем против так что вот 😍📝 Завтрак на любителя👩🏼‍🍳amorenvivocooking 1/2 стакана Киноа 1 1/2 стакан воды 💦 1-2 яблока 2 маленькие ложки корицы Мёд 🍯 Почистить и нарезать яблоки Киноа+вода+яблоки в кастрюльку и на газ до кипения, как вода забурлит прикрыть крышкой на медленном огне 15-20мин, яблоки должны стать мягкие а каша остаться без воды, посыпать корицей, перемешать, разложить порции и залить мёдом по вкусу😊 Приятного аппетита дорогие♥️

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