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stranger things


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Omg this is the best video😭😂❤️ strangerthings strangerthings2 strangerthingstv finnwolfhard milliebobbybrown waitingforseason3 mileven 011 noahschnapp calebmclaughlin gatenmatarazzo gainpost gaintrick sadiesink mikewheeler eleven elevenandmike dustinhenderson lucassinclair davidharbour charlieheaton fillie

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Frida & Sasha


Comment from Frida & Sasha:

Selfie Frida . . . . . instacat instacats lovercat cats cat animals gainpost like4like

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Comment from djwoimoz:

On @jvstmeli (COMMENT ON IT TOO) gainpost gaintrick gaintrain

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fb or unf


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Comment " 2 " if playing.

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selena gomez


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Gigi Hadid & Bella Hadid 🌹


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Victoria's Secret 👼🏼 Angels


Comment from Victoria's Secret 👼🏼 Angels:

MOOD! 💖 1 day to go and the excitement is getting real! — tomorrow I'll post everythiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing about the VSFS on my stories and my profile so I'll spam you guys a little bit (hope you won't be mad at me lol), I'll post backstage madness, vsfs footage and HQs pictures of the outfits so yeah, if you don't want to miss anything about the show then follow me ( @onlyvictoriassecret)

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lia|”I Love You”☁️


Comment from lia|”I Love You”☁️:

Everyone is so inactive 😪 — — — — — — — —— — rct join grp loren gray beech lorenbeechlorengray ily babyarielarielmartin zachclayton bruhitszachduhitzmark markthomas muserarianagrande justinbieber alissavioletgainpost gaintrick lfl ffllike4likebadandboujeealissavioletjacobsartoriusi

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Comment from -Nora✨:

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Klinik De Nature official


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selena gomez


Comment from selena gomez:

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- aliyah ♡


Comment from - aliyah ♡:

hi , trash edit & no wm , whats good? sighs im running out of things to edit || @loren @lorenxgray @lorens.mom @reallylorensdad _ angelsquad | loren | lorengray | lorengraybeech | lgb | beech | babyariel | jacobsartorius | muser | muserqueen | socialmediaqueen | musicallyapp | musicallys | musicallywars | lorengrayedit | YouTube | YouTuber | gaintrick | gainpost | gaintrain | inshot | blakegray | jacksonkrecioch | tylerbrown | arianagrande | bhadbabie | justinbieber | lorenscreativeangels

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35 daysss🎅🏻


Comment from 35 daysss🎅🏻:

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Ariana Grande ✧*ೃ༄


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multifandom ☁️


Comment from multifandom ☁️:

{Suicide Squad} • I love my baby girl 💕 ~~~ suicidesquad harleyquinn harleenquinzel margotrobbie dc dccomics dceu l4l like4like likeforlike f4f followforfollow follow4follow gaintrick gainpost

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Comment from 220817💖:

silly girl

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- loren follows✨


Comment from - loren follows✨:

Goodnight I I love this angel so much💗 - @loren @lorenxgray loren angelsquad lorensangels

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Zayn Malik Nepal


Comment from Zayn Malik Nepal:

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jessica #16


Comment from jessica #16:

it’s 6:45am for me and i’ve been up all night but i wanted to appreciate you , i wanna appreciate you for so many things one of them is for taking me back in your life the second one is making me really happy and i’m sorry about last night i was idk but you make really happy happier than i’ve ever been you’re the best you’re really caring loyal generous and kind guy i’m glad we have this bestfriend relationship type of thing but anyways anything that has to do with you puts a smile on my face literally when me and pablo are otp most of the time you’re mainly the topic or me gassing your fine ass up and shit but i appreciate your precious ass so fucking much i hope by the time you read this you have a good actually not good AMAZING day because you deserve it you won’t have to worry about leaving because i need you you’re my main happiness without you i would be completely lost i won’t let anything or anyone come between us i promise forever and always 💛

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Slime,clay,squishes and more


Comment from Slime,clay,squishes and more:

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