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Comment from Dainera:

Probably not a very good shot but yes I have them both pierced and I am proud of over coming my fear and having them done. It’s been almost a year since I’ve had them and I love them with all my soul selfie me girlswithpiercings piercedmom piercedgirl pierced piercings nipplepiercing nipplepiercing nipplepiercings nipplerings sexy cute model instamodel instagood instagram instalove instalike bodymod bodypositive

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Julez Venom


Comment from Julez Venom:

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Adhara Griffin


Comment from Adhara Griffin:

By: The Red Velvet Photography para Living Dead Girls professionalphotography pinkhair girlswithpiercings kneesocks

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Bambi Legs


Comment from Bambi Legs:

Havent taken a selfie in a while. So youll have to put up with a picture that looks very similar to one ive already posted before until i can actually be bothered/not too sick to take one.😂 Will probably delete this anyway 👌 . . . girlswithpiercings girlswithplugs verticallabret septumpiercing twat alternative

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Comment from C O L V I N:

Having a work place that loves and supports you, family that are proud to see how much happier I’ve grown over the year and friends that understand you through your complex hatred of people and love for the simple things is all that I could ever want in life and more. 💕 ~ ~ ~ love girlswithtattoos girlswithdyedhair girlswithpiercings pinkhair girlswithpinkhair pinkhairdontcare luvo goodthings goodvibes ootd workchristmasparty content itsgiveandtake

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Sierra Mercenia


Comment from Sierra Mercenia:

The best nights are sushi nights. 🍣

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Livet Ifølge Josephine


Comment from Livet Ifølge Josephine:

If I'm just a friend, why do I know what your lips feel like? If I'm just a friend, if I'm just a friend, then my camera must be telling lies. If I'm just a friend, then you must just be crazy baby 👌🏻 livetifølgejosephine denmark danmark girlswithtattoos girlswithpiercings

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Comment from Skick:

Better listen, keep your distance from the crimson ❤️

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Tatted n Sexy


Comment from Tatted n Sexy:

💜💕🔫 . . . . . . . throwback mohawk purplehair colorfulhair ak47 headtattoos curles punk punkgirl punkrock girlswithpiercings girlwithtattoos septum girlswithink tattoo alternativegirl shavedhead sd cali socal

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Juliean Hollyweird 18+


Comment from Juliean Hollyweird 18+:

I missed Hump Day... It's Thursday at 12:15am in Alberta hollyweird yyc 403 calgary canadiangirls bootyclub booty🍑 bootybootybooty hump humpday bootyfull firgirls fitness cheeky knuckletattoos fingertattoos handtattoos inked inkedgirls inkedbabes tattooedbabes babesofinstagram follow me selfie girls girlswithpiercings girlswithink pierced girlswithtattoos

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Lezlee Morgan<3


Comment from Lezlee Morgan<3:

Sassy. 🥀 . . . . . . . . alternativegirl photooftheday instafamous instagay tumblrgirl tumblr girlsofinsta girlswithpiercings redhairdontcare lgbtq

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🌙J€SS¥ H2O


Comment from 🌙J€SS¥ H2O:

Because we all need some nomakeup and nofilter photos on our page! - - - - - artist reality inward focus manifest creative buddhist witch weirdo spiritual growth progress meditation selflove hardwork dreads dreadstyles dreadlocks hippie metalhead girlswithdreads girlswithpiercings piercings tattoos girlswithtattoos bodymods greeneyes eyes

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Comment from dayla.shay:

💜💕🔫 . . . . . . . throwback mohawk pompadour hair purplehair colorfulhair ak47 headtattoos curles punk punkgirl punkrock girlswithpiercings girlwithtattoos septum girlswithink tattoo alternativegirl shavedhead sd cali socal

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Yotsuba Suicide


Comment from Yotsuba Suicide:

What about a bootie appreciation? 🌚🍑 subscribe to my patreon to see more sexy vids! → patreon.com/yotsubagirl

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Lezlee Morgan<3


Comment from Lezlee Morgan<3:

Some more photos from the same place. Lol . . . . . . . tumblrgirl tumblr instafamous instagay girlsofinsta girlswithpiercings lgbtq photooftheday makeupgirl alternativegirl

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Comment from ✨🔮✨:

Tired but happy 😁 selfie bedtime blackandwhiteselfie girlswithglasses girlswithpiercings girlswithtattoos chickswithink tattooedandpierced smile sotd happygirl prettygirl prettygirlswagg confidenceissexy sexyaf

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Comment from ☯Shane♛:

Gimme your shotgun kisses. lesbian homoflexible girlswhokissgirls girlswholikegirls girlswithdreads girlswithgreeneyes prettyeyes makeup eyeliner tattoos tattoo tatted girlswithtattoos chesttattoos shouldertattoos piercings piercing girlswithpiercings liprings snakebites nosering eyebrowring bedroomeyes stonergirls stonerbabes cannabiscommunity tonguering lips420

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Alternative As Fuk


Comment from Alternative As Fuk:

Alternative As Fuk features Model: ivy @ivywillgrowonyou Shes looking for Photographers contact if interested!!! Wanna be featured just tag or use altasfuk Alternativeasfuk altpress juggalette altmodels Alternativemodel models sexy hot phillyhair phillyart naughty tattooedgirls inkedgirl inkedgirls girlswithtattoos suicidegirls inked girlswithink makeup altgirls girlswithpiercings girlswithtats tattooidea inkedmag inkedmodel inkedphilly makeupoftheday

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Comment from Punkilicious:

Badass Skelechick 📸☞ @____alternative_models : ~ Featuring: @xbatqueen Please follow 💚 • • • indiescene girlswithpiercings alternativehair alternative girlswithdyedhair alternativegirl colorfulhair greenhair pastelgoth pastelhair emogirl emohair emo scenegirl scenehair scene hair piercings pierced piercedgirls alternativemodels alternativeboys alternativequeen alternativestyle love cute model girlswithtattoos

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Krystal Smith


Comment from Krystal Smith:

Feeling nostalgic at the Palmer House 😍 palmerhouse chicago downtownchicago littleblackdress girlswithglasses girlswithpiercings nostalgic

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