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David MacDonald.... CGD.


Comment from David MacDonald.... CGD.:

marblesofig miblife airtrap glass_of_ig headyglass holidaymarket Eugene oregonglass bestofglass glassmaps glassheads marbleforsale glassforsale. Another hidden gem I have down here at the Eugene Holiday Market. Booth 61. Come see me all weekend next weekend after your blackfriday madness.

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Michael Svenson


Comment from Michael Svenson:

🔥 Sunday Auction 🔥 2 posts back Bi-directional cap 🧢 Two intakes and two release holes 180 degrees apart so you hit the sweet spot with no delay. 👌👊 Rules are: - Starts at $100 - Minimum increments of $20 - Ends when I call it. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Every $200 I receive in these auctions provides me with 1 day of professional study of the 🎶guzheng 🎶 with masters in Asia. glass_of_ig glassart svenglass pendants_of_ig pendantsofig glassofig glass_of_ig glassflower glassartwork glassauction glassauctions glassauctionsdaily glassauctionsofig glassauctionofig kilninit svensteez artappreciation auctionsofig headypendant glassflowers eastcoastdabbers westcoastdabbers dabbersofig dabbersdaily

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NE Glass Art


Comment from NE Glass Art:

Which color do you prefer?? Purple Lolipop or NS19 Torus with 4x SOL Perk by @donoglass / @fatboyglass Shown here with an XL @evanshorebangers Available now NEGLASSART.COM Black Friday Sale : 15% OFF EVERYTHING (Code:November15) glassofig fatboyglass purplelollipop headyglass oprahsbookclub slowdrain eastcoastdabbers 710society 710 glasspipes donoglass solperk neglassart solperk glass_of_ig terps lowtempdabs

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David MacDonald.... CGD.


Comment from David MacDonald.... CGD.:

kleinwars available eugene holiday market saturdaymarket glass_of_ig oprahsbookclub bestofglass dabbersdaily glassheads glassmaps oregonglass Come see me at Booth 61. Lots of cool new stuff for the holidays.

23 Minutes ago

The Rig Depot


Comment from The Rig Depot:

Hey Instafam😄 **Please read all the rules👇🏼 before placing a bid** We’re hosting a 👉🏼No Reserve👈🏼 📢Auction📢 for this 10mm Banger Hanger by @timezglass It stands 7” tall, has a hand formed female joint, and unique 3 Hole Diffy that chops🚁 up bubbles🤘🏼 The shaping on this beauty looks clean👌🏼 with some nice curves and a comfortable mouthpiece. It definitely shines☀️ in the function department💯 without a bit of splash🚫 Remember there’s No Reserve, so any bid placed could be the winner. Please bid on this page👇🏼 if you’re interested. Good Luck🍀🍀 and thanks for looking🙏🏼🙏🏼✌🏼 🔶🔶Rules🔶🔶 1️⃣ This Auction ️⃣ 431 Starts Now and Ends in about 24 Hours from Opening Bid or When I Call It 2 Starting bid is $0 and please bid in increments of $10 or more 3 No Reserve 4 10 Minute Snipe Rule in Place 5 $10 for Shipping📬 6 Please be ➡️PayPal or Venmo⬅️ Ready Before Bidding🙏🏼🙏🏼 and Able to Pay Promptly When The Auction Ends 7 Only Serious Bidders Please!! If You Can't Pay, Then Don't Play🚫 Deleting your Bid, Not Following These Rules or Failure to Make Timely Payment💰 = Blocked From Future Giveaways and Auctions rigdepot glassofig glass_of_ig glassforsale glassauction glassauctions boroforsale minitube bangerhanger high_larry_us weshouldsmoke oprahsbookclub weedstagram420 dabbers_unite dabbersdaily topshelflife boroballers headyglass boro fueledbythc rig rigs stonergirl bestofglass terps instaglass glasscommunity ostf glasslife bhombingamerica

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Comment from dapper_dabz:

Send it😎 Was defiantly Terpy as tits👌😤😂 @the_elusive_snorlax and @theofficialdabjesus tryna make me go night night on this saucy derb😵😤💎 @steve_sizelove x @chipglass exosphere collab owned by the homie @the_elusive_snorlax 💎🙏😎🔥 terpyastits stevesizelove chipglass toroglass torocorereactor glass_of_ig headyglass girlswhodab weshouldsmoke eastcoastdabbers bestofglass hightimes highsociety dabaholic dabstagram 710 glassofig fueledbybho midwestdabbers bhombingamerica thousanddollarsmoke oprahsbookclub 710community loyaltotheoil liveresin cannabiscommunity freshsqueezeddaily dailydabbers dabbers_unite fueledbythc

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Comment from weirdbadnugly:

Dr Satan pendant is up for AUCTION right now and couple posts back! 💀📿💀 happy sunday! glassauction liveauction skullpendant drsatan skull thedevil horns glassart borosilicate glasspendant glass_of_ig pendantsofig glassblowing wbnuglass

1 Hours ago

Function Junction Headies


Comment from Function Junction Headies:

Tonight’s piece came from @roneglass & @gabemac_glass 🤙🏻. Function videos coming soon roneglass gabemacglass functionjunctionheadies

1 Hours ago

Ryder Glass


Comment from Ryder Glass:

@levicarterglass is having a two day class at mickelsen studios Dec. 2-3. There are still a couple of spaces available. Includes food and lodging. Hit up @mickelsen_studios if you are interested!

1 Hours ago

All I do, Every day of my life


Comment from All I do, Every day of my life:

skrillinger tube. $800 shipped. glassporn glassauction glass4sale glass4trade glassforsale glass_of_instagram glass_of_ig boromarket glassporn 710society orangesoda orangehill weshouldsmoke stopdropandglob pendantsofinstagram bangerhanger minitube smokewell stoner globmob midsgang terps blunt kush medibles mmmp ommp

1 Hours ago

Straight Path Jewlz


Comment from Straight Path Jewlz:

@rickeywashington @kamasiwashington @iampatricequinn We Specialize In CUSTOM DICHRO Pieces. SPJ ❤ straightpathjewlz oneofakind handmadenecklace wearableart unique Jewelry Jewelryforsale forsale supportsmallbusiness spiritual positive glassonig beadwork dichro customjewelry fashion glassofig IslamicArt glass_of_ig HipHop Godhop straightpathjewlz @gmail.com to or 413-687-8758

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Michael Dorr


Comment from Michael Dorr:

@dr.seuscio @wookinc going live soon to help a real wookingclasshero headyauctions stpete weedporn topshelflife glassofig weshouldsmoke dabbersdaily dablife headyglass onlysmokethefinest glassforsale glassporn headyart bestofglass functionalglassart glass_of_ig floridaglass headyglass

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Martha Proctor - Liquid Sand


Comment from Martha Proctor - Liquid Sand:

✨🌸Auction🌸✨ Pink Slyme and Secret White floral design 4.5” dry hammer. I’m starting this one a little late in the day, so it will most likely go until tomorrow. I'll give an hour or two warning before I start to call the end of the auction. •Bid in the comments •Tag the person you outbid •Bidding starts at $40 •Auction ends when I call it •18+ Only. •Add $5 for USPS Priority shipping. glassauction glassofig pipesofig pipesofinstagram boroofig bestofglass headyglass glasslife glasslove boro massglass boro4sale boroaddict dabbersdaily glass_of_ig glasspipes glasspipesforsale dabachusetts boroauction marthaproctor liquidsandstudio

1 Hours ago

Pipe Dreamz Smoke Shop


Comment from Pipe Dreamz Smoke Shop:

2 Hours ago

The Rig Depot


Comment from The Rig Depot:

Much love to @dabratlabs for the support👊🏼 He made a couple videos, showing off his new 14mm Pear 2.0🍐 by @sensiglass Here’s 1 of his videos, I snagged, that shows off the clean design and top notch function💯 He has another video on his feed showing it stack bubbles in slow-mo🤘🏼We still have 2 14mm Pears up for grabs, including the 1️⃣st one made in this series🙌🏼 If you have any questions or are interested in one, please DM us. Thanks🙏🏼✌🏼 rigdepot glassofig glass_of_ig glassforsale bangerhanger minitube buyboro boroforsale high_larry_us oprahsbookclub dabstagram dabbers_unite dabsrus dabbersdaily topshelflife dailydabbers boroballers headyglass boro fueledbybho rig rigs stonergirl bestofglass stonergirl bhombingamerica instaglass glasscommunity 710feed wedontsmokethesame ostf

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Hugh Glass


Comment from Hugh Glass:

hughglass hughhammer fumedglass fume glassforsale glass_of_ig glassofig

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by Whitney Harmon Glass


Comment from by Whitney Harmon Glass:

First person to comment dibs gets this custom suckypanther inspired 10/90 male @thermochromicbucket that will come with a 14mm adapter. $325 includes usps priority shipping in the US. Huge thanks to @suckytattoos for all the amazing & terrible content! Cold worked and shot by @borophoto. Thanks for looking! glassofig glass_of_ig glassporn glassart boroart headyart headyglass whitneyharmonglass bestofglass rigsquad 710society glassfeatures artoftheday oprahswookclub glassphotography boroporn oprahsbookclub artofig graphy 710 picoftheday art post thermochromicbucket

2 Hours ago

Adam Pacini


Comment from Adam Pacini:

Get orders in before it's too late. 🙏❤️🐙octopus available uv millie coconut brozay itsnotwhatyousmokeitshowyousmokeit oceanlife ocean headyglasssandblasting thousandollarsmoke rigsofigoprahsbookclub glass_of_ig glassart glassporn glassmaps girlswhosmoke glassofig Paciniglass

2 Hours ago

Eternal Quartz


Comment from Eternal Quartz:

Repost the homie @pressin.fosho taking fresh pressed to a whole new level with the @eternal_quartz @quartzinsert . . . I’ve been thinking about doing it for some time now. I remember watching a video hitting it freshoffthepress with a nectar straw and full set up.. Here’s my alternative way. Collecting fresh drippings of blackwidow fresh off the @sasquashrosinpress in the @quartzinsert as I heat up the @eternal_quartz with the new @gethigherstandards @blazerproducts And sealing it with my 30mm @hoyesquartzllc terp cap🙏🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽😁 EternalQuartz . . . . . . . . justblazeighigh_larry_ushightimestopshelfstankyydankyydailydabberseastcoastdabberswestcoastdabbersheadyglassstonerlifemeltshotsolventlessrosintechterpenesclaritycountsterpsbhombingamericafueledbythcrosindabpornshatterFueledByBHO 710societyliveresinglobsdabstagramwedontsmokethesamehightimesmagazinethousanddollarsmoke

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CT Glass Artist


Comment from CT Glass Artist:

New style dabber I'm workin on, point end and scoop. Color is sunset slyme. Hope everyone has a goodnight. dzglasss glassofig glassofinstagram glass_of_ig glassart glass_art glassforsale glass4sale 4salesale eastcoastglass functionalglass glassblowing lampworking fume gold spacetech dabber dabbersdaily spacedabber appreciate

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