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Comment from ZoeMarie:

Look at that green 😍👌🏼 pipes stoner weed greens thatgreenstuff pothead bud glasspipes

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Comment from PersuasionandEffects:

Repost @instaglass.daily ・・・ Picture credit @bestofglass ***** @koreyglass glass_of_ig glassart glassofig glassblower glasspipes glassblowing headyglass glassblowersofig handblownglass

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Comment from HeadieKent:

Repost @theborovault ( @get_repost) ・・・ •••••••••••Enter to win!!•••••••••••• 🔥🚨💥GIVEAWAY ALERT💥🚨🔥 It's time for another giveaway! We love all the people in this community that support us and it's time to give back! Help us get to 1k followers and this @envyglassdesigns single arm recycler could be yours!! ________________________________________ To enter you must complete the following: 1️⃣Must be following @theborovault 2️⃣Must be of age and ready with proof of age 3️⃣Like&REPOST this picture with the tag 1kgiveaway and @theborovault 4️⃣Tag 3 friends (no private or giveaway pages) 5️⃣🏆Winner will be randomly selected 🏆 GOODLUCK and thank you all for the love and support!! ________________________________________ glassgiveaway glassofig glass_of_ig functionalglassart glassart oprahsbookclub thousanddollarsmoke headyglass headyart glassporn glasslife glasspipes boroofig boro borosilicate rigsofig glassblowing glasspipe glass 710 420 wooklife heady headysociety dabs oprahsbookclub oprahswookclub glassforsale

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The Machine aka Tim Wilson


Comment from The Machine aka Tim Wilson:

Black Friday sale going on NOW! EVERYTHING in my shop 20% OFF Through Friday. Get over there fast for best selection. Do all your holiday shopping in one place. Store link on profile. themachineglass boroporn glassporn glassblowing glassart boroartist glassofig glassforsale glassfamily glasspipes stonernation sale cannabis terps 710society globs 710 rosin bigdabs topshelflife dablife 420nation 420 blackfriday bluntlife blunt rollingtip blunttip blackfridaysale

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Comment from Weedbasket:

Weedbasket® Lifestyle of the green rush. Stay high my friends..... ______________________________________weedbasket weed weedporn pipes pipe pot marijuana cannabis buds dabs cbd thc extracts stoner greenrush kush kushlife highlife bongs glasspipes rich rollsroyce phantom indica sativa hydro nevada madkush mk wb

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Patrick Flynn


Comment from Patrick Flynn:

💨💨💨💨💨atlvape vapelife vape smokeshop headshops glasspipes waterpipes

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Comment from MK ULTRA:

Phone is about to die. Almost done with this uv reversal spoon. Doing some more side work on it but dabbin first. Cheers! From MK Ultra @BeansAndBeads

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Patrick Flynn


Comment from Patrick Flynn:

Almost time to close up shop!! 😙💨💨💨💨 doworkson atlvape vapelife vape smokeshop glassblowing glasspipes handpipe waterpipe hookah shiaha headshop 710kingpen dabsketball dabsallday dabsallnight 710kingpen

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Patrick Flynn


Comment from Patrick Flynn:

Just a friendly reminder!! Vape on!!!✊🏼✊🏼😙💨💨💨💨 thanks for the likes and the follows!! It's been a long week adjusting to this new work schedule!!😴😴💯atlvape vapelife vape smokeshop glasspipes handpipes waterpipes 710society 420 dabsketball dabsallday dabsallnight graphicks

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Smoke Signals


Comment from Smoke Signals:

Empire Glassworks Pokemon rig with decorative quartz honey bucket and carb cap. empireglass empireglassworks pipe pipes artisticglass glasspipe dabrig glasspipes pipesmoking waterpipe waterpipes smokeshop smoking dabbersdaily dab dabs 710 710life dabbers_unite dabstagram 420life 710society dabbersunite 420lifestyle 420 instasmoke smokesignalsart smokesignals instapipe instadab

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Joe Montana


Comment from Joe Montana:

Still like it.. ish 420 glassmaps glassofig headyglass glassart topshelflife oprahsbookclub boro weedstagram 710 etsy spokaneblows glassporn glasspipes glasspipesforsale dabfam dabsociety dabstagram auctionsofig artisan highend style 710society errl smoke smoking bong joemontanaglass

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Comment from JenRenGlass:

No more Fukin around. humble dabs 710 art glass glassart glassofig boro 420 boroforsale glasspipes glassporn localartist dabbersdaily headyglass headyart buylocal sdglassblowers jenrenglass bestofglass 914 858 619 Socal ny glassheady sdglass

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Dobbie Wan (Alex Dobbie)


Comment from Dobbie Wan (Alex Dobbie):

What's up folks! Check out these ornaments I'm making! I'm taking part in the 30-day challenge from The Art of Charm, and part of that is an immersion weekend, which for me is to dive deep in production style working in the studio. I'm still not as consistent as i would like, so this could help. I'm making 100 ornaments in two days! And most will be simple, but a bunch are these pipe-ornaments! Check them out! Have a great Thanksgiving this week folks, and don't forget your local glass artist this Christmas when looking for gifts! ornaments glassornaments dobbiewanglass helenaglass montanaglass dabtool dabpipe dabpipes dab glasspipes boropipes glassforsale borosale honeystraw smokeweed glassofig dabber boro productionglass prodo pipes 710 710pipes

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Comment from PipesFromTheForest:

Nice 🔥🔥🔥 colored sherly to add to your collection. 420 weshouldsmoke headyart glassforsale glassofig glasspipes sherlock pipe cannabiscommunity smoke letsgethigh

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formally known as jrl_glass


Comment from formally known as jrl_glass:

Getting some work in another Sunday came and gone ... I love what I do i am truly blessed to have the opportunities that I do because of @kira_glass_ @rafael_glass and everything they do have a great night 420 710society weed weedstagram glass glassofig glasspipes miglass micrew thcbeauties localglass bud dab glasslife medicalpandas multiverseglass blessed

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Chareen F.


Comment from Chareen F.:

YOU'RE INVITED TO THE GRAND OPENING OF TORCH SMOKES N' VAPES BLACK FRIDAY SEE YOU THERE!!! SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES... torchsmokesnvapes grandopening smokeshop cleveland lakeshore blackfriday vapelife cigars vapecommunity 216 vape vapefamily vapenation smok greenroads raw cbd cbdoil hookahs ecigs glasspipes

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Comment from Chui:

Kief bowl featuring my new song! if you haven't heard it yet the link is in my bio go check it out!

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Bahia Bulldogs LLC


Comment from Bahia Bulldogs LLC:

We are hosting our 2nd Annual Thanksgiving dinner at The Smoke Bodega for our beloved community. from 2pm-6pm 11/23. Free hot Thanksgiving dinner will be served to those family in need. Please contact me for more information. Thank you in advance and for all the support. You will be Blessed! Please help by sharing!NO ONE GOES HUNGRY! 6911 Sheldon Rd Tampa FL 33615 Suite A 813-249-0420 freefood freethanksgivingdinner beblessed smokeshop hillsborough townandcountry medicalcannabis citruspark thanksgiving clearwater stpetersburg cbd glasspipes yborcity donationsneeded donatefood @mayantemple_____ @cortesymusic @6feetmusic @dollarztatu

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Up In Smoke


Comment from Up In Smoke:

Huge Sale all week long, Monday 11/19 thru Thursday 11/23 the whole store will be BOGO half off! Black Friday 11/24 thru Sunday 11/26 the whole store is Buy One Get One Free!!! Don’t miss out on the best deals in town this holiday season. (Sale Excludes Tobacco) upinsmoke surfside smokeshop 843 blackfriday hugesale bogo buyonegetonefree buyonegetonehalfoff everythinginthestore rigs quartz glasspipes ecigs eliquid kratom dontmissout topshelf topshelflife

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