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Comment from Viki :

So here is why I dont like how @directions_hair_colour looks in my hair. The purple was supposed to be black! And the color moves into the red while washing! Yesterday I bought drugstore hair dyes... Work with what you know the best! But it was worth a try. selflove selfcare positivity depression depressed goth gothgoth gothgirl gothfashion gothgrunge grunge grungestyle grungegirl alternative alt alternativegirl piercing piercings girlswithpiercings girlswithtattoos glasses girlswithglasses instalike instagood instadaily satan satanist potd ootd

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Comment from Leonii :

I got woken up at 5am by crippling stomach pains, hooray (!) gothgirl gothicguy gothicgirl goth pierced gothic emo emogirl instagoth emoboy creepy scenegirl gothinspo sceneboy scene sceneguy alternative alternativemodel emomodel alternativefashion inspo nofilter gothmodel gothicmodel gothfashion gothgoth gothicstyle darkstyle creepygirl

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Rafaela Ivo


Comment from Rafaela Ivo:

Meninas que v瓊o pra baladinha de tributo a dance music toda trevosinhas me add Brusinha linda da @dark_prophecy que virou meu uniforme de role

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Maria Heller


Comment from Maria Heller:

Gorgeous 休 @magda_corvinus looking amazing in a cape handmade by me The cape is black with a deep red satin lining and a snake toggle clasp at the neck. 休 You can find it in my Etsy shop! Link in bio. Model: @magda_corvinus Cape: @maria.heller.designs . cape blackcape hoodedcape blackcloak gothic goth gothicstyle gothstyle gothicfashion gothfashion nugoth instagoth cloak gothiccape gothiccloak gothiccoat gothcape gothcloak gothcoat blackcloak witch halloweencape gothgirl gothicgirl alternative alternativefashion altfashion blackandred blackandredcape blackandredcoat

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Custom Plugs Body Jewlery


Comment from Custom Plugs Body Jewlery:

NEW ﹩oveKillsBoutique.net嗧____________________________________ plugsporn lovekillsboutique girlswithplugs handmade plugsofinstagram plugs stretchedlobes plugs bodymodification girlyplugs fuckcancer lasercut wiccac gothgoth gothfashion

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Gothic And Amazing


Comment from Gothic And Amazing:

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Rock 'n Doll MNL


Comment from Rock 'n Doll MNL:

Thank you for the feature @lazyanne_chopchoplady ! Repost @lazyanne_chopchoplady 颯颯 Hi misfits and radicals! 踢 Heres another set of outfit inspiration post for this month. Featuring Lazy Anne accessories and MOSTLY LOCAL online shops that carry edgy/unique items, owned/operated by pretty badass ladies. Shop now and enjoy! . . DISCLAIMER儭: Some items might be out of stock already but youll surely find more items once you visit their pages. . . Products can be found at: ㏎atan Made Me Do It shirt & Baphomet Ring : @rockndollstore.manila ㏎triped Pleated Short Skirt: @bohochic.ph ﹪otorcycle Leather Jacket: @foxyyouth ㏎tudded High Socks: Lazada ℃adon Platform Boots: Dr. Martens ㏎tudded Backpack: @aidansonlineshop @nverted Pentagram, Skeleton & Fuck Off Pins: @fudgerockph \andana: tiangge or department stores ㏎kull & Crossbones choker & earrings: @lazyanne_chopchoplady 〒XTRA: -Pak Ganern lipstick by Vice -black & white checkered nails inspo by mllrdesign . . . For orders and inquiries, just visit the mentioned brands. . . . Don't be shy. Be yourself. Be different. Fuck what they think! Cheers!

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Megan Schroeder


Comment from Megan Schroeder:

Yeah, I need more cosplays to work on lol I'm for sure doing Moira from Overwatch in her lab coat though (with a naruto headband possibly). But what kinda cosplays should I do next? I need inspo my friends! goth gothic gothgoth alternative makeup spookygirl alternativegirl gothfashion gothgirls spookygirls girlswithink creepygirls gothmakeup gothmakeupartist

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T pose Chris charm for @star.lynx oneyng oneyplays oneyplaysjulian oneyplaysdingdong dingdongandjulian dingdulian dingdongvg chrisoneill julianmarcel originalcharacters ocs alcoholbasedmarkers alcoholmarkers artmarkers art originalart studioseries prismacolormarkers aesthetic softgrunge pastel pastelgoth gore blood kawaii cute kawaiiart bodyhorror goth gothfashion

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Comment from Beserk:

毋刈 @astarithy looking beautifully demonic in the Evil Horns Headband by Restyle!毋刈Shop here>> www.beserk.com.au/restyle

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L阞幓幓幓 幓阞ss s幓幓幓-幓


Comment from L阞幓幓幓 幓阞ss s幓幓幓-幓 :

dont make me sad, dont make me cry - sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough, i dont know why

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Cat Trzaskowski


Comment from Cat Trzaskowski:

While this year has been a very mixed bag of ups and downs, one of the things Im always grateful for is getting to flex my creative muscle and continuing to make new art with fantastic folks Happy early Thanksgiving!!

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Christina O


Comment from Christina O :

愚y Little Black Riding Hood Capelet will be available again when Agashishop.com reopens Black Friday. If you arent already an email subscriber, email christina @agashishop.com with your full name now. Ill reply with a confirmation email. Subscribers will receive the sites early access Black Friday Weekend Sales code tomorrow. Stalk your inboxes!! Please support your local businesses during this holiday season. I cant wait to order from my favorite indie brands!! agashibychristinao agashi allblackeverything everydayishalloween witchywoman creepygirlsdoitbetter gothgirls onewomanshop supporthandmade smallbusinesssaturday blackfriday2017 littleblackridinghood lingerieaddict lingerielife blacklingerie lingeriemodel pinkhair shopindie gothstyle gothgoth gothfashion

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STRAKER design


Comment from STRAKER design:

The Bat Wrap pattern is READY and Its a @strakerdesign and @miserysmalice collaboration. If you want to sew for a good cause, be a part of @melb_gothic_victorian_picnic 's @flybynightbatclinic Bat Wrap Sewing Drive. We are still in the process of finding a venue for the sewing bee, so if you have any ideas let me know. All levels of experience are welcome, as long as you have or can borrow a sewing machine. Want the pattern? You can contact me via the comments, PM, or via email ruth @straker.net.au. Want to know more? Check out the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/526151347721787/

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Cor Obscura


Comment from Cor Obscura:

: BFCM17 | 25% OFF covenobscura covencrew . . . occult occultfashion dark goth gothfashion witchy witchesofinstagram gypsy gypsysoul alternativegirl new follow witchywoman love gothgirl witch witchcraft apparel october witchvibes horror blackfriday sale

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Angelus En ( Angel Uchiha )


Comment from Angelus En ( Angel Uchiha ):

2 new tattoos planned in the upcoming 2 weeks so in other news your mom's a whore and my dad is the garbage man fight me. . . . . gothic gothmodel gothboy gothicstyle gothfashion alternativemodel alternativexfashion alternativeboy alternativehair alternativefashion steampunk steampunkfashion steampunkstyle simply_alternative scemofeatures greenhair greenhairdontcare guyswithlonghair guyswithpiercings guyswithtattoos bodymods bodymod piercings darkfashion dark wiccan witchcraft supernatural spn . . Coupon code for Teen Hearts is "PALEMORTE" use my code and save 20%

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Comment from acherontiaatropos_dhhm:

On my way to work and dropping off my son at Spooks Elementary School 售 gothfashion gothmakeup goth gothic alternative alternativefashion grunge vbangs pointedbangs vampirebangs makeup nyx greeneyes auburnhair skeleton

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Kenzi Shô


Comment from Kenzi Shô:

Today's Aesthetics~ People kept telling me that I look like I'm in a band LOL. longsilverhair silverhair lotd greyhair androgynous goth gothgoth gothfashion gothmakeup darkfashion gothicfashion genderfluid bodymods bodymodification ootd highfashion selfie selca kenzisho vk vkei visualkei avantgardefashion jfashion japanesefashion metal punk punkfashion direngrey sukekiyo

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