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Comment from Katie:

Sansevieria robusta ‘Snake Plant’ . houseplants houseplantclub urbanjungle urbanjunglebloggers plantlady plantlover indoorplants plantlife plantstagram plantsmakepeoplehappy botany plantparenthood plant plantig greenyourfeed sansevieriarobusta sansevieriasunday sansevieria snakeplant

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Lucia Mompò


Comment from Lucia Mompò:

̷m̷a̷ ̷m̷a̷i̷s̷o̷n̷ ̷j̷u̷n̷g̷l̷e̷ ❤🌿☘🌵🍀🌲🍃🌾🌳 • • • urbanjungle ihavethisthingwithurbanjungles houseplantclub apartmenttherapy greenyourfeed plantsmakepeoplehappy plantcetera plantladyisthenewcatlady

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Comment from _jane_alexandra:

New furniture got me feeling 🤗 Took me all of about ten seconds to start arranging the plants on our new sideboard - I’m expecting I’ll change them again 10 times before I’m happy. I LOVE how good design lasts, this piece was made in the 1960’s and is still in perfect condition today, was a joy to find! A good reminder that we should all try buy less but better. If you need me I’ll be back in my eBay hole searching for more bargains... . . . . . . houseplants plantlove urbanjunglebloggers plantlady indoorjungle planthoarder greenyourfeed houseplantclub houseplantdiary houseplantsofinstagram crazyplantlady plantparenthood Interiorrewilding groeninhuis junglehome planttherapy Plantstyling Plantscout Plantobsessed Plantseverywhere Plantsplantsplants Plantgang Plantmom sideboard midcenturydecor mylivingroom inspohome myinterior Plantsathome lifearoundplants

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Comment from Carly:

A moment of Sunday afternoon zen. sansevieria sansevieriasunday sansevieriabantelssensation snakeplant buddha zen om geode light shadows welcometothejungle houseplants houseplantclub house_plant_community plantcircle urbanjungle indoorjungle indoorplants plantspam plantstagram plantsofinstagram growgreen dailyplantpic crazyplantlady plantaddict greenyourfeed 50shadesofgreen therealhouseplantsofinstagram

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Comment from Amy:

Nature never ceases to amaze me! I stopped at the nursery today and came home with this AMAZING philodendron. Check my stories to see what else I brought home. ❤️ . . . . . . . . plantpostclub houseplantclub plantgang plantjoy myplantlovinghome variegatahaveit plantmama adoptaplant variegated philodendron plantandthrift plantshelfie plantshelfiesunday plantsmakepeoplehappy planttherapy succulenttherapy planstagram urbanjungle therealhouseplantsofinstagram greenyourfeed

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gee hearn


Comment from gee hearn:

out and about in the city i love greenmyfeed greenyourfeed plantlife

37 Minutes ago

Michele Aka Ging


Comment from Michele Aka Ging:

I love everything about @thestationwpb but my fave thing might be those windows. Thank you to everyone who came out last night to support us. It was super fun. jackngingvintage

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Comment from hverdagsplanter:

My monstera one year ago and today 🌿💚

40 Minutes ago

Anjalee Peiris | Cotton Crowd


Comment from Anjalee Peiris | Cotton Crowd:

Some gorgeous Sunday floral inspiration from Columbia Road! 🌸🌿Link to Etsy shop in bio! 🍃

56 Minutes ago

Indoor Plant Gift Delivery


Comment from Indoor Plant Gift Delivery:

Monstera Monday 🌿❤️

59 Minutes ago



Comment from prettyplantlife__:

Happy plant momma in her natural habitat plantsmakepeoplehappy

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Comment from ferndrescher:

sunday washday 🧖🏻‍♀️🌿

1 Hours ago

Ragnar Handsome Husky


Comment from Ragnar Handsome Husky:

. . . . . . brisvegas brisbane husky dog park heathwoodpark

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Comment from Rohini:

Hi hello welcome to my home away from home 🌿🌿🌿

1 Hours ago

Isa 🌿


Comment from Isa 🌿:

Ratiboiser ton oxalis (j’ai osé tout couper 😱🙏🏻) et en faire un petit bouquet ... Bon, j’aurais dû prendre une photo plus tôt ds la journée car elles ont refermé leurs ailes ce soir 🦋 et tirent plutôt la tronche ... 😂 Merci à Virginie @giniemaillard pour tes précieux conseils, je croise les 🤞🏻!!! Bonne soirée mes cop’IG ✨ Pas de point météo ce soir, un seul mot, déprimant ... . . 💜 . . oxalis isamavienvert💚 green greenyourfeed greenaddict madeco urbanjungle madecoamoi plantsofinstagram plants plants🌿 urbanjunglebloggers homesweethome hygge plantslife plantslover

1 Hours ago

Cact Haus


Comment from Cact Haus:

Jungle dog is back. I think it’s become his favourite pass time, photo bombing my pics. Happy Monday! 💚🌱💚🌱 . . . . . . balconygarden urbanjungle urbanjunglebloggers jungalow jungalowstyle houseplants houseplantclub instaplant plantstagram plantsofinstagram plantjungle planthoarder plantgang greenyourfeed greenthumb botanicalpickmeup jungledog plantlove plantnerd greenery

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• South London Plant Club •


Comment from • South London Plant Club •:

Sundays are for staying inside all day and admiring the beautiful things you have around you ✨🌱. . . .credit @secretcaravan

2 Hours ago



Comment from madelaiiines:

today 🌳 ________________________________ livetpålandetcountrysidelifeslowlifelandscapephotographylandscapeslandscapeloverslandscapehunterarchidailysundaystrollforesthousenaturelandscapeweekendchillsundayshyttelivtraveltreesnatureloversskåneig_countrysideoutdoorslundgreenyourfeedlessismoreoutdoorsshinrinyokuforestrurallifeslowlifestylenatureshotsnaturephotography

2 Hours ago

Larayne Dumlao


Comment from Larayne Dumlao:

Some cleaning and rearranging to help clear the mind.

2 Hours ago

🌵Vida - OC, California🌵


Comment from 🌵Vida - OC, California🌵:

First up on today’s (mile long 🤦🏽‍♀️😥) repotting list is this aeonium canariense virgineum. It’s been in water therapy from day 1 as a cutting, so... since November 25th. YIKES! Swipe to see its sidekick and also hot mess roots. badplantparent

2 Hours ago