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Livid Smoke Shop


Comment from Livid Smoke Shop:

Bringing sexy back with this @celloglass White Samurai Single Donut Tube! glassart glassporn glasscollector glassforsale glassofig highendglass headyglass glass lividsmokeshop rigsofig boro boroforsale boroballers borosilicate thousanddollarsmoke highendglass high_larry_us headyglass headyglassart headyglassforsale headyart oprahswookclub oprahsbookclub bestofglass smoke denver grandjunction 710 glenwoodsprings dailydabbers

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Mitten Medicine


Comment from Mitten Medicine:

Sour diesel & strawberry terp shot 😷🤢 Gram or two of distillate to make me feel good for the day. You have to start educating yourself on what’s in those cartridges... That “flavor” typically isn’t natural... Ask your dispensary if its cannabis or plant derived. You shouldn’t be smoking this Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol when consuming your meds. cannabisculture mittenmedicine cleanmeds dab dabs 710 420 high_larry_us smokeweedeveryday weed distillate dank cannabis smokewithme thc cbd medicated dabbing cannagram marijuana

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Stacy Dillson


Comment from Stacy Dillson:

@certo.glass @certo.glass is still available 💦💦 peach and hateraid 💦💦 DM with inquiries! This piece is a serious gem 🤩 and it functions like a champ!! oprahsbookclub wook topshelf glass thousanddollarsmoke wedontsmokethesame heady hetti headyaf errl wax dabs minirig 10mmmafia peach hateraid topshelf topshelflife wooklife lookatmydab high_larry_us weed dank 420 710 710society dabbersdaily abqmostdope bosque hd

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🙏Old Page Deleted🙏


Comment from 🙏Old Page Deleted🙏:

Goodmorning Stoners, Were Getting All Our Flavors Ready For Tonight’s, @its_lit_sesh @its_lit_sesh !! Stop By Our Booth & Check Out The Amazing Lineup Provided!! We Got Some Award Winning Strains Available Like This “Bugzies Nana” Premium Nug Run Shatter. 🐰🍌🎯 Photo Creds: @raikvge 📸

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Inland Empire.


Comment from Inland Empire.:

chiropractor at 1pm. til then and after then, nothing. eyesmokedthat socaldabbers fueledbythc weshouldsmoke prop215 wfayo high_larry_us dailydabbers macroshot bluntadvocate dabs 420 cannabiscommunity 710 letssmoke bhombingamerica dabcity

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Comment from Chanel:

Suggestions for vegan graham crackers &/or oreos? I’ve been researching to replace every ingredient I use for @terptreatsco to be both vegan & gluten free & it seems the cookies are my biggest struggle! I would appreciate any help you can offer! Current menu items will still be available to order of course for those who genuinely enjoy the flavor of their current @terptreatsco treats but will be made separately at a different location. I am specifically focused on either completely changing my menu’s ingredients (if it does not compromise flavor) or offering both with the understanding that anything non-vegan will not be made at the same time or come into contact with animal by-products. Hope you’re all having a super rad Saturday, take time to learn something new today! 💕🌵🐰 vegan edibles glutenfree health healthysweets organic

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😲💣🎯🌲⛽JADAM naturesfinest420 koreannaturalfarming fermentedplantjuice nobottle notill notillarmy weedporn growyourown mysteryseeds phenos mendodope weednerdnation highsociety losganjales instaweed weedstagram topshelf plantersofthetrees dopefam cannabisharvest farmernotpharma potheadsociety thegreatoutdoors high_larry_us

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Comment from urban_farmer_303:

Bless morning whiteashgang weshouldsmoke dank cannabis ganja herb stankyydankyy high_larry_us allgasnobrakes cannabisculture losganjales highsociety fueledbythc irie positivevibrations blessup🙏

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Comment from Shuhel:

🙏🏽 LessIsMore ConsistencyIsKey

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Teamwork and trust 💲💰

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Kali G


Comment from Kali G:

Don't you judge me! 😂 cannabiscommunity saturdaze weed potheadsociety edibles shrooms facts cannabisculture hilarious instahumor cannabis stoners terps dogs dabbersdaily dabs dabstagram sauced dablife high_larry_us highlife dank memes saucegang highsociety slaapcity wfayo thedabreaper

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Tasty High Creations


Comment from Tasty High Creations:

Eazy peazy lemon squeezy...big shout out to @dr.solventless cakeballz 😍 Can't decide my favorite... Thanks again! @dabalette710 @fattboy_710 @joeysshit tastyhighcreations tastyhigh medibles edibles 420SanDiego medicatedeverything medicatedkoolaide medicatedgummies thehighsociety high_larry_us 710community hash dabs shatter elevatednectars gettingelevated medicalmarijuana wakeandbake stoners lovetastyhighcreations

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J🕊 aka mr. loves to smoke


Comment from J🕊 aka mr. loves to smoke:

Happy shatterday you sexy stoners. Let's get up and get this shit started. I was supposed to start my Christmas shopping today but the kids ended up being with me again this weekend so now I gotta wait on that, or do what my parents did a tell them the shit is for a co workers kid. 😂Have a great weekend my friends Stay lifted and stay smiling highsociety hightimes prop203 azmmj cannabiscommunity cannabis errlybird greatbigun_worldwide wfayo iwillmarrymary weshouldsmoke fueledbythc weedstagram 420 710 high_larry_us fueldbybho dablife 710society dabbersdaily dabbersunite marijuana kush errl terps dabbnafterdark stayhighazfuckmyfriend stayirie highlikejbird

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The Happy Grower-Deleted @3.5K


Comment from The Happy Grower-Deleted @3.5K:

This DinaChem (StarDawg x ChemDawg GuavaChemCut) is on another level this round...This lady is like no other tasting like a new Jordan stuffed with mangos or a tennis ball filled with guava, she leaves you feeling like your wearing a helmet and ready to take on the world...I know a couple people who have been waiting for her return patiently....2nd day of flower for this girl and she's very close to my height already....She is a stretcher too so I'll have no issies bending this beauty over....CleanMedsOnly FireInFireOut HashMakersHashMaker SingleSouce OneMandBand UnlockTheFrost TeamDvg PlantsOverPills StonedSober SmallCircle BeastCoast Rosin Solventless high_larry_us blackleafsociety RhodeHighLand Wab420

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🍁 420 everyday 🍁


Comment from 🍁 420 everyday 🍁:

▶️ @societyofpotheads ◀️ ⚠️ Free Grinder because store opened recently ⚠️ limited time only! adoringweed

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It's Smoking Time!


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🌲💎👽🔥 Esoteric Kush™ 🔥👽💎🌲


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The 52nd Glass Shop


Comment from The 52nd Glass Shop:

100K GIVEAWAY⚡️ We appreciate everyone that's supported us over the last few years, we'll be giving away this @pogoglass shotgun as a way to give back to our followers! All you must do is re-post, tag 5 friends, and hashtag 52nd100kGiveaway to enter! May post once a day! Be sure you're following us ( @52nd_glass_shop ) and uncles personal page @uncleglass52 we'll be calling the giveaway a week after we hit 100k, winner determined live with number generator based on your hashtag position. If your profile is private we are unable to see your post, making it not an entree. *WE WILL NOT SHIP THIS, WINNER MUST PICKUP* heady headyart headylife headyglass headyglassforsale headyglassart boro seattledabbers seattlestoners seattlesmokers seattle glass glassart glassof52 glassofig glassporn oprahsbookclub thousanddollarsmoke bestofglass 710society high_larry_us fueledbythc ffourtwenty glassofig functionalglassart ballersonly

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#NugsOfGlory📥DM For A Shoutout


Comment from #NugsOfGlory📥DM For A Shoutout:

Guess who’s back🎉 It’s nugsofglory here to pump some premium gas into your Instagram feeds⛽️🔥 I’m smoking on some Sweet Pink this morning and it has me feeling high as a kite on this rainy Saturday ☔️ Stay tuned for some shatterday fun 🎥

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