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Mafalda Alecrim


Comment from Mafalda Alecrim:

freedom of speech . . . . . . . . freedom politics urban urbanart stickers london uk travel travelblogger traveling travelmore explore exploremore exploring streerart art message trip sheexplores photooftheday picoftheday instagood instadaily p3top wanderlust getlost humanrights

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Comment from agthfws:

🇵🇾🇫🇷🇪🇺🏳️‍🌈 paraguay embassy france mfa lgbt lgbtrights humanrights foreignaffairs diplomacy ambassadespourlégalité

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Maria Ramia


Comment from Maria Ramia:

In the heart of Soho today has opened a pop up shop where you can buy real products for refugees. You come out with nothing in hands but you will make someone's else life a less hostile place. That's all I bought for this black Friday, blankets and sanitation kits for my brothers and sisters that everyday fight to have a better life. Be kind. Be human. ♥️♥️♥️ @helprefugeesuk helprefugees chooselove humanrights dosomething donation refugeecrisis nowar stopracism behuman soho

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Global Walk For Freedom


Comment from Global Walk For Freedom:

Join the 2Suns Shamsaan *UNITED4FREEDOM* campaign and global walks in locations across the world in support of the children of Palestine. The *GLOBAL WALK* spotlights our failure to protect children’s rights and call on the world to hear the call by children for justice, equality and peace. UNITED4FREEDOM* event details are as follows:- *25th November 2017* *South Africa 🇿🇦 * *JOHANNESBURG*: Marks Park Rugby Field, Emmerentia Shamsaan Activity: 2pm Freedom Walk 5pm *26th November 2017* *SOUTH AFRICA 🇿🇦 * *DURBAN: 5km Beach Walk* Where: Assemble at Country Club Beach Lawn (Sunkist Beach Time: 8am to commence at 9am linking live to proceed to walk together with the Gaza Beach Walk *UKZN MSA* United4freedom Activity at Hartley Road School Time: 3pm *Pietermaritzburg: 5km Walk* Where: Mountain Rise Primary Time: 8:30 am Film Screening: “Radiance of Resistance” *Ladysmith* Agra Park Contact +27 (084) 620-3196 *Glencoe* Glencoe Madressa Contact +27 (83) 670-8002 *Palestine* 🇵🇸 Gaza-Ramallah-Jenin-Nablus-Al Masara-Bethlehem-Hebron-Jerusalem-Sussiya-Nabi Saleh Where : *Gaza Beach street* ( from kids land center to 8 street /Tal El Hawa corner ) Al shalehat street . Time : 10 am for 11am *Jordan*🇯🇴 *Lebanon 🇱🇧 * 🇵🇸 Shamsaan coordinator and translator for all Arabic speaking countries : Amani Ahmed +970 592 853 459 *Luxembourg 🇱🇺 * *Italy 🇮🇹 * Media Enquiries: Simona Caruso +39 380 267 0940 World wide Live streaming via Facebook page 2SunsShamsaam from cities around the world 🌍 commences from 9am CAT united4freedom pals4peace FreePalestine HumanRights Follow @2SunsShamsaan

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Hyesu Yoon


Comment from Hyesu Yoon:

Hardwork🔥Finally!!! Ban Gimun, the 8th UN Secretary General, has successfully finished 5th anniversary special lecture. UN secretarygeneral Humanrights Sustainability Globalhealth 유엔 사무총장 국제보건 반기문 강연 일 하루종일 끝났다 다음시작

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an australian girl


Comment from an australian girl:

• ❥ say it once, say it twice, say it as many times as need be • ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ humanrights feminism intersectionalfeminism socialjustice equality feminist intersectionalfeminist animalrights vegetarian blacklivesmatter sosblakaustralia prochoice.

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Higgs Newton Kenyon Solicitors


Comment from Higgs Newton Kenyon Solicitors:

If you think you have been mistreated, assaulted or unlawfully detained at the hands of the police or security services call us today on 0151 203 1104 and we can provide you with free, no obligation advice on your rights justice policebrutality assault unlawfularrest humanrights negligence civilactions legal higgsnewtonkenyon hnksolicitors law liverpool

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Scriba Press


Comment from Scriba Press:

La poetessa e scrittrice Donatella Piras sabato 25 novembre sarà con noi all'evento "Siamo farfalle, non formiche". Ci leggerà alcuni degli estratti più toccanti dei cinque libri di Vanessa Marini Scrittrice che danno il nome alla tavola rotonda. rosignano rosignanosolvay rosignanomarittimo igersitalia igerstoscana scribapress tavolarotonda letture donne womenrights womanrights woman humanrights noviolence feminism stopviolenza scarperosse agenziadicomunicazione comunicazione ufficiostampa comunicare

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Comment from AlMussafirah_AlGharibah:

This is a very important video and it's only one of the things done to Guantanamo detainees, many who have been cleared of allegations and others who have not been given a fair trial. yasiinbey mosdef closeguantanamo forcefeeding humanrights guardian reprieve hungerstrike

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Bel & Carrot👸😼


Comment from Bel & Carrot👸😼:

White Ribbon day is tomorrow the 25th of November where we stand remember loved ones lost and to walk in suport and solidarity with all victims/survivors of family and domestic violence. 🌹🌻✊🌱🌈 love to all those womwn, femmes, nb's, woc, men and children affected by family and domestic violence. . . 🌹whiteribbon $day neveralonecampaign yourstorymatters supportsurvivors believesurvivors breakthesilence believeher emotionalabuse gaslighting survivors victims abusecycle victimsofabuse cyclesofviolence cyclesofpower humanrights ptsd equality feminism intersectionalfeminism endDVnow domesticviolence genderequality

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Lemona Chanda


Comment from Lemona Chanda:

unwomen genderequality violence ourcause empowerwomen humanrights

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Tiziana des Pallieres


Comment from Tiziana des Pallieres:

REBEL with a cause. Repost @dearleadersunglasses. 📸 @mycameramyrules ・・・ It’s BLACKFRIDAY!!! 10% of all our profits go to helping organizations working to bring down the North Korean regime dearleadersunglasses dearleader humanrights northkorea

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Intersectional Feminist 🥀


Comment from Intersectional Feminist 🥀:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ feminism feminist gayrights equality sexism intersectionalfeminism respect genderequality lgbtq femme girlsrule humanrights womanempowerment girlpower loveislove blacklivesmatter bodypositivity misogyny womensrights intersectionality rapeculture culturalappropriation activism transrights patriarchy

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Ray Bassil


Comment from Ray Bassil:

25 November , International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women✋ Violence against women and girls is one of the most persistent and devastating human rights violations in our world today. Gender inequality persists worldwide. Achieving gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls will require more efforts!! humanrights womanempowerment notosilence notoviolence UNDPLebanon goodwillambassador GenderEquality

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Emily Brett


Comment from Emily Brett:

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Comment from SAPNE:

Let's celebrate this Sunday as Food Day with the children of SAPNE. Date: 26th November, 2017 Time: 10.30am - 3:00pm Venue: SAPNE Camp, Near Shaheed Sukhdev College, Rithala Everyone is requested to bring Maggie packets and milk packets. Or you can donate in cash.

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Comment from FestivalDirittiUmani:

LIRETA KATIAJ è una donna albanese, che per sottrarsi all’ordine patriarcale, che la voleva analfabeta e sposata ad un uomo molto più grande di lei, è fuggita dal suo paese finendo nel giro della prostituzione e uscendone solo grazie al caso, il suo carceriere era stato suo compagno delle elementari. Ha raccontato la sua storia nel libro “Lireta non cede. Diario di una ragazza albanese”, diventato anche uno spettacolo teatrale. _ Domani Sabato 25/11 dalle 17, all’UniCredit Pavilion di Milano nell’ambito di WeWorld Festival, si terrà un incontro curato e condotto da Danilo De Biasio per il Festival dei Diritti Umani, dove si parlerà di immigrazione, prigionia e diritti negati, con Lireta Katiaj, Don Mussie Zerai e Princess Okokon. _ Immigrazione, prigionia e diritti negati incontro a cura del Festival dei Diritti Umani modera Danilo De Biasio, direttore del Festival dei Diritti Umani di Milano Intervengono Don Mussie Zerai, Lireta Katiaj e Princess Okokon Sabato 25 novembre 2017, alle 17.00 WeWorld Festival. Con le donne. Per i loro diritti UniCredit Pavilion, Sala Betulla, Piazza Gae Aulenti 10, Milano Ingresso libero festivaldirittiumani fdumilano fdumilano2018 fdu2018 dirittiumani humanrights

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Comment from advocatefor_syrianrefugees:

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Belgium is welcoming 150 Syrian refugees for humanitarian reasons. The new project, titled “Humanitarian Corridors,” welcomes the refugees from Lebanon and Turkey. The 150 refugees are going to be “mostly families with children as well as elderly or people suffering from health conditions.” Belgium will receive these 150 refugees and then 1,150 “others in the framework of Belgium’s share in a European plan for the resettlement of Syrian refugees in 2018.” “Islamic, Christian and Jewish associations have showed support for the Syrian migrants and provided aid and volunteers for a complete year to help welcome the new refugees.” To learn more about the project, visit this link: https://aawsat.com/english/home/article/1092496/belgium-welcomes-150%C2%A0syrian-refugees-humanitarian-reasons. (Photo credit: Asharq Al-Awsat) syrianrefugeecrisis syrianrefugee humanrights

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David Okeefe


Comment from David Okeefe:

‘ I would much rather live a life fighting for our rights... than live comfortable in a world of corruption ‘ . . Power to the people👭👬👫🌍 . . ✌🏼❤️ . . gymhippy peace love health happiness lovewins loverevolution revolution beheard standproud humanrights energy vibes universallaws peaceainteasy

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Comment from FILMCENTRUM - FC BIO:

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