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Comment from Jeannie:

so when the fuck we on a RAGEpage together? soon my partner in crime. soon... 🌺🌻🌼🌞🍑⏳👯 • • • • • • iknowthisprettyravegirl partnersincrime paradiso festivallife takemeback edm edmlife

22 Hours ago

Ariana Villalobos


Comment from Ariana Villalobos:

Raging with my two babes @muhh_riah and @_selenalyanne this weekend was much needed! 👯💜 Enjoyed all the love and positive vibes! 🦄🌈☮️✨ Goldrush was one for the books! ✍🏽 NEXT, EDC! 🖖🏽💫👉🏽iknowthisprettyravegirl littytitty positivevibes

1 Days ago

Pixie Amy


Comment from Pixie Amy:

I know this pretty rave girl iknowthisprettyravegirl s3rl kandikid kawaii rave dallastx returntocandymountain party adventureswithpixie

1 Days ago

Anastasia Princess


Comment from Anastasia Princess:

Flashback Friday to Raver Raichu ✨ prettyravegirl edm tightcrew flashback kandikid iknowthisprettyravegirl dance pokemon rave raichu

4 Days ago

Crystal Blair🔮


Comment from Crystal Blair🔮:

All I wanna do is dance flowlife prettylights iknowthisprettyravegirl techyes

14 Days ago

✨🌺✨🌷🐛W I L D F L O W E R🦋🌻✨🌸✨


Comment from ✨🌺✨🌷🐛W I L D F L O W E R🦋🌻✨🌸✨:

✨WCW✨ goes to the beautiful @esmerbae 👯💜 I hardly know you & yet every time you're around me I feed off your energy as if I've known you forever. Never stop spreading that beautiful light inside you babygirl. Endless love for you😘 You rare, as rare as a unicorn🦄💗IKnowThisPrettyRaveGirl

20 Days ago

Cat Scratch ¨̮ Chibi-Chan


Comment from Cat Scratch ¨̮ Chibi-Chan:

Day 1 Escape2017 Happy to see some familiar faces 😁tried going with people this time did not go as well as I thought 😅 great time none the less DAY 2 LESGOOOO iknowthisprettyravegirl vanellopevonschweetz Cosplay ravegirls customRaveOutfits DatOneGrill istillseeyourface🎵 @shibasanmusic @officialrezz @escapehalloween @darrenstylesuk

24 Days ago



Comment from Ravecension:

Where my Alice in Wonderland fans at?? 🙋🏻 ogravegirl aliceinwonderland iknowthisprettyravegirl downtherabbithole letstrip ravegirls eatme drinkme ravecension ravecensiongear ravecensionlove plur plurprincess edm edmlove edmlifestyle

27 Days ago

Melissa J


Comment from Melissa J:

We the pretty rave girls! Had so much fun at my work party with my bestie @wmkc tonight. iknowthisprettyravegirl halloween2017

30 Days ago

Mickey Griffin


Comment from Mickey Griffin:

🌈🌈🌈 Day 21 of 31daysofhalloween Products used: @nyxcosmetics total control drop liquid foundation, ultimate eyeshadow pallete in "bright idea" professional powder contour pallete, jumbo eye pencil in "milk" tame and frame dipbrow in "espresso", eye shadow primer in white @maybelline FitMe! Concealer, master precise ink liquid eyeliner in "galaxy teal" @urbandecaycosmetics electric pallete for the rainbow lips mua mickey muamickey makeupartist makeup letmeputmakeuponyou maybelline urbandecay nyx nyxcosmetics supportnewmuas makeupartist starfreckles stars rainbowfreckles rainbow fauxfreckles rave iknowthisprettyravegirl halloweenmakeup ilovemakeup supportnewmuas makeupartist girlswithpiercings girlswithgauges bodymod spacebuns pride gaypride

31 Days ago

🌙Maranwe Saralonde🐲


Comment from 🌙Maranwe Saralonde🐲:

I just want to go back to lostlands headbanger headbangers coloradobassheads lostlandsfestival excision ambassador promoter energy squad festival bassheads dubstep edm kandikid iknowthisprettyravegirl ohio legendvalley rave ravers ravefam plurr plur vibes missthisalready

45 Days ago

Anastasia Princess


Comment from Anastasia Princess:

Throwback Thursday Gobz iknowthisprettyravegirl bloodgutsandglitter ravebabe

47 Days ago

Chelsea Mariah <whererumeow>


Comment from Chelsea Mariah <whererumeow>:

Hardcore till we die 💖 I loved this night with all my heart, heres to ravers and hardcore taking over and selling out the club on a Wednesday. I am so grateful for the Seattle rave scene and what a huge influence it has had on my life. From dirty warehouse parties years ago to now working at massive EDM festivals and one of the worlds top nightclubs, I have met the most incredible people on this crazy journey of electronic dance music growing from underground to a mainstream staple in our culture. Even though a lot has changed, the rave will never die. 💖 raversforlife iknowthisprettyravegirl hardcoretillidie htid kandikids kandi plur ravecultere edmbabes kawaii ravefashion foundationnightclub foundationsea seattle uscevents gammer hardcore hardstyle happykitty handhearts

52 Days ago

Cat Scratch ¨̮ Chibi-Chan


Comment from Cat Scratch ¨̮ Chibi-Chan:

DatOneGrill 🌚 hotterThanMojave iknowthisprettyravegirl

53 Days ago

Ye-In Morris


Comment from Ye-In Morris:

When I was a rave baby vs now 😂 wow ravelife coloradoedm iknowthisprettyravegirl

61 Days ago

Kaylee 🌙


Comment from Kaylee 🌙:

hooplife iknowthisprettyravegirl LED flow

64 Days ago

Lucy Pher


Comment from Lucy Pher:

Last night was a lot but damn I looked good RaveGod channellingbellathorne deathnotesucks iknowthisprettyravegirl pastieprincess

87 Days ago

Nikki Lee 🐍 #nikkithadopest 🐢


Comment from Nikki Lee 🐍 #nikkithadopest 🐢:

Throwback to that time I made a duct tape dress (with a duct tape "lace" back) and wore it to a rave called mustache mayhem! Worst idea ever. As my body temperature rose, the dress began to stretch and fall down! I had to keep my arms at my sides to hold it up 🤣🤣😂😂😂 Duct tape dress, hair bows, jewelry & purse. 😅 throwback butitsnotthursday mustache mustachemayhem detroitravecity detroit madeindetroit detroitraves goodmorning nicestache iknowthisprettyravegirl mustacherides chucktaylor converse converseallstars ducttapedress ducttape hairbows ducttapehairbow ducttapepurse throwbacks detroittechno thadopestpasttimes

88 Days ago

Brittany Hutton


Comment from Brittany Hutton:

I Know This Pretty Rave Girl Always Think About Her And When She Says Hi To Me Butterflies Go Right Through Me💋😍❤ rave ravegirl prettyravegirl iknowthisprettyravegirl weed maryjane marijuana hippygirl hippylife hippy ganjagirls ganja stonergirl stonerlife stoner lesbian lesbianpride lezbehonest gay gaypride slay baddie followme cosplay harleyquinn badharleyquinn

97 Days ago

Lyn Vaughn


Comment from Lyn Vaughn:

2nd time seeing DrS3rl never disappoints iknowthisprettyravegirl metrocon. metrocon2016 prettyravegirl

1 Years ago