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Andrew Shalter


Comment from Andrew Shalter:

Redrawing from sketches. That was a nice experiance. experiance sketch lineart digitalart digitalpainting drawing paint girlart draw png huion photoshop estonia tallinn inktober2017 inktober color hair

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Comment from X I D:

I am not perfect and that's Okay.. Add me on Snapchat: iamsaadsaleem27 . . . . . . art🎨 sketch sketchbook sketches sketchbookpro artist artwork artistsoninstagram drawing draw drawings draws FRIDAY friendsforever friends friend inktober love friendship eyes

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¤ beth ¤


Comment from ¤ beth ¤:

Anatomy drawings - - - - - - - - anatomy anatomydrawing anatomystudy anatomyclass malemodel femalemodel nudemodel watetcolour watercolourart watercolourstudy watercolours watercolorpainting watercolorart watercolortattoo watercolor inkdrawing inktober ink inked

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Dystopia 👁


Comment from Dystopia 👁:

Reposting this one cause I love the shading. Looking at previous finished pieces gives me inspiration and reminds me of certain techniques I used. . . dystopiaeye Inktober Inktober2017 creepy zombie InkIllustration Ink Illustration Voodoo Art thirdeye mystical Death hair celestial Halloween LineArt Sketch Portrait priestess goddess witch seer shaman blackandwhite art traditionalart

6 Minutes ago

Константин Мурашов


Comment from Константин Мурашов:

Изучение и отрисовка эскиза на холсте маслом. Курс повышения квалификации от мастера @andrey_kolbasin Тема курса : цветной портрет в реализме.

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Comment from 🍂:

• F O R E S T • 🍂 - rainforest forest inktober2017 characterdesign doodle doodles drawing instadaily handdrawing Simplycooldesign illustration blackworkillustrations sketch sketches sketchbook art childrenbook instaartist instagood inktobershowcase illustrationartists ohhdeer pencil tempuradesign pencilart ink inkling artdesign design inktober

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Al3sham .. العِشاآم


Comment from Al3sham .. العِشاآم:

. . 22.Oct.2017🔥 . في منتصف الليل ، اتسلل في الممر برفقة اصدقائي نجوب حول المنزل ، باحثين عن قطع البسكويت ، فــجر اصدقائي بواسطة الخيط الاحمر كانت افضل الحلول لبقائهم معي ، و لكن لا اعلم كيف يهربون مني في كل مرة ليناموا على فراشي🐻؟ . at the midnight, I sneak in the corridor with my friend to have a round at the house searching for cookies. trail my friend with a red thread was the best solution to keep them with me, but I don't know how they run away from me every time to sleep on my bed🐻? . inktober inktober2017 inktober2017day22 inkdrawing artwhisper drawing art artist fun graceful like tag_art1 انكتوبر رسمتي رسمي فن تصويري . @art.__s.h @artshelp @art.realism @tag_art1 @art_spotlight @artists.tag @artistpix @magnificent.art @dailyart @artistic.globe @onlyartworks @o.m.g.art @artscloud @discover_colors @surelysimplechallenge @art_whisper @artists_center

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Comment from 力木·三更:

composition. . . . drawingpaintsketchsketcheverydaydailysketchportraitartillustrationillustratoracrylicmanga freehanddoodlecomicpenartpencilart ballpensketchartcharacter inktober inkinstaartcharacterdesign digitalart digitalpaintingartist speedpaintanatomy

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Comment from Shan:

watercolor watercolour inktober inktober2017 art lovely moon

16 Minutes ago

Cristian Balan


Comment from Cristian Balan:

tattoos tattooed inktober inktattoo familytattoo

18 Minutes ago

Deanna Jones


Comment from Deanna Jones:

My ilustragram project is going to be based on an old inktober sketch and inspire by @_picolo's teen titans series. Reworking Joker and Harley as greaser trash is gonna be fun! Follow along on my Stories for the process and I'll post the final Saturday! artistsoninstagram batman harleyquinn thejoker

18 Minutes ago

Daniel Hassan


Comment from Daniel Hassan:

Deep powerful piece right here 🤔 ( @trillaryofficial - Doin it) kings slaves art africa videooftheday тату tattooist darkskinbodyart bodyart powerful татуировка inktober inkjunkeyz tattoosformen inkstagram chesttattoo tattoo menwithtattoos londontattooist tattooideas libra truth skindeepmagazine inkaddict tatoo cooltattoos freedom d_world_of_ink blackinkedart

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Olga Mantro 👸🏻👻💋


Comment from Olga Mantro 👸🏻👻💋:

Goodmorning moon pies! 💋💋💋 Print of beautiful couple portrait for amazing @feevanwonder ❤️👩🏻👦🏻🎄🎁🎁🎁 And remember: Happiness is the feeling of warm sunlight hitting you on a cold winter's day. 💋💋💋

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Comment from Kitsune:

From Inktober - UNITED inktober inktober2017 inktoberunited ink aqurelle fantasy fantasyart art

19 Minutes ago

• Keturah Shields •


Comment from • Keturah Shields •:

• Inktober, Day 12• '❤12, 👍🏼12' ....Only like a little,.. super late, right?! Oh wells, that seems to be my style through life, so here you are! Number 12! inktober art challenge latergram superlatergram copic micron ink yxe drawing like4like likeme insta girl

20 Minutes ago

Al3sham .. العِشاآم


Comment from Al3sham .. العِشاآم:

. . 21.Oct.2017🔥 . القنبلة النووية هو شخص لا يتقبل المزح او اي رأي مخالف له🤯. منشن قنبلة نووية⬇ @al3sham_ . A nuclear bomb is a person how cannot handle a joke or any opposite opinion🤯. Mention a bomb⬇ . inktober inktober2017 inktober2017day21 inkdrawing artwhisper drawing art artist fun graceful like tag_art1 انكتوبر رسمتي رسمي فن تصويري . @art.__s.h @artshelp @art.realism @tag_art1 @art_spotlight @artists.tag @artistpix @magnificent.art @dailyart @artistic.globe @onlyartworks @o.m.g.art @artscloud @discover_colors @surelysimplechallenge @art_whisper @artists_center

20 Minutes ago

čačka packa


Comment from čačka packa:

Mermaid Dream 🐙 artifarty illustration ink watercolor mermaid art drawing or painting underwater tb inktober watercolour

21 Minutes ago

Planet Franz


Comment from Planet Franz:

Alternative Classic Movie Posters: BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA. (FRAM FROKER'S FRANZULA). postermovies posterdesign posterartist artgallery artwork dracula bramstokersdracula francisfordcoppola garyoldmandracula anthonyhopkins winonaryder keanureeves horrorfan horrorfilm posterhorror cultmovies culthorror hairstyle vampire 90shorror illustrationart inktober colorpensils red illustrations bloody horror comicstrip comics

23 Minutes ago

Midhun Paruvashery ☺✌


Comment from Midhun Paruvashery ☺✌:

🔅🤵♂️തല തെറിച്ചവൻ - Mind Blown📯🌬️.

25 Minutes ago

Harshad Mumbaikar


Comment from Harshad Mumbaikar:

HarshadMumbaikar valayankur.nirmiti Sketchbook.1 inktober concept sketch illustration

1 Days ago