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Erin Kenyon


Comment from Erin Kenyon:

After a long ass day and then working out.... . . "I want you to feel like you're going to die..." - Jillian Michaels in 30 Day Shred . . Mission accomplished, Ms. Michaels. Mission. Accomplished. 😩☠ . . jillianmichaels jillianmichaels30dayshred strong strongwomen healthy healthylifestyle workout workinprogress fit fitness theonlygoodlightingihaveisinmybathroom boyhairdontcare

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Nay Winn


Comment from Nay Winn:

Workout aftermath! Always feel like i've achieved greatness after my cardio routine. . . . . fitmum fitness jillianmichaels 6weekabs fitfamily cardio messyhairdontcare babyboy sweaty lovelife nofilter workout great summer nevergiveup dontquit noexcuses otzi crown tattoo fit

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Fitness | Pop Culture | Life


Comment from Fitness | Pop Culture | Life:

If ya know me, you know I have anxiety. Baaaaaad anxiety too 😥 I never really knew how to deal with my anxiety without the help of medication. And even then I’d have at least two panic attacks a month. Enter, meditation. I would have NEVER thought to do meditation because I see it like I see yoga: too slow. I’m not a slow down, focus on your breath kind of girl. I’m more of a go go go, always do something girl. At the end of 2017 though, I decided I was going to start taking time for myself. Meditation and affirmations entered my life. Now, I meditate for 10 minutes (with the help of an app because I have no clue what I’m doing 😂) and then ask the universe 🔮 for advice to guide me through the day. Tbh I would never turn to meditation to help my anxiety if it wasn’t for my coaching gig. Being a health and fitness coach is so much more than physical health for me and day by day I’m taking steps to make sure my mental health is just as good as my physical health ✌🏻 Thanks, coaching gig for helping me become a better person 😍 If you wanna know more about how this “little gig” has helped me transform and how it can help you, let’s chat 📲

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Comment from L A U R A:

Meal plan approved ✔️ I love a plan that not only gives me a great workout, but also gives me a great set of recipes and ideas! Who says eating healthy has to be boring?

1 Hours ago

Mom/Wife, Ketones, Motivator


Comment from Mom/Wife, Ketones, Motivator:

Years went by before I realized I had lost myself. . . It took getting out of my comfort zone, jumping into the unknown AND going back to something I know and love at the same time to begin to get to know myself again. . . This journey of letting go and getting back to myself has helped me feel the best I have felt in as long as I can remember!

1 Hours ago

Ashley Schmidt


Comment from Ashley Schmidt:

Ok, so I have been working out pretty consistently for the past 3 months. I am happy to say I can finally see a little bit of my abs again but I'm not even close to where I would like to be. My main struggle is finding a variation of workouts that I won't get bored with. I find myself doing the same stuff over and over again and now feel like I'm stuck at a plateau... I need some advice!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated 💖😊 Shout out to shakeology jillianmichaels 6week6pack planetfitness fitnessmotivation fitnessaddict fit fitnessmodel absworkout fitnessadvice 2018 runway bikini sports sport sportsillustrated beachbunny losangeles hollywood

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Lindsey Travis


Comment from Lindsey Travis:

fitmom fitness fitnessjourney getfit fitbit fitbitblaze workout weightloss weightlossjourney jillianmichaels jillianmichaelsbodyrevolution extrabootyworkout

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Lilly McC


Comment from Lilly McC:

Real talk. @jillianmichaels is my spirit animal 🦁 🦓🐅🐘 Had such a great day producing a segment with the mega talented Jillian Michaels. Make sure to check out her app “My Fitness” available on iTunes and Google Play! production fitnessmotivation myfitness

1 Hours ago

Bunny Boo


Comment from Bunny Boo:

So there was a sale on dvd's at the dollar tree the other day, so I picked up a couple of Jillian Michaels workout dvd's. I opened them up but haven't gotten around to using them yet.

1 Hours ago

Wendy Owen


Comment from Wendy Owen:

Workout 8 Done!💪 After a busy day squeezed it in!! noexcuses jillianmichaels 30dayshred

2 Hours ago

Shanice White


Comment from Shanice White:

I'm imperfect and that's okay. I'm a fitness coach and I don't have all the answers. I mess up all the time. I missed my workout today. I'm a bit upset about it but I won't beat myself up. One missed day doesn't make me a failure and I'll get up and kill it tomorrow. . The truth is even coaches have off days. We don't always get it right. We don't always wake up motivated to workout, or eat healthy, or choose salad instead of pizza. Sometimes we can hit a road block and get off plan. BUT we NEVER give up. That's the secret sauce! . No one is expecting perfection- it's unattainable. It's okay to get it wrong sometimes. And when that happens show yourself some grace, dust yourself off and try again (cue Aaliyah song 🎵) lol. So I'm dusting myself off and getting prepared to have a kickass day tomorrow! 🙌🏽 pma selflove . . . . . . veganfitness weightlossjourney2018 tiucharitymiles tiuatlanta tiunutritionplan veganbikinicompetitor bikiniprep HIIT crossfitgirls fitnessinstructor fitnesschallenge tiuatlanta fitnesscoach veganfitfam fitgirlsguide girlswithmuscles yogachallenge healthylifestyle veganlifters dogsofinstagram ilovecarbs veggies 30dayshred jillianmichaels brokecollegekid beachbabe bgg shauntfitness

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Comment from DReneeSkill:

Look what I got in the mail!!! An entire year of workouts scheduled for meeeeeeee! Calendar was only $12.99 and now I can really utilize my workouts on the FitFusion app!!! Went back to the training I truly love with a trainer I really trust. - - - - - JillianMichaelsApp jillianmichaels fitfusion exercise heresto2018 fitness health training weightloss journey

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Julia Fabiani


Comment from Julia Fabiani:

Because i lost 6lbs last week thanks to @jmbodyshred putting my total up to 58lbs in almost 4 months. Beating my ass off literally lol. motivation selfie me happy weightloss healthier cleaneating workforit workingout exercise transformation jillianmichaels bodyshred confidence selfesteem

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Comment from hannah:

Going for 5 out of 5 days this week! After 30 day shred! Now time for some weights 💪🏼 health healthy exercise workout weights fitness treadmill walking running cardio gym fit4less weight weightloss weightlosstransformation weightlossdiary weightlossjourney fitbit fitbitcharge2 charge2 stats goals 30dayshred jillianmichaels

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Comment from Nydia☯Jannyn:

Catch on fire if you must, sometimes everything needs to burn to the ground so that we may grow 🔥⟁◦

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Comment from 🙋Sandra:

I did it!! I am drenched in sweat ewwww but workout was successful! So challenging and i am so proud of myself! jillianmichaels 30dayshred iwanttobefit fitnessmotivation

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Comment from Cat:

sweatyselfie just completed a rippedin30 workout, an oldie but a goody. I ❤️ jillianmichaels workouts 💪 2018goals weightlossjourney wwmoms wwdivas wwfamily wwteachers wwcanada wwontario wwsisterhood fitpoints

3 Hours ago

Rose colored glasses


Comment from Rose colored glasses:

Managed to squueze in her warm up, the calisthenics, the power pilates and the cool down in tonight. I also got in 10,243 steps today! Sacrificed the dishes to spend some downtime with the little one before bed but all in all I feel like it has been a fairly productive night. JillianMichaels 10minuteworkouts bodytransformation weekdayworkout callistenics pilates weightlossjourney healthierme One_Step_Daily

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Comment from KKITTYFIT229:

Today's workout was @jillianmichaels The Gauntlet X Slim 60 Day 16. Half way through month 1! Kept the meals on point today also. M1: Cold Brew Coffee and Vanilla Protein shake, M2: @toneitup Peanut Butter & Coconut Overnight Oats, M3: Leftover Chicken, Rice & Veggies, M4: Mocha Latte Muffins & an Apple, M5: Stuffed Bell Peppers with beef, avocado, salsa and cheese. jillianmichaels thegauntletX slim60 deathbyjillian tiuteam tiutexas LoveYourBody tiuLoveYourBody fitissexy kickasseachday NotaDNB goals sweatitout ihatecardio

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Comment from S A R A L I T T L E:

Day 2 of 80 is done! I stayed 100% on track with nutrition too. I don't think I have ever been this disciplined in my whole life. I even made the kids homemade pizza for dinner and didn't take even a bite. Now ordinarily I'm all about moderation and enjoying the moments to a healthy degree. But this program is just 80 days and I have COMMITTED to following it completely. Since I'm in the test group, I am determined to do this program just as it is written to show all of you what will happen when you discipline yourself. So if any of you were wondering, timed nutrition is not that hard! It's actually making my life easier. Its only day 2 and when my timer goes off I've already started memorizing which meal is next. I find myself saying "green, red, yellow, teaspoon!" And then glancing at the alarm to see if I'm correct. Lol!! And it is so much food! I am not hungry at any point in the day. I'm looking forward to my official bands to get here on Friday. Until then I will be using these. Shout yourself out below if you did Day 2 today!! What did you think?

3 Hours ago