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Washed 🚿


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Stay Humble 👊❤️ Swipe Left 👉 ________________________ RealShit StayHumble BeHumble Judge Recognise Defendant MiddleSchool SwipeLeft Swipe FatherAndSon Reunited 37Years Nostalgia Humbled Madness Throwback TryNotToCry HeartWarming Washed LifeLessons ViralVideos Karma SuchIsLife RealLife NoHarmDone Trending November2017

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Instant Karma's gonna get you, gonna knock you right on the head... instant karma weallshineon johnlennon yokoono theplasticonoband classic 70s rock art music lyrics onolennon warisover

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Fp for Mike🥀


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Warum komm ich mir so stalkerhaft for ?! 16 Sekunden 🤦🏾‍♀️❤️😂 teamsinger karmatourreloaded ktr mike singer michael karmatour karma tour reloaded german germany teammike dejavú deja vu edit meme galaxie galaxiebymike

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sprüche und zitate ❤


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liebeskummer love liebe zitate Sprüche seite texte sprüchezitate seite spruch leben lebensweisheit karmazitate karma fakefriends sprüchezumnachdenken like likehype followforfollow likeforlike subscribe

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— Just To Support ms💗


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Wie eine andere Galaxie in deinen Augen @mikesinger ❤️Ily teamsinger karma karmatour mike boassama bringmichzumsingen 1life nein fliehmitmir singer teamarian arianajeli mukasmussback mukas love life lifestyle cute singersarmy fashion keanurapp rapparmy kekas dejavu

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Lou | early capricorn 🧜🏼‍♀️


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🌺sunday quote🌺 stay kind, folks. there are so many things defining you and so the person next to you. you can always change your perspective..

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Jak wyglądają wasze torty dla piesków??? Nasz ma w sobie mokrą karmę stuuzy, ryż i dorsza.... A i jeszcze pietruszka!! Beri skończyła już 3 lata!!!! 🤘🤘😀😀 tort dla psa urodziny stuuzy karma dorsz pietruszka ryż chodsky pes dogstagram instadog pies 💩 czyszczenie zdjecie psy birthday love

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karma bitch ifyouare remember sprüche englishtext

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Happy Sunday vibes 🌟 * * * inspirations november sundayvibes love happiness innerpeace lookoutfornumberone putyourselffirst karma onajourney instagood instagram instadaily trustnoone diy icanandiwill makeithappen buildinganempire getrich dowhatyoulove mystory makersgonnamake l4l careergoals goals workhard planahead multitasking getitright

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Louisa Gohde


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Danke für diesen tollen Abend ❤️😎 party nightout potd friends loveyou saturdaynight besterabend wiederholungbedarf fitness trainer goodvibes karma

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Humbleness is the best quality. Stay humble because you never know when times change! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . humble humility karma get better each day instagramdaily rich richclub millennialrichclub youth meditationisfashion yoga instagram motivation motivationalquotes yoga stability workout everyday meditate meditation millennialyogisky

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Michael Cupo


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The Difference to Love: If there isn't awareness that one’s own thoughts create the reality in which you live by, those thoughts will continue to create a reality that’s only real to you. Thinking doesn't control me anymore. I'm not saying its like this all the time, but for the most part this is the way it is. I have thoughts, they just don’t control me as they once did. I'm not saying it’s this way for anyone else, but it is this way for me. No longer am I tied to beliefs or concepts. No longer do my thoughts pull me into the self serving side of life. The present moment has become the norm and for me. It was from the depths of despair that stopped creating thoughts of suffering and gave me the willingness to sit. I sit, I follow the breath, I sit, I fall asleep, but I am willing and to me that's the key. I'm not concerned with results, my part is to sit. At the time of this realization, I knew it wasn't because of some belief or a sense of purpose, it was from being right where I was. No attachment, just being in the given moment, nothing more; that’s what was realized. There’s no more inner struggle. No more needing things to be different, no created story needing to make this up. There’s just each moment being lived as it is which is simply non attachment to beliefs, concepts, a purpose, the past or future or anything else. My own mind stopped creating its own misery. It’s not of my doing that this occurred, but it is from an inner urging that needed life to be different and learning how to allow the difference to occur; this difference is love. There was a time where I didn't know how to love, but today although I am still learning, there isn't a time when I don't love. Love is not a belief in something or a doing, it’s just love which for me makes all the difference in the world. thinking void divinity desire love spirituality freedom lifestyle meditation energy trust Buddha change fear mindfulness unity peace Jesus kindness grace humility happiness karma zen intention awake transformation now impermanence compassion

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Olivia King


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Back on the mat after having simply the best time in New York 🍎 @j_ne_le & @dabovell you two are the best 🙌🏼 Teaching today 12 noon sweaty dynamic vinyasa & 3:30pm slow flow @oslo_health 💖 1 space left for tomorrow night 8:40pm @urbanspace_ie and back again on Saturday at 2pm for charity yoga 🙌🏼 There will be goodies, lots of smiles & giggles so book your spot. With 💯% of donations going directly to helping people in need it's pretty damn special...even if I do say so myself 😂. . . . . . yoga oslohealth urbanspace riserwanda karma vinyasa balance strength flexibility namaste dublin ireland armbalance flying

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MikeSinger❤️ Fanpage🙂


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Leute ich weiß nicht, wie lange ich noch diese Seite führen werde. Momentan geht es mir nicht so gut. Aber vielleicht führt ne Freundin für mich die Seite weiter, bis ich wieder Lust habe❤️ mikesinger teamsinger karma dejavu

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Holy Ilona wearing The Big Carma Circle ring 🌹 . . . holy girl ring silverring karma fingertattoo jewels jewelry jewellery juvalyrika silver white aesthetic minimalist chic circle hoopring contemporaryjewelry urban dreamer jewelrygram handtattoo designer tattooartist minsk belarus

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Wie gut es @mikesinger einfach mal hat 😍 Möchte auch so gerne mal nach New Yourk 😍 teamsinger newyourk mikeinnewyork dejavu galaxie karma

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@mikesinger ❤teamsinger ❤galaxie ❤DejaVu ❤karma ❤

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