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jess + aliah


Comment from jess + aliah:

im late af but uhh i love junhoe so much he owns my ass!!! - j

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lets be friends♥️ dm me‼️


Comment from lets be friends♥️ dm me‼️:

why’d you leave? you left us... some people in their time of need, some people in their time of hope... but i understand😓 you didn’t choose this life, this life chose you. you felt the burdens of fame and fortune probably wondering “what did i get myself into” it’s ok we understand and we forgive you! we want you to look down on us with happiness and joy not with pain and sorrow... we miss you so much! and we still love you, even after 3 months of mourning we continue to mourn... not of sad things but happy things... the things you have accomplished in your short years of living... your way of reaching out to fans and loving each and every one of them and the way you performed and made every note you sang and dance move you hit so full with passion!! we miss you and we will see you soon and i love you... r.i.p baby boy have fun up their and watch over me please until we meet someday...😇 kpop kpopf4f kpopidol BAPJongup kpopshoutout kpopl4l kpopmeme Jongup kpopper kpoper kpopmemes f4fkpop kpopers kpopedit kpopcover kpopstar kpoplover kpopfan kpopfff kpopstyle kpopfanart KpopIdols kpopstuff kpopfunny punkpop instakpop kpopedits kpopexlikes jonghyun

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Comment from oshcult:

Okay irls lurking on here, just because we are friends, doesn’t give you the sudden right to follow me or even lurk over this account. So don’t get mad when I block you or deny your request on my spam. Just because you're my friend doesn't mean I'm gonna let you in on everything, I need privacy. You're fucking smothering me! Don't you understand that I DONT WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT THIS ACCOUNT?! this was so supposed to be my "safe place" where I could talk openly about my feelings -which is rare- but now I feel like I can't because you're so fucking nosy and can't leave me alone. fuck off already.

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Jjong ♡ #꽃길


Comment from Jjong ♡ #꽃길:

That's my man

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Comment from SHREEYA! 🍇:

I found another way to avoid the other eye

5 Minutes ago

훈 + 兴 + 鹿


Comment from 훈 + 兴 + 鹿:

i’m ready for xingmi selca day a couple of days early thank you bless

5 Minutes ago

jess + aliah


Comment from jess + aliah:

jessica better hurry tf up and post -a

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Comment from PARK JIWON · FROMIS_9:


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Comment from 🌼Hyosungs_Lil_sis🌼:

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Wanna One countdowner💕


Comment from Wanna One countdowner💕:

I thought I stan a baby....but he's too hot..... "Follow me follow me" killed me Wanna One are tooooo hot😭 Actually I have a bigger question.... Where the heck is Lai Guan lin??? Cr jtbc Sugar Man2 leedaehwi daehwi wannaone produce101s2 이대휘 워너원 李大輝 kpopshoutout kpopexlikes

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Comment from 지아코🔱:

I cant stop laughing 😂😂😂😂 . . . . . . . . . kpopexlikesl4lkpopl4lbtsl4l kpoplikeforlike exlikes btsbtsjingayseokjinjinbangtantrashbtsmemes btsimagine kpopmemes worldwidehandsome btseditjinedityoongi likeforlikejindadjokes namjindadjokes hyunglinekpopbtsfanartlflkimseokjinbangtansonyeondan

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🇦🇺Daily BTS Posts🇰🇭🇨🇳


Comment from 🇦🇺Daily BTS Posts🇰🇭🇨🇳:

bts bangtansonyeondan 방탄소년단 vkook taekook v taehyung kimtaehyung taetae cgv jungkook jk jeonjungkook kookie army

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Comment from Mitzva;;♡1,8k:

No quiero que nadie más me hablo de amor ya me case, ese truco ya me lo sé. - - Estoy pensando hacer una cuenta específica para mis fotos de fotógrafa ¿lo hago? sixteen actor singer 동구 kpopvenezuela theprimeministerandi mirrorofthewitch like4like followforfollow kpopexlikes exosuho ex flowerboynextdoor exols vant foundation 韓国コスメ オルチャン オルチャンメイク ファンデーション ootd 좋아요. • speck freckless couplegoals couplekids couple goals callme

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Too Aesthetic 🌻


Comment from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Too Aesthetic 🌻:

❤︎ ⤵︎ { ❁ } 031818☁️ { ❁ } Post 🍃 { ❁ } Up10tion 🌙 { ❁ }1k clouds ☁️ { ❁ } Qotd: Do you have any summer vacation plans this year yet? 💕 { ❁ } Aotd: Usually I don’t and when I do it’s spur of the moment not planned what so ever, but this year I’m going to Florida as a trip! 💌 _______________________________ Hiiii, have to say taking my weekend or half I suppose lol break was relaxing! I cleaned my room, organized my clothes, I finished my Cross Gene theme and I have three more idol cards to finish all of that yesterday not to mention went shopping for food. Then today caught up with recents ✌🏼 and then I was going to post earlier today because literally I got everything done yesterday when I was actually planning it for yesterday and today. But then Maria texted me saying “let’s go to the mall” I was like girl yes 😂 we haven’t been out together since December so it was well needed. I am so worn out and not to mention I don’t have a day off now till Saturday yay haha oh well ✌🏼 hope you guys had a good day! 💜 _________________________________ kpopfff kpopexlikes exlikes kpoplfl kpopl4l fffkpop lflkpop aesthetic kpop multifandom kpopmultifandom blackpink 2ne1 bigbang kard exid aghase got7 vbts monstax bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan winneryg redvelvet up10tion

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Comment from PARK JIHOON 박지훈🐰:

lil bunny❤️ - - - admin Velinda❤️ 워너원 워너블 프로듀101시즌2 wannaone wannable produce101season2 박지훈 배진영 라이관린 parkjihoon baejinyoung jihoonnieswink laiguanlin laikuanlin maroo c9 cubeent panwinkdeep winkdeep panwink likeforlike likesforfollow followforfollow kpopexlikes like

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방탄소년단 👑 вαиɢтαи'ƨ ωιғɛʋ


Comment from 방탄소년단 👑 вαиɢтαи'ƨ ωιғɛʋ:

(pict 2) Apa perbedaan pict 1 dengan pict 2?🙋 . kimnamjoon BTS dispatch kimnamjoon namjoon rapmonster btsnamjoon rm rapmonsterbts aesthetic btscomeback btsupdate 김태형 bighit seoul kpoplfl kpopfff bangtansonyeondan kpopl4l kpopf4f kpopexlikes

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Comment from girlgroups🍎:

[my edit!] 3yearswithclc i wish i could choose a bias in clc but look at them how could i q : top 5 girlgroups? 🐝 a : exid, twice, bp, 2ne1 & clc 👑 rtist: clc song: blck dress clc blackdress dancebreak crystalclear yeeun sorn elkie seungyeon cube girlgroup mv fancam kpop korean pop kpopl4l kpopexlikes followme l4l blackpink redvelvet twice bts exo hyuna

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Fanfiction: Kidnapped~ENDED


Comment from Fanfiction: Kidnapped~ENDED:

Let's do this :) ~ ~ Credits to original owner Please follow and like recents! USE MY CODE 'KOOKIESXTAEXCHIM' AT BOOMOUTLET Tags: bts bangtansonyeondan army kpop btsfff kpopfff kpopexlikes rm namjoon jin suga yoongi hoseok jhope jimin chimchim v taehyung jungkook kookie 방탄소년단 김남준 김석진 민윤기 정호석 박지민 김태형 전정국 lfl

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NCT and GOT7 | ella♡


Comment from NCT and GOT7 | ella♡:

this is so cute i lovw sanhaa☺️💕

18 Minutes ago

Eli; Goals Con Alex¡!


Comment from Eli; Goals Con Alex¡!:

I when see that everything girls of @girlschoerrkye had boyfriend and I like, mm it’s okey I better, I lie I want a boyfriend I’m not ugly.-Maggs sixteen actor singer 동구 kpopvenezuela theprimeministerandi mirrorofthewitch like4like followforfollow kpopexlikes exosuho ex flowerboynextdoor exols vant foundation 韓国コスメ オルチャン オルチャンメイク ファンデーション ootd 좋아요. • speck freckless couplegoals couplekids couple goals callme

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