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Comment from ludos.apparare:

A few ligue1 stadiums in the works, first up... stadevelodrome marseille !! The roof will be fun... olympiquemarseille om teamom droitaubut @olympiquedemarseille @om.actualites @ferveurom @infos_om @om_live lego legostadium legosports legoarchitecture legomoc futball brickartists blocksmagazine afol models sculpture replica

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traveler photos


Comment from traveler photos:

Lego pirati dei Caraibi fotografia fotodioggi fotografie foto fotografiaderua fotos photo_hut photographerlife photography photo photographer photooftheday photographers lego legoarchitecture legos pordenone pordenonelegge pordenonecity pordenoneleggefoto fierafotografia fierafumetto

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Jason riseborough


Comment from Jason riseborough:

Hans Scharoun, a German architect best known for designing the Berlin Philharmonic concert hall and the Schminke House in Löbau, Saxony. He was an important exponent of organic and expressionist architecture.

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Bryan Wong


Comment from Bryan Wong:

Further discount for new release: DF xSmall version! Grab it now....!! Visit our online store at www.moducase.xyz legosingapore hottoyssingapore starwarssingapore gundamsingapore legocollector legocollection lego legostarwars legobatman legoarchitecture starwarscollector hottoys hottoyscollectibles hottoyscollector hottoyscollectors gundam figurine actionfigures gunpla marvelcollectorssingapore marvelcollection moducase_alustack legoartist batmancollector batmancollection transformercollector supermancollector supermancollection gundamcollector gundamcollection

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Comment from room11:

mattoncinialpirellone palazzopirelli grattacelopirelli lego legoarchitecture boscoverticale pirellone milano santambroeus picoftheday instapic milanleungranmilan milan urbanlandscape urbanart 7merveillesdumonde i❤️Milan omiabelamadunina vsco lamiacittà meneghino meneghina amilangheilpan bellamilano milanobynight ilmilaneseimbruttito vsco iluoghidelcuore amilanopuoi ciaparat hosceltomilano

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Consolata Codispoti


Comment from Consolata Codispoti:

Non potevamo mancare @giules_7 😂❤️ lego legoarchitecture legoart

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Sara Berardo


Comment from Sara Berardo:

Entrata principale Stazione Centrale di Milano 😍 architecture milano stazionecentrale lego legoaddict mattoncini bricks omg wonderful event pirellone 31floor colors legoarchitecture @lego @itlug

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The Wandering Architect


Comment from The Wandering Architect:

The Icon Apartment block in St. Kilda, Melbourne, which resembles a child stacking colourful building blocks for the first time. . . "Each different box represents a different neighbourhood and each neighbourhood has its own colour. . . And that's about giving identity to what we imagine to be different communities within the building." . . Architect: @jcbarchitects . . stkildaarchitecture colourfulbuildings instagood rainbowbuilding Exploremore Instadaily australia urban architecturaldesign architecturelovers archilovers legoarchitecture style dezeen architecture arquitectura melbournearchitecture architettura archdaily picoftheday diearchitektur архитектура

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Comment from Brickmation:

Total birthday Lego haul... lego legostarwars legopirates legopiratesofthecaribbean legoideas legoarchitecture legobrickheadz

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3D Studio CikiroT


Comment from 3D Studio CikiroT:

3D Modern House 1/3🏠 3d 3dhouse 3dmodel 3dmodeling 3dmodern modernarchitecture modern modernhome cikirot lowpolymodel lowpoly lowpolyart legoarchitecture lego legomodern lowpolycrafts lowpolydesign c4d 3dmaxdesign house architecturelovers kurd blender legocitylife legostagram pixel lowpolylook Art_Spotlight white

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Filippo Parolin


Comment from Filippo Parolin:

Opere con il lego @itlug PalazzoPirelli legoarchitecture palazzi grattacielo grattacelopirelli skyscaper legos premiocreatività creatività regionelombardia lombardia

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Arndt Schlaudraff


Comment from Arndt Schlaudraff:

This is my homage to the fantastic work of brazilian architect OscarNiemeyer. It‘s the PalacioDoPlanalto in the capitol of Brasilia. The building was completed 1960 and is home of the brazilian government . lego legoarchitecture legoarchitecturestudio architecture modernism artbasel venicearchitecturebiennale brutalism butalistarchitecture postmodernism architecturaldigest domus detail dezeen designobserver contemporist design archilover archiporn

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Ylenia Carfì


Comment from Ylenia Carfì:

lego legoarchitecture family love babyprincess boysdontcry sunnydays sunday

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Luca Di Lazzaro


Comment from Luca Di Lazzaro:

"A little corner of Italy" legophoto legoarchitecture lego legobuilding moc legomoc Italy legobuilder brickgeekz brickartist bricklyhq legostagram legominifigs brickstagram legopicoftheday ItLUG

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Timofei Chaschin


Comment from Timofei Chaschin:

My childhood dream is to be a superman. Seven days. Photos from your childhood. Challenge someone new each day.Day 7 of 7. I challenge @legocitygoals -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- lego legostarwars lego_hub legominifigures legominifigure legophotography legophoto photo photography starwars minifigure minifigures lego_bricks_company @lego @legorussia darthvader kayloren architecture legoarchitecture legoarchitecturestudio halloween clones now tree new photos Wars Star day happy camera newphoto lego day

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Intan 💎


Comment from Intan 💎:

No need to go to New York City, because It is in my room now! 😍❤️🌆 lego legophotography afol legostagram instalego legonewyork newyorkcity concretejungle legoarchitecture

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Comment from Thisa_guy:

“I'm always thinking about creating. My future starts when I wake up every morning... Every day I find something creative to do with my life.” Miles Davis . lego legoarchitecture legos nevergrowup alwaysakid thinker designer bnw bnwphotography bnwmood bnwlife bnw_one bnw_city agameoftones visualsoflife

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Герман Лысенко


Comment from Герман Лысенко:

легоархитектура безинструкции безсхемы игрушка поделка леголенд legoлего леготехникlego legoland legos legoarchitecture творчество

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Cristiano Grassi


Comment from Cristiano Grassi:

Search “AFOL Brick House” on LEGO Ideas lego legoideas vedosololego legohouse legomodular legomodularbuilding legoarchitecture legomoc legominifigures

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Carlos Romero Bellota


Comment from Carlos Romero Bellota:

"Tu crées ton île, et tu l'évaste au maximum, quoi. Il faut que les gens soient extrêmement loin de toi, mais loin, parce que ton univers sera vaste, quoi, sera immense, sera énorme, sera énorme univers, quoi. Énorme puissance d'univers, quoi" it's amazing how you can read your soul in such a short time, a love without beginning and without end @natierosas ❤❤❤ @roneofficial @lego @gopro @gopro.pe @sony timelapse lego legoarchitecture music boravocal love passion emotion rtw louvre art travel instamoment europe french architecture gopro hero5 a6000 instagood

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